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May 10th 2010
Published: May 14th 2010
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After a 20 km boda boda (motorbike taxi) ride with me and a friend clinging on along a mud track with all our bags, asking the driver to go slowly(!) and realising just how few muscles i have in my back and tummy....we arrived at lake nabugabo- a huge quiet bilharzia croc and hippo free lake not far from Masaka. monkeys pottered around and a crowd (amy i spologise for the collective noun!) of hornbills flew from tree to tree.

there are 3 places to stay along the side of the lake and we were the only people there yet all three places fully staffed - how they survive i never know! we were told when we arrived that if we wanted food we needed to ask well in advance and just ask for what we menu - just what you want - and when i asked about prices she just said 'oh we'll decide!'

It was so secluded and peaceful - the perfect relaxation spot - we read and swam and walked and chilled! we even tried to canoe - but were so wobbly in their dug out canoes that they take out so smoothly that we didn't last long and instead decided to swim across to a bar for a drink but freaked ourselves out about crocodiles that it wasn't the most enjoyable swim!

After a long walk one day, passing yet more cows, being attacked by army ants and kids playing with toy guns (the first time i've seen that out here), snacking on chappati, fried cassava, fruit and doughnuts(!) but staying well clear of the stinky dried fish, we headed back with our hearts set on mashed potato for supper! the first spoonful was delicious but unfortunatly the second contained a mashed cockroach!!!

We got caught out in the rain as we started walking home, and i've never been so glad to see a fully packed taxi drive past and to get to sit next to the driver being the 4th person (plus a kid) in the front of the certainly is interesting when he needed to change gear! We must have gone 15km and then 'pop' - was it the tyre or was it the petrol...never quite sure since we can't understand what on earth they're talking about! he was driving left and right and left and right presumably trying to use every last bit of petrol in the tank until we came to a household selling watered down parrafin that he topped up his tank with!

we treated ourselves to a comfortable bus to Kampala and was so shocked to see someone giving safety announcements at the start of the journet.....but oh no how wrong- it was someone trying to sell some kind of soothing balm - they must be great salesmen because they always make huge sales!!!!!!


17th May 2010

Wow I have always wanted to see a pineapple plant! So wierd. Can you pick them and eat them straight off the plant?
17th May 2010

Eating lunch while I read your I eat my potato (thankfully baked not mashed as yours and the cockroach were). Sounds like a lovely trip!
17th May 2010

All I have to say about the cockroach is ew and I think that would put me off food for a week!! Sounds like your having a great time out there. As for the collective nouns you could have a congregation, a dissimulation or a flock of birds although there's nothing special for hornbills, and as for your monkeys a cartload, tribe or troop!xx

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