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Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma October 17th 2013

Homeward Bound Well, it’s been two years since we heeded the call and went to Tanzania to do the Lord’s work. We are very happy we went, but also happy to be home with family and friends. It has been a life-changing experience; one we trust will affect how we think and live for the rest of our lives. When we began to plan our journey home, it occurred to us that we could take advantage of our position almost halfway around the world and visit more of God’s interesting creation. Who knows if we would ever have this opportunity again? It also occurred to us that while on the same trip, we could pass by our son’s place in Calgary and visit his family, our own siblings and some friends as well. We’re not sure ... read more
Street Food Bangkok
Pool at Boat Lagoon Phuket
Boat Cruise from Boat Lagoon Phuket

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma July 10th 2013

FAREWELL TANZANIA After Fran and Jack left we continued our work at the college. We were moving into our busy time of year, trying to finish teaching the syllabus, preparing examinations, marking, and submitting results. Along with these academic responsibilities we were busy finishing off projects we had started, attending farewell celebrations, packing and shipping things home and saying many tearful goodbyes. Over the two years we have made so many good friends, both with the teaching staff and with the students and we’ve shared so many wonderful experiences together. It was difficult to say goodbye, but we both knew it was time to return home. So although there were sad farewell moments, we were also excited to be coming home to see our family, friends and our country. Farewell Party At the end of each ... read more
Dodoma Lang Staff

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma May 8th 2013

THE BIG 5 IN AFRICA FOR OUR GUESTS FRAN AND JACK Normally when we talk about the ‘Big 5 in Africa’ we are speaking about the 5 most cherished animals to view on safari. These are: the lion, buffalo, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard. However, when I am speaking of the ‘Big 5’ for the purpose of this blog I am speaking about a recent visit from Jeannie’s sister Fran and her husband Jack. They arrived on March 24th for a three week adventure. During that time they experienced what I am referring to as their ‘Big 5’; being safaris, experiencing life in the town of Dodoma (and Moshi), village visits, life at Msalato campus, and finally, a trip to Zanzibar. They experienced as much of Africa as they possibly could during their time with ... read more
Mountain Hikers
The Adventurers
A Tout Attack

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma March 17th 2013

Rob’s Trip to Chikola It is one thing to visit a village church and pastor’s home on a Sunday when everything is at its Sunday best, but it is another thing to visit during the week and spend two days and a night to truly appreciate the village life. I had such an opportunity on Thursday and Friday, February 28th and March 1st. At about 10 am I drove my little 4-wheel drive Rav4 to the village of Chikola, about two hours from Msalato on a rough dirt road eroded somewhat by the rains, where I visited my friend Peter Fumbi, one of our recent graduates and the pastor in this very rural village. Peter lives in a comfortable house (the taller gray brick one in the pictures) that he shares with a blind man that ... read more
Old Woman
Rob's Lunch

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma March 9th 2013

Well here we are again, been far too long since blogging and we've done a fair bit of traveling since then. Spent a month in Uganda all in all, fantastic beautiful country with great things to do including tracking wild chimpanzees where we amazing luck and saw 50 of the beautiful and slightly unnervingly humanoid beasties. We also chilled for six days where all we did was sleep, drink beer, munch guacamole, swim and learn to be dugout canoe masters. We then crossed into Rwanda, learned too much about the horrors of 1994 and were somewhat taken aback by how different the place was, developed, quiet and maybe a little bit sad? Lake Kivu is a stunner however, forms the border between Rwanda and DRC and with it's alpine vibe and turquoise water is truly beautiful. ... read more
Boots made for walking

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma January 20th 2013

The Christmas Holiday Break and Ringing in the New Year 2013 With the New Year well on its way, we hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations as much as we did. We enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner of turkey and all the fixings at home with our good friend Josephine and brought in the New Year sound asleep in our room at Brackenhurst Inn while many others enjoyed a bonfire and fireworks through the light rain. Our break to the Missionary Bible Conference in Brackenhurst was everything we had been promised and more. The venue was beautiful with lush green grasses that we hadn’t seen for a while, beautifully manicured hedges and flowers, wonderful accommodations, a great guest speaker and incredibly good food. We were well nourished, spiritually and physically. Although it ... read more
Brackenhurst Conference Centre
Enjoying Brackenhurst
Tea Plantation

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma January 3rd 2013

Late in October 2012 we mailed 50 small Christmas books to the college. 'Christmas Night Fair and Bright' is the story of God's Gift, we asked that they be handed out to the children at the end of term. These are pictures of the children with their books. Also these are the first pictures we have of the inside of the nursery after the renovations were completed. It is also pleasing to see most of the children in uniforms.... read more
Picture 1031
Picture 1032
Picture 1035

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma January 3rd 2013

On Friday 23rd November 2012 Msalato students attended 'Convocation', the prizegiving for those who were top of their classe. This takes place the day before graduation and of course Ernest won his Degree class prize. The 'Convocation and Graduation takes place at St John's Uiversity of Tanzania in Dodoma, unfortunately many of the students who should be there were not as it costs Tsz80,000 to hire the gown etc, an amazing amount for new young pastors who may not be receiving that much in a month, and who must feed their children. Ernest is now on holidays as St. Philip's Theological College closed on 8th December, this is now the end of the first Semester in Academic year 2012-2013. The second Semester will s... read more
Ernest & Ester
Lynne, Ernest & Ester

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma December 24th 2012

GREETINGS from TANZANIA at CHRISTMAS TIME The first semester has finally come to an end and Jeannie and I are now resting before we embark on a journey to Kenya to attend a four-day missionary bible conference in Brackenhurst, just NE of Nairobi. We’re looking forward to getting away especially since Brackenhurst is in the mountains around Nairobi, is cooler and also has no malaria. The temperatures here in Dodoma are very hot right now especially in the afternoons when you sweat just sitting. We are attending the conference with another teacher from the college, Josephine (Jo), and car caravanning with Joshua, Sarah and their three kids from the college who are travelling to his Kenyan home of Meroo, for the holidays. They will help us with the border crossing and finding our way through Nairobi ... read more
Heading to the Caves
The Paintings
The Driver

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma October 19th 2012

Greetings from Tanzania, As much as we are enjoying our time here, we do miss all our family and friends back home and think of you often. School Life Life has resumed again here at the college for another school year. We are halfway through our 1st semester here at Msalato and routines are now well established. Jeannie is again teaching bookkeeping to the secretarial students along with English until another missionary arrives from Gr. Britain. Rob is busier than ever teaching foundation English along with Research Methodology to Diploma 3 students and Communication Skills to first year degree students. Along with his teaching assignment he is again involved in the Kazi (manual work around the college) program, work for a book initiative, and of-course the sports program. This year we were able to open the ... read more
The McCann's

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