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Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma December 8th 2011

Dodoma, well not a great say about this place, quite, relaxed and a place to go if your hoping to get away from haste ling tourist touts. Dodoma is a small town in the geographic center of Tanzania and is the biggest for the area. It is the official capital of Tanzania, although Dar es Salaam remains the economic and political centre of the country. Many tourists are getting confused when they get to know that Dodoma is a capital city since Dar es Salaam is the biggest city in the country. It is a calm and harmonic town surrounded by rural areas and amazing landscapes. There are massive stones standing on each other, and you can wonder how come?! This town is in middle of nowhere in dry deserts and it is explains why Dodoma ... read more
Train market
Christmas trees

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma October 4th 2011

Well, it’s been two months since we arrived in Tanzania and we have just completed the first term of the first semester of the school year here at Msalato. Each semester consists of two 7-week terms with a one-week break for rest and rejuvenation in the middle. Being our first experience, we looked forward to it. We had hoped to go to Zanzibar for a few days with some other ex-pats here, but that proved to be too expensive as we would have had to charter a plane from Arusha to pick us up and take us to Zanzibar and pay too much extra. So we made alternative plans. Charles and Mary Worsley, two retired Anglican pastors from New Zealand, were disappointed in the cancellation also and were planning to do something else in its place. ... read more
Shopping in Iringa
Sifa Lodge Banda
Bedtime in Banda

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma September 11th 2011

Lugala September 2011 On Sunday, September 11, 2011 we made our first trip to Lugala along with two students from the village, Wiston and Yowel and one of their friends, Baraka, and a colleague pastor Lynn Clarke. It was a full car load and one of the students had to ride in the back trunk compartment. However, the trip is only about 20 km on a good paved road. It was an incredible day. The road going into Lugala off the paved road was the first thing Rob noticed. It was no longer filled with potholes and bumps, but was very smooth – much smoother than the road going from Dodoma to Msalato. Then as we kept going, he noticed how much bigger the village seemed to be. It appeared more prosperous with many new dwellings. ... read more
Rob, Pendo & Jeannie
Toilets at the Church

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma September 4th 2011

Greetings from Tanzania, Habari za mchana (good afternoon in Kiswahili) We are becoming more and more comfortable in our new surroundings, and as a matter of fact, we may be enjoying it too much. The weather, the people, the social life, the country surroundings and the experiences have been just wonderful. Tanzania, with all its characteristics, is much more than we anticipated. There are many, many needs here, but the positive attitude of the people is so inspiring. Their smiles and friendliness are contagious. We have made many new friends; from students to teachers to members in the community. Teaching here is rewarding, but sometimes frustrating. Jeannie is finding teaching bookkeeping quite a challenge without a syllabus. And there are no textbooks for the students who are very shy and insecure about their English. Rob is ... read more
School Lab

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma August 14th 2011

It has been a while since we last updated the blog, so we’re glad to finally have the time to get started. Since leaving Toronto on July 14th we have visited London and Paris. London is an amazing city with lots to see. We we’re amazed at the architecture and all the pubs. After work the pubs are packed to overflowing with lots of patrons standing just outside, drinking and socializing. We really enjoyed seeing the Tower of London, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and of course, Buckingham Palace. There is just so much history to see. We took a day tour to Leeds Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover, and Canterbury where we visited the Cathedral. Canterbury is a very unique little town with many narrow winding streets and the cathedral (the head of the Anglican ... read more
Degree 2 students getting laptops
Dodoma's Main Roundabout
Front Porch View

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma July 11th 2011

I går kørte vi fra Tarangire til Dodoma. Hvilket var en ret lang tur. Vi vågnede lidt i 6 om morgenen for at tage på safari (vi så foresten en løve-mor med hendes 2 unger. Det var en dejlig og lang tur. Vi ankom til Dodoma ved 8 tiden, hvor vi ikke spiste aftensmad på det hotel familien Hagen skulle sove. (Det vidste sig at det åbenbart to flere timer at lave en tør kylling og nogle triste pommes frites.) Så efter vi havde ventet i 1.5 time gik vi derfra uden at spise. Men vi sov godt hjemme ved Allan. Elizabeth. Vi var meget sultne, da vi kom i seng i går fordi der var ike hurtig nok mad på restauranten. Da vi kørte fra Tarangire til Dodoma var vi i 14 timer i bilen. ... read more
Let us sleep!
Tornetræ - uhm!

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma February 6th 2009

Dear Far Away Faithful Readers, We have just completed a 2 week training seminar and are ready to write grants and tackle some of the issues that the village survey pointed out as being of importance to their health and well-being. We have lots of work ahead of us. It was also a time to relax and renew acquaintances with 1/2 of our group. Everyone is still energized and ready to push their sleeves up and get to work. We also had a mini-vacation from chores as the training facility did the cooking, washed the dishes, did the laundry, emptied the garbage and tended the garden. But, we miss our site and will be happy to get back. We were able to find ice cream (several times) and mustard...2 items we can't get in Lushoto. We ... read more

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma December 27th 2008

It is hard to believe that our stay in Dodoma and Tanzania has come to an end. Our time here, almost a year and a half, has never dragged. I do not think there has been a moment when we have wished time to move on a little quicker. In fact, mostly it has felt like time was rolling along at an accelerated pace. Be that as it may, we have now come to the point of saying our good-byes and returning home. December has been a time of bringing the school term to a close with mid-year exams, a Christmas Production, and generally concluding what can be concluded and arranging things in such a way that those who follow us will be able to pick up and move on from here. One of the characteristics ... read more
Children at a village church service.

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma November 30th 2008

Sitting over lunch with her teaching assistants at the Early Years Centre, Gerry became curious about the food they were bringing to eat. There were some very typical Tanzanian foods that one sees a lot - rice with beans, pillau, mendazi, chapati, fruit… But Gerry’s attention was caught by the bread that Pendo, one of the members of her staff, brought to school - lovely, fresh, golden brown, white bread. Pendo told Gerry that she made her own bread. She baked it on her jiko, Swahili for stove. Jikos come in a number of forms. Pendo’s jiko is a deep pan about 14 inches in diameter that burns charcoal, one of the main fuels in use here. There are also jikos about the same size that burn kerosene. The alternative to a jiko that many people ... read more
The ingredients for the bread are prepared.
The children look on as the dough is prepared.

Africa » Tanzania » Centre » Dodoma November 11th 2008

Drive down to Arusha was uneventful...stayed with friends of Robert just outside city in the most amazing house ever, nice to have one last night of luxury before we start slumming it. We left Arusha early and reached Dodoma yesterday at around 6. Ate staple meal of rice and beans... before decamping to our christian hostel Yesterday we encountered our first problem with the car. Nothing major, just that the roof rack is slightly broken. As I write it should be being fixed. We are aiming to drive from here to Morogoro and from there into the Uluguru hills where there is meant to be a nice campsite beside a river where we can fish and bird watch (oh horay). We've spent this morning wandereing around the town...I can't believe this small village like place is ... read more

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