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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point January 30th 2016

Sleep!!!! Yes we had a lie in - thank heavens for Shabbat. We went down for a leisurely breakfast and decided that together with Avi and Angela we would go to the synagogue in Arthurs Road for the morning service. The service at Athurs Road shul was much more to our liking - no choir, friendly people in a very nice synagogue. After the service we went to the kiddush or the “bracha” as it is known in South Africa. From what we understand the “bracha” at the Marais Road synagogue was really spectacular and many of the congregation used it as their lunch. Arthurs Road provided a nice kiddush bracha as well. Before leaving the shul we prayed in the mincha gedola service. Interestingly they ended with psalm 104 but not the series of shir ... read more
rest day for Nando our terrific coach driver

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point May 16th 2015

Well hello all miss me? Lol Well we have had 10 days of no internet and now in Cape Town the 10th floor of the peninsula hotel huge balcony including outdoor hot tub and is right on the beach Well Botswana was amazing saw huge number of animals including the big five and some of the ugly five google that. Lol I have taken over 1200 pictures so am going to give a very small sampling today more tomorrow and so forth Enjoy!... read more
I forget this one sorry but like the pic
Bull Elephant

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point October 9th 2013

Cape town part 2 Several days exploring Cape Town. Hop on-off bus for two days to see waterfront, downtown, Kirstenbosch Gardens, etc. We have had a car for the past few days on day trips to the Cape of Good Hope and Table Mt. getting comfortable driving on left side of road. The Beauty of Cape Town rivals any other place we have been - mountains, beautiful beaches, extremely clean city. Food is awesome and much cheaper than US. Beef, ostrich, springbuck and seafood are all great. We have been busy, not much time to organize photos- now with more than 1200 pix. One more day in CT and then on to to the Winelands for a couple of days before traveling up the garden coast. Hard to believe we have been gone for more than ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point October 4th 2013

Cape Town Long day yesterday- Watched the sun rise over the Indian Ocean, bid goodbye to some new friends and two shuttle transfers and three flights later arrived at hotel in Cape Town at 11 pm. Today awakened to view of waves crashing on rocks, surfers, view of Robbin Island in distance and ocean extending all the way to Antartica. Cape Town is a return to civilization. Great condo, clean city everyone speaks proper English- just when we were learning to speak a bit of Swahili. Lunch at the harbor today, will begin exploring city tomorrow. Will be here for a week, hoping to take tram up Table mountain if winds clear, getting car on Monday for day trips to Cape Hope and other local destinations.... read more
Spice Island Resort
Masai friends
Clock tower V&A harbor

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point September 12th 2012

My visit to Sea Point was COMPLETED with a walk along the stunning sea side promenade. I had a fantastic time in the filtered seawater pools built on the beach front together with a fun windy walk along the beach front, with a milky lane for a small snack and the beautiful view of the atlantic ocean. To top it of the amazing african warm sunset along the coast.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point June 12th 2012

With only 3 weeks left before we head out, there is still plenty to do! Finish off work projects, pack up house, move the packed up goodies and make sure we have all our gear ready!... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point September 25th 2011

Det er no ein og ein halv månad sidan eg kom til Cape Town. Tida har verkeleg flaksa av gårde. Kvardagen er komen for lenge sidan, noko eg set stor pris på. Det har teke meg nokon år å erkjenne det, men det er kvardagen I utlandet eg set pris på. Den første veka her var ikkje særleg bra. Vi hadde ikkje noko vi skulle gjere, anna enn å bli kjendt med jobbens rutinar og bla litt I nokre papirer. Med Kongo frisk I minne opplevde eg det heile som lite meiningsfullt. Samstundes måtte eg jobbe med å tilpasse meg Cape Town sine brutale kontrastar. Cape Town er ein fantastisk fin by, og den har alt ein normann kan førestille seg at han kan ha behov for, sett bort frå snø (kven vil vel ha det?!), ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point June 22nd 2010

Hello Family, Evan arrived on Thursday and we are having a fantastic time. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to attend the Portugal vs Korea DPR game - we had great seats which you will see from our pictures and OH MY was it exciting. It was raining for the majority of the match. In the beginning their was no wind so we were covered by the roof of the stadium, but once the wind picked up a bit it was blowing rain on us. It didnt matter though. All the getting up and down, shouting, doing the wave, blowing the vuvuzelas..etc kept us very warm - not to mention the atmosphere in there was INCREDIBLE. SOOO FREAKING FUN! Fantastic game - Christiano Ronaldo was as sexy as ever and at one point I was pretty close ... read more
CRAZY FAN! Loved him

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town » Sea Point June 9th 2010

These are me sweeeeet new roommates!! YESS I have one named Houda aka Muhammad from Saudi Arabia - he literally smokes hash from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. Hes a riot. So funny. His brother is here visiting for 3 weeks and his name is also Muhammad. Interesting. They are very very nice guys, like to go out but they ONLY drink vodka. Hahah James you would love them ☺ Houda is studying engineering under the water, supposedly he goes to University here and is learning things under the water, however he gets up around 3pm and smokes all day. Maybe this is because his brother is visiting. Who knows. There is another guy that lives in the main house named Booo (I couldn’t even try to write or ... read more
Miki on his scooter
Houda and I
Braum on the left and Houda on the right

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