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Africa » South Africa » Free State » Drakensberg September 24th 2008

Histoire d'un week end au Drakensberg, et plus exactement à Cathedral Peak. L'arrivée dans le Drakensberg commence par un pic nique au pied da la chaine montagneuse appelée Cathedral Peak. Après avoir pris notre ration d'énergie, nous voici en route avec ma collègue pour l'ascension du sommet Cathedral Peak. Ascension qui fut écourtée par la riviere qui nous a fait rebrousser chemin. Impossible de trouver le chemin menant au sommet. Tant pis, nous continuons notre chemin dans une autre direction pour arriver dans un élévage de truite. Personne a l'horizon, nous faisons demi tour, car cul de sac. Nous decidons finalement de suivre une autre direction et de randonner dans un milieu tres propice au reverie, tellement le lieu est calme et reposant. Le lendemain, en route pour une randonnée a cheval dans des paysages somptueux. ... read more
Cathedral Peak2
Cathedral Peak3
Cathedral Peak4

Africa » South Africa » Free State July 1st 2008

First Two Weeks of Holiday This is our first blog entry. After selling and moving all of our stuff during the last week in June, we left for LM's family farm to drop off and leave our two cats there. We decided to spend 5 days on the farm to help the cats get used to the environment. We ate like kings and went on a few game drives which where great: we saw Rhinos, Sables, Lechwe's Roan Antelope, Giraffes, etc. The cats, however, did not have such a good time. They were stuck in their very cold new house and were too scared to venture outside. After the initial first 3 days, they would come outside to the edge of the house and then run back inside if they spotted any movement or noise, of ... read more
Van Der Kloof Dam
Bernhard & Shiraz

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Bloemfontein May 16th 2008

Is nog tans in Bfn, en is erg opgewonde oor ons trippie wat voorle. Kan nie wag nie. Hier is 'n foto van toe ons in die Fillippyne was, en ons hoop dit gaan weer soortgelyk wees. SON, STRAND, SEE, SNORKEL, STORIEBOEK-LEES, SPEKVET WORD, EN LAASTENS ONTSPAN... read more

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Drakensberg April 16th 2008

Histoire d'un week end randonnée dans le Royal Natal National Park, situé dans le nord de la Chaine montagneuse de l'Afrique du Sud: Le Drakensberg. Seulement à 4 heures de route de Joburg, distance idéale pour profiter du week end. Arrivée le vendredi soir dans mon chalet que j'avais réservé au coeur du parc: thendele camp. Quelle surprise au réveil (6h30) quand au moment ou j'ouvre les rideaux, je vois passer une petite antilope se promenant dans le camp. La journée commençait bien. Puis, premier pas sur la terrasse et vue surprenante sur l'Amphithéatre, chaine montagneuse encerclant le parc. Un vrai plaisir pour les yeux, surtout que le soleil était au rendez vous. Après un petit déjeuner copieux sur ma terrasse, je chausse mes chaussures et en route pour la première randonnée du week end: direction ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Bloemfontein January 26th 2008

Still in Cape Town, we moved to Long Street which is a long street full of restaurants, bars and clubs. The street was always busy with people and noise from the bars all night which was nice while we were out, but got a little annoying when we wanted to sleep! The place we were staying had a balcony that overlooked the street so you could always see what was going on below. We were right in the heart of the street and all the excitement. While in Cape Town we did a wine tasting tour which started off with a bike ride to the first wine farm. We visited 3 farms and ended up pretty tipsy! Hehe! After Cape Town we moved on to Oudtshoorn which was about a 5 hour drive away. We should ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Bloemfontein November 30th 2007

So im finally here in South Africa! WooHoo! Ive been here a couple of days now and managed to find an internet cafe so i can keep in contact with all of ya. So... the LONG flight actually wasn't as bad as i was expecting it to be although we did get quite a bit of turbulence! But we were able to see the Eiffel tower and some lightening storms from the plane, so that was pretty cool! Once we landed the weather was not as hot as i was expecting, in face its been pretty crazy! One minute it will be really hot and sunny, then all of a sudden it will change, the sky will get cloudy, the wind will pick up, there will be really heavy rain (with the biggest rain drops i ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Kestell November 24th 2007

I know it's taken me forever to post this (there is still heaps to come) and for exactly that reason I won't write much (otherwise it's never gonna happen). Just as much as this: Mont-aux-Sources in Royal Natal National Park (Kwazulu Natal) is probably the best day trek you will find in South Africa. And don't get fooled by all these greedy tour operators - you CAN go by yourself. In fact, it's an easy one, provided you are free from fear of hight since you have to climb a vertical chain ladder (guess that's the most tricky part), but other than that if you're reasonably fit you won't have any trouble. Get a lift to Sentinel Car Park - it's kind of far away from the Amphitheater (2 hrs one way), so you're better off ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Free State November 22nd 2007

Next stop was just outside Beaufort West. The Karoo National Park is a lovely site, really 5 star and they are still working on it. We arrived in the pouring rain so waited for it to stop before starting to set up camp. We put up the gazebo before deciding that actually that site over there looked better, so we started to move but on second looks decided that the site opposite looked even better. It really is true that the longest part of setting up camp is agreeing where to put the tent. Eventually we set up, you note that I don't say pitch the tent because we have decided that sleeping in the cab is very comfortable, and why bother with canvas when we have everything we need including radio, light, air conditioning (yes ... read more
Huge Tortoise

Africa » South Africa » Free State November 20th 2007

The third week of our trip and the first of our proper tour started with the drive to Kimberley. We found a campsite right next to the Big Hole so stayed there, a lovely site, very grassy with lots of trees, it had a construction site on one side (a new convention centre) but on the other where we camped was some waste ground that was just teeming with birds. We visited the Big Hole and I was expecting just that - a big hole - which of course it was but it was also so much more. There was a reconstruction of the village with a lot of original items, there was also a bar complete with music, bar sounds etc, it was really well done and there was no charge to look at this ... read more
Sunset over Kimberley
Meeting new people

Africa » South Africa » Free State » Drakensberg November 1st 2007

Hallo zusammen Was haben wir nicht alles ueber Mozambique gehoert: Von "es war graesslich, nach einer Nacht sind wir wieder nach SA zurueckgefahren" ueber "am Kosi Bay Zoll gibts keine Visa" und "doch gibt es - aber die kosten doppelt so viel wie normal" oder "man wird fast mit Waffen von Polizisten gezwungen eine Autoversicherung abzuschliessen" bis zu "You'll love it up there!". Also haben wir entschieden es zu wagen. Die geteerte Strasse endet am SA Grenzposten. Jenseits des Zaunes und der zwei Zollhuetten gibts bloss Sandpisten. Der Zollbeamte ist aeusserst freundlich, und heisst uns mit einem Handschlag willkommen. Visa gibts hier sehr wohl und zwar zum normalen Preis. Natuerlich dauert das seine Zeit, dafuer gibts ein schoenes Kleberli mit Stempeli in den Pass. (Liebe Gruesse nach Peissenberg :-) Luft ablassen - 4x4 einschalten - und ... read more
Zwei am Strand
Amphitheater (Drakensberge)

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