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October 21st 2013
Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: -24.9854, 31.6018

Fifth ones out the gate this morning. First thing we saw were some hyenas sniffing the ground, looking up and appearing to be one the track of something. They ran off into the bush and we could not see what they were after. One of them had a collar on which we found interesting.

Robert made a good spot of a giant eagle owl that we got to enjoy for a short while. Then we saw another hyena but this one behaved in a most unusual way! It came walking up to our car sniffing the front, then the tires and came over and looked in my window. It did not seem to be afraid of us and definitely did not look fierce at all! I thought for a minute it was going to put its paws up on the side of the car like a dog would. We had a conversation with it for awhile and then it finally moved off.

Drove down toward Crocodile Bridge to see if we could see anyone moving about that early in the morning. They have built a new entrance to Crocodile Bridge but the shop was pretty much the same except no meat pies.

Decided to take one of the back roads on the way home and were entertained by lots of giraffe sightings. Some were mother and young, groups of giraffe, and some by themselves. The same was true for the number of warthogs we saw out and about. They had a reddish color cause I guess from the dirt they were rolling in.

We saw lots of leopard tortoise out on the road. We had been told there would be lots of them because of the rain and they were everywhere! Got to finally see a Kori Bustard in the clear as well as the African wattled plover.

Came back to the camp and went to work on our stories since it seemed to rain was keeping some of the animals out of sight.

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nice shotnice shot
nice shot

the ear looks almost like polished leather
leopard tortoiseleopard tortoise
leopard tortoise

on this particular day we saw several tortoises out on the road

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