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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach October 2nd 2022

Tourism is slightly on the way to recovery...and international divers are therefore back to our little village. I thought...been a long time since I haven't posted any pictures of my diving at home. So here we are...a little diving post! As tourism is not only on the road to recovery here, but all over the world, my lovely wife has also been able to find a new mission as Commercial Director of a top hotel on a new island for us...but that's coming in the next blog. I'm writing this from a lovely little room with a lovely view of our new surrounding. Next blog coming soon! We are not leaving Shelly Beach! We are just going to be a lot less here over the coming months and maybe years. Why do I love so much ... read more
Blue shark....and below me...maybe 150 meters of water...
Scalloped hammerheads in the season...
I believe three of the best Sauvignon Blanc in South Africa...and in the world too...

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach January 5th 2021

Here we are, a little long overdue blog about our daily life at home in South Africa. Point to note, we do not live close to Cape Town, as this place is way too cold in the winter. Shelly Beach, our little village is 130km south of Durban...and yes, we live right on the beach! Even with our bedroom windows closed, we ear the waves 24/7! I have lived from 1996 to 2017 in Metropolis around the world, I name Saigon, Hong Hong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Buenos Aires. All of those were fun...full of life...with some great qualities...and way less nice points at some stage in our stay. Since early's out of the crowds for us. So put 2020 in the Covid perspective...suddenly I'm happy to live away from the crowds! We all have our ... read more
That's my garden....sorry, the golf course where I'm a member!
On the left, 1200 bottles produced per year...on the right...more than a solid Pinot Noir!
Dolphins time...each sighting is a great moment!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach January 15th 2018

Pretty soon, it will be a full year since we moved to Shelly Beach. I have to calculate exactly the time we spent home, but I would guess it's around 5 months last year for me. So if you are asking me, I have only one regret, that we did not move earlier. Simple life, simple days....amazing experience and great new friends would qualify our day to day routine! Here is a simple day for me at home in South Africa. Depending of the wind conditions, we may meet early to be able to launch for the dive! This is the open Indian Ocean, sea and wind can be the calmer it is, the best it is. A normal day would be meeting at the dive center at 7am....for this, I wake up at 6.45am...brush ... read more
The giraffes from Oribi, 45 minutes drive from home!
New Year Eve dinner with friends....what a wonderful moment!
Few days ago...I avoided a solid bar bill...if this ball made it in an hole-in'one...there was 120 people at the bar!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach March 13th 2017

Here we are, after speaking about it for years, we have moved! Our new home is right on the beach, some 130km south of Durban. Why here? Simple, the wine and food that South Africa is providing are amazing. This must be the best deal ever when it comes to play golf. I have 7 golf courses less than 45 minutes drive from a quality/price ratio that cannot be beaten today, the world! But the best, is that every morning, I just have to cross the road in my wetsuit to get to the dive center! Yes, just crossing the road in my wetsuit...and that diving is just amazing. The pictures on the blog are just the best of the last 11 dives, trust me, it was not easy to chose the best ones! ... read more
My ladies...ready for Easter Holidays!
Ribbon tail rays following us for most of the the safety stop!
Another magic moment...dolphins!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach November 6th 2016

Shall we blog about the place that we call home? I think so, there is something beautiful about sharing the place where you live with the world. But wait a minute....we are not living yet in Shelly Beach, you'll have to wait my next blog about Shelly Beach, coming sometime in April. Till, as Tiffany has been in school till January just over two hours drive from here since January....and as the end of the school year is fast approaching, we already nearly call this place home. I spent in Shelly Beach 12 days with my two ladies end of September. Tiffany had some holidays to celebrate the end of the Third school term. I was back few weeks later, end of October to smooth few details about our move here in early 2017. What do ... read more
I always find dolphins on scuba pretty amazing!
This is the definition of a wall of hammerheads...
Sun fish, also call Mola Mola...pretty rare here....truly rare here!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach May 29th 2016

I should have written this entry a while ago....but here it is...the last few weeks have been slightly on the run. Long amazing week-end diving with Tiffany....than 10 days between Lubumbashi and Kinshasa. If you have followed the news lately, let say that Congo is in the middle of a turmoil for the moment. So getting around is just a little more "interesting"...and not really for those without contacts to tell them....stay in...or yes, you can go around and venture outside of your hotel! Safe I stay....worked I did a lot...but as always around's not because we see demonstrations on international television....that life doesn't continue the daily routine, just around the corner! Next went another week-end in KZN with Tiffany...another great sunny week-end...followed by few days around Bangkok, Phuket, Saigon...Bangkok...and now back in the lounge ... read more
There is always great food and decent wine around....and a huge smile from Tiffany!
Sharks coming from below....

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach February 1st 2016

Interesting to see that a few sharks, a little white ball and some amazing wine can change the destiny of a family!!! Do you blog from your home town? This is a question that is coming back pretty often on Travelblog. I have been coming back at least twice a year to Shelly Beach....this place will be my home from 2018...but not yet. And for once, I'm not doing the first move, Tiffany is doing it! The young lady is now 13 years old, and in 4 years time, she will be entering University...times fly! Few months ago....while speaking with Leslie about boarding school, Tiffany said...this sounds cool! And today, it's Tiffany big move. She is entering a cool boarding school, an hour drive North-West of Durban, short of 2 hours drive from where I plan ... read more
The little girl and the bull shark!
At Eland Reserve, next door from the sharks...
I'm proud of my little lady!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach July 6th 2015

I have no idea how to start to write this blog. Here we are in South Africa for the first three weeks of the school holidays. Yes, one more school year is over. Tiffany managed to get 8 Bs, 4 Cs and one D...for Leslie it's one A*, 3 As and 3 Bs. They are following the British International Curriculum, and let put it simply, they deserve their holidays...and I can be slightly proud of the way they did at school. As some say....with such surely don't do everything! Leslie has three more years till University, and five for Tiffany....and we are already starting to make choices for the future. All this may sound pretty weird when a lot of my friends are deep in nappies! So first disclaimer...if everything is going fine, I'm ... read more
Here, they call them "crayfish", 4 of them for...12usd...
Tiffany down the Oribi Gorge...that was mad!
Oceanic Black curious...ask Leslie!

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach March 14th 2015

I'm in the lounge of another airport, so I guess it's time to write a new blog before heading on 3 different planes back home, for a total of 16 hours in planes in the coming hours. I just spent two very nice weeks in Congo...and lucky me, after the demonstrations back end of January, the country is nearly back to much as we could consider a normal situation in Congo! They had simply no access to internet for few days...and no skype or social medias for more than two weeks. Try to operate a business these day without internet...and no SMS either! So after Congo...I go South twice a year for some diving, golfing...and yes, some pretty nice wine, food, and more importantly, friends! This time, as you could read the title, it was ... read more
Wild Coast first hole....always an amazing view!
Diving with me, on Travelblog...she is the one who has dived...nearly everywhere...
Some you drink...some you bring back share...

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Shelly Beach March 12th 2015

Voilà quelques années que je lorgne sur des plongées en Afrique du Sud. En grande partie grâce à Pierre-Alexandre que j'ai « virtuellement » rencontré sur ce blog et avec qui on s'échange des conseils de destination de plongée. Par hasard, il est aussi dans le coin quelques jours, alors c'est grâce à lui et avec lui que je découvre Protea Banks. Mais pas seulement, parce Catherine, ma copine rencontrée en Egypte et avec qui j'ai voyagé en Indonésie est aussi de la partie. Toutes les deux on est parties pour 3 semaines de vacances entre l'Afrique du Sud et le Mozambique. Notre « road-trip », avec notre petite Ford Figo démarre à Shelly Beach, petit bled au sud de Durban, pour des plongées plutôt sportives dans le bleu. Le courant est fort dans ces eaux, ... read more
Allez on pousse !
Catherine et moi, pretes a se mettre a l'eau
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