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Africa » Tunisia » Monastir May 19th 2019

Return to Tunisia April 15 – May 19, 2019 On April 15th we started our journey back to Tunisia where Tsamaya has been this winter. We left our house at 8:30AM to give ourselves time to stop in for a few minutes to see Mom again, then over to my sister as she was taking us to the Albany airport. Our flight left a little late but it wasn’t a problem as we were to have 4 3/4 hours of layover in Philadelphia. From there we caught a flight taking us directly to Rome. Again this flight was a little late leaving but they made up time and again it definitely wasn’t a problem for us as we were going to have to wait almost 7 hours there. Our biggest problem with such a long layover ... read more
Rush Hour Traffic Looks Similar Wherever You Are
Welcome back to Tunisia  - views on our way to Monastir
Love the Lighting at Dusk

Africa » Tunisia » Douz May 19th 2019

We got on a bus at 5:50AM on Friday, May 3rd to join a tour to the south of Tunisia. We had been trying for quite a few weeks to line up a tour, but weren’t having much luck. Finally we found someone that was able to tell us about this 2 day trip and we jumped at the chance. We typically aren’t ones to join large bus tour groups but we knew that if we wanted to see the area in a short period of time as well as have an English speaking guide this was our best bet. We had a little bit of a concern when we signed up, but now that we are just back from the trip we would highly recommend it! The bus that we were on was a very ... read more
An Overview of Our 2 Days of Travels
Made Stops At Numerous Hotels to Pick Up
Drove By Many Olive Orchards (there are 65,000 here)

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet April 23rd 2019

There’s something enchanting about the narrow alleys of a windswept North African medina. For most people, such a description evokes images of Morocco - but I can tell you that Tunisia also deserves to be visualised in the in the same way. Hammamet, the last stop of my week long journey around the country, seemed pretty busy on arrival, not quite the relaxing, beach resort town that I was expecting. Instead it felt like somewhere a bit more...normal. But I was overwhelmingly relieved to have made it there. Thanks to some dodgy food eaten in Tataouine, the all-day drive back up north was nothing short of an ordeal - I was tired thanks to a night of almost no sleep; I was stiff and sore the whole way which doesn't help when you're not able to ... read more
Not A Bad View...
Streets Of The Medina
A View Out To Sea

Africa » Tunisia » Tataouine April 21st 2019

Though I enjoyed the films, I wouldn’t say that I’m a Star Wars fan so to speak, but I did know that some parts of the movies were filmed in Tunisia; in particular, that there were scenes filmed in the Tunisian desert which looked amazing. Therefore when I found out that the places in these scenes are actually real, I thought that with the time I had available in Tunisia, that they would be worth checking out. I generally always have a Lonely Planet on my phone for the places I visit and I am normally quite reliant on them to guide me in terms of determining where to go, what to see and how to get to places. For Tunisia, there wasn't a Lonely Planet available so I was travelling somewhat blind this time. I ... read more
Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata
El Jem Coliseum

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 18th 2019

When most think of a romantic, exotic, French-influenced, North African getaway, the country that most immediately comes to mind is Morocco. But the more famous the place, the more touristy it is and after my average and somewhat dramatic Moroccan experience, I think that I may have found a credible alternative; a place with the medinas, the French, the Arabic, the desert and the beaches, sans all of the hassle; Tunisia. Back in Berlin, life seemed to be all falling into place. By this stage, I had now built up a bit more of a financial base, I was settled into my job and I had just moved into my own apartment in one of the most desired areas to live in Berlin - I almost didn’t want to leave. After three years of travelling and ... read more
Bardo Museum
Antonin Baths
Sidi Bou Said

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage September 1st 2018

Our 2ndday trip took us north as the ultimate goal for the day was to go to the historic town of Carthage with the same driver, Alaya, and Kathy and Jim from SV Inishnee. It was another full day of learning more about the country and its people with a glimpse of cities and the countryside in the north. We also saw some of the development of a country that received its independence from France 60 years ago is still growing. We drove through the town of Sousse which is a modern city with plenty of new buildings still being built and all the trappings of any large city back in the US. Continuing north the landscape became quite green with plenty of orchards filled with olive and almond trees as well as fields of grass ... read more
On The Way to Cathage Went Through Sousse
The Road System In Tunisia is Excellent
Someone Was Selling Fresh Flat Bread

Africa » Tunisia » Kairouan August 30th 2018

Thursday, August 30thwe took our first foray out of Monastir. Fortunately for us there has been another American sailboat here and we hit it off with Kathy and Jim. Luckily they also wanted to see more of Tunisia so we hooked up together and hired a taxi/excursion driver for two days, Thursday and Saturday. It is always nice to share expenses and it was a fun time out together. We had told the driver, Alaya, that we were interested in learning more about the history of the area so that is how the itineraries were planned. As both of the days turned out to be 12 hour days covering plenty of history and territory I’ll split the two days up into two blog entries. We were picked up just after 8AM and headed toward our first ... read more
All Modes of Transportation Here
Stopped At a Roadside Stand for Fresh Figs & Prickly Pear
Just a Few Views Along the Way to Kairouan

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir August 26th 2018

We arrived in Monastir, Tunisia on Saturday, August 4th and it is now August 26th. Where has the time gone and what have we done? We know by the reports of weather in other places many of you reading this have experienced hot weather and we are no exception, but this is northern Africa so guess we should have expected it. The first couple of days here we were on the “wall” near the marina office as it was quite windy so they figured it wasn’t the best time to move Tsamaya and we agreed. On Tuesday we were moved into our permanent location for the winter allowing us now to “settle in”. With the temperatures being near 90 before 9AM we have typically been doing our walking around early in the morning, coming back to ... read more
A Different Culture to Learn About Here in Tunisia
His and Her Camels Here in Monastir
Seafood Pizza - An Interesting Combination

Africa » Tunisia » Monastir August 4th 2018

Yesterday we had a long passage and during that time I had a chance to write down a few thoughts - I know that there are still numerous blog entries I need to do to "catch up" with what we have done since my last entry, but thought you might be interested to find out what we did just yesterday. Saturday, August 4th - our last sail of this season. It is coming early this year, but that is the way it worked out with our visa. Weather forecast has been checked and double-checked. All looks good for the 17 hour crossing to Tunisia if predictions hold. Tried to get some sleep last night but neither of us could so just rested. The alarm went off at 1:30AM and we go through all the tasks to ... read more
The Moonlight is Always Welcomed On Night Passages
Getting a Little Lighter - Always Makes It Easier
Soon We Will Have a Sunrise

Africa » Tunisia February 24th 2018

Saturday February 24 - So the hotel apartment I stayed in last night? Absolutely freezing. There was a heater, and fortunately, it worked, but only in the bedroom. I sat at the kitchen table last night writing until I was too cold to sit there. When it was time to shower, I was actually shaking while waiting for the water to get hot, which took long enough that I almost gave up on it. Then I stayed in longer than was necessary just to heat up, and made a plan of exactly how quickly I would need to get dressed without freezing. I slept under two blankets in the heated room and it was just enough, but leaving the room in the morning was hard. On the road we started back in Bizerte, checking out the ... read more

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