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June 9th 2010
Published: June 9th 2010
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These are me sweeeeet new roommates!! YESS

I have one named Houda aka Muhammad from Saudi Arabia - he literally smokes hash from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep. Hes a riot. So funny. His brother is here visiting for 3 weeks and his name is also Muhammad. Interesting. They are very very nice guys, like to go out but they ONLY drink vodka. Hahah James you would love them ☺ Houda is studying engineering under the water, supposedly he goes to University here and is learning things under the water, however he gets up around 3pm and smokes all day. Maybe this is because his brother is visiting. Who knows.

There is another guy that lives in the main house named Booo (I couldn’t even try to write or pronounce his real name, honestly) he is from somewhere in South Africa and studying animation, from the sketches he has shown me he is pretty good. He lives in the main house with our landlady - I think that Boo gets cheap rent to kind of watch over the house - as in close the doors at night and open them during the day. Hummm

Cheryl, the land lady, is truly a very nice woman. She loves to have her house full of men, especially the Americans (she is in love with Orrin) don’t get me wrong this lady is at least 40, with size GG boobs and butt ☺ She truly cares about all of us though which is what matters, even though she is a little bit of a perv. Gotta love her.

Braum is a guy from Holland, hes nice but weird.

Miki is my favorite he too is from Holland and super nice. I think of him as my best girlfriend here (yes hes a guy and no hes not gay). He is literally the dad of all the Dutch boys, if they have questions/problems/anything they call Miki. He knows ALL the good places to eat, see, do, ..etc. so thank goodness for him. He didn’t have the best impression of Americans before us, and now he is living with 6 of us hahahaha and loves us all. He pretty much makes fun of us the whole time - but its hilarious.

Miki’s best guy friends here are Thibaud (pronounced Tebo I thought it was divo for a while) and Mark, both also from Holland. They both don’t live here anymore, they live in another one of Cheryls houses about 5 minutes away- Thibaud is surfer dude very nice guy and Mark is more of a trouble maker, but in a good way. Anyways they are very funny, likable and between all of us we are laughing non-stop.

I cannot forget the boys that I came with Orrin and Ryan, they obviously live here too. Also, Orrin’s friend Tanner who came for a couple of weeks with his sister Chelsea and his sisters friend Theresa. It is way more fun to have a lot of people around. So all of us keep nice and entertained.

There are 2 cats named Lulu and Matthew. Lulu is the ugliest weirdest looking cat I have ever seen and Matthew is HUGE - SOOO FAT. He looks like Garfield. All the boys feed him everything, all of their leftovers, crap and I have seen him walking around with some fat mice in his mouth. Ewwww.

Cheryl somehow just got a bunny. It lives in her bedroom. I don’t know its name- but it is small and not very social. Hah

I included some pictures from our nights out and our days in. We went to this club called Hemisphere which is on the top floor of one of the bildings downtown that was super fun, also some pictures from drinking mojitos and lying around all day and finally sushi night out at Beluga where we had 26 pieces of sushi (sashimi,nigiri, rolls) for 109 rand (which is like 15 bucks)

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Miki, me, Orrin, Ryqn, Houda and Braum
A group of friends at DizzysA group of friends at Dizzys
A group of friends at Dizzys

the one giving the peace sign is Houdas brother and the one with the orange tank top (my tank top) is Mark
The boys and CherylThe boys and Cheryl
The boys and Cheryl

from left to right: Daniel (the bartender for the house braai),Mak, Cheryl, Miki, Ryan and Tebo down infront

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