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Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest » Gisenyi September 7th 2012

Hier is hij dan !! De eerste post vanuit Rwanda ! Jullie vragen je wellicht af waarom het zo lang geduurt heeft ? Zoals je misschien kan vermoeden is de internetverbinding niet denderend. Het meeste gebeurt hier met een USB stick + simkaart. Als we dan eens connectie hebben met internet dan is het uitzonderlijk dat we connectie hebben voor 20 minuten. Gisteren morgen heb ik weeral 20 minuten geprobeerd eer ik op travelblog geraakte. Ik had een eerste post gemaakt maar net toen ik op 'save' drukte, kwam er nog maar eens op dat de internetverbinding verbroken was... Het makkelijkst lijkt nog een GSM met 3G , dat weten we dus voor de volgende keer ^^ Nu, buiten het internetgebeuren is het hier heel tof! De mensen zijn zeer aardig, gastvrij, spontaan, etc etc ... ... read more
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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 17th 2012

The first association most "westerners" make upon hearing the word "Rwanda" is the 1994 genocide, and the collective guilt of the whole world for not stopping it. Many nations sent troops to evacuate their own citizens. These troop numbers would have been sufficient to stop the slaughter - had they been given that mandate. Or, if the UN higher ups had not stopped the UN Peace Keeping commander on the ground, who having learnt about a large weapons cache intended for use in the upcoming planned massacre, requested authorization for him to go and confiscate those weapons... or if the Belgium government had refused to be pawns in the game when they pulled their paratroopers out of the UN forces after 10 of them were killed at the start of the slaughter ... or ... the ... read more
Genocide Memorial Display
The Hotel Rwanda
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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 16th 2012

I'd reserved a seat on the VIP bus from Kampala to Kigali, which was to take between 8 or 9 hours with a slow border crossing. Good thing I'd checked an updatded guide book and confirmed at the bus station. The Kigali bound buses did not leave at 01:00 in the morning as my guide book said, but at a more reasonable 09:00. A German researching the kenyarwanda language I was talking to at the Backpackers' Hostel in Kamapala told me that most people need a visa for Rwanda, and that I could apply for it online. I showed him my guide book that said a select few nationals, including Canadians, did not need visas. But, if visas were required, they were issued at the border for US$60. He said he'd travelled with someone who'd been ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 3rd 2012

Today is my final day in Rwanda, so what have I learnt about the place? Travel-wise, the North - Musanze and the Parc National des Volcans are well geraed towards the independent traveller, it is easy to get to by bus and easy to get around, although it is expensive by African standards, Kigali is alos an easy place to get around although it can be confusing as it lacks street signs and the roads wind back and forth around the hills. There is a big push on to improve the roading and singposting in Kigali. The south of the country is much harder to travel independently although with time and patience it can be done, expect to pay the same price (5200 Rwf) for a bus from Gisakura to Butare as you would from Gisakura ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali July 2nd 2012

Met up with Innocent, was invited back to have a look at his Mother's friend's house where he stay in Musanze. Its a simple 3 room house consisting of 2 bedrooms and a central living area. The cookhouse and bathroom are separate. It has everything they need. Then its a mad rush to get tickets and jump on the bus back to Kigali - why do Africans insist on closing all the windows on the bus? I'm about ready to expire when we get back. Innocent's sister Isembe is at the bus station to meet us, a very pretty and studious 18 year old. We went to Cafe Bourbon and spent a couple of hours talking about life in Kigali then Innocent went back to Musanze to get more work, Isembe back to campus and I ... read more

Up at 5.00am, breakfast at 5.45am and met up with my driver who will take my up to Park HQ. After what appears to be some sort of auction process where the guides and drivers all yell how many people they have in their group we are eventually assigned a Gorilla group to see. There are 6 of us that will visit with the Titus group. The guide explained that Titus was the son of Digit, Dianne Fossey's favourite. Titus was known as the kking of the Gorillas and had a very large family of around 35 Gorillas including 6 Silverbacks. His first son Rano was a rambunctious sort and got fed u being kept in line by his father so he split from the family and attempted to take some of the females with him ... read more

I had intended going to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali this morning but had not realised the extent to which Umuganda applies. The streets are completely empty of vehicles, including taxis and motos as every person 18 or over, including the President, is expected to clean up their local area from 8.00am - 11.00am. Will have to put the Genocide Memorial off to another day. Wandered down to the bus station to wait for my bus to Musanze and got talking to a 20 year old Rwandan Engineering Student. His story was a pretty harrowing one with him and his sister being orphaned in the 1994 genocide. He was 2 and she just 8 months old at the time. Some how he made it from Musanze, in the north of Rwanda to the UN camps in ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali June 29th 2012

This time it was only a 4.5 hour bum-numbing journey back to Kigali with the driver making good time on the newly paved road through the forest. The road is being ealed courtesy of the Chinese Government and there are a number of Chinese Engineers overseeing the work. Can't believe how hot it is in Kigali now. I booked my ticket to Musanze as soon as I got in. I had a coice of a 5.30am bus of midday, which was a little puzzling given how often buses usually run until the lady at the bus station explained that tomorrow is Umuganda. In Rwanda, there is a mandatory community service day from 8:00am to 11:00am, on the last Saturday of each month called Umuganda meaning community service. The day is called umunsi w’umuganda, meaning “contribution made ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province du Sud » Gikongoro June 29th 2012

It's a bum-numbing 5 hour bus ride from Kigali to Gisakura, on the edge of the Nyungwe Forest with only a single stop 2.5 hours in at Nyanza, so it's a test of bladder control. In fact we had to stop for roadworks in the forest and most of the passengers mutineed and headed for the trees looking much relieved when they returned. We saw a couple of Forest Monkeys and a Civet Cat on the road edge throught the forest. Gisakura is a very peaceful spot after the hurly-burly of Kigali and around 10c cooler than Kigali. The Guest Lodge is really nice and set in beautiful gardens with tiny sunbirds flitting everywhere. The accommodation is good, I've got a big double bed with mosquito netting and best of all the showers are hot. Having ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province du Sud » Gikongoro June 28th 2012

Up early for what appears to be the standard Rwandan breakfast of bread & jam, omelette & tea. Met up with a Forest Ranger at 9.00am for a 10k walk through the Nyungwe Forest to a waterfall. The forest is the largest remaining tract of Montaine Forest in Central Africa. It was declared a National Park in 1998 and covers 1019 sq km. The Waterfall Trail starts in a tea plantation and is a beautiful walk but the forest was very quiet, sadly no wildlife to be seen. After the walk the guide took us on a shortcut back to the guesthouse through the tea plantations and not only were we rewarded with stunning views of Lake Kivu about 20km away but also saw a troop of around 60 Colobus Monkeys in trees on the edge ... read more

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