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Sun shining, bags in the back of the ute, we jump in and off we go heading to see the Mountain Gorilla in the Parc Des Volcans. After a very early start and hoping to get a lift to see any of the Gorilla families we were very lucky to be offered a lift to see the Susa family which we were hoping to see and which is the largest, but also the most difficult to reach. It is very strange when you arrive at the head quarters for the morning check in and finding out that we need to organize our own transport as well as for the guide. We asked around the forty of so people and finally found a group of young travelers and we all stuck together. For each family only eight ... read more
Teaching and learning
Time for reflection
This guy was so full of energu

Musanze or Ruhengeri, it is the same town but the name has been changed recently following an administrative reorganization of Rwandan’s 12 former provinces. Both names are still in use and it doesn’t matter which one you’ll use. On one side of town says Musanze and on other side – Ruhengeri. This small town is the second biggest in Rwanda and the base station for tourists who are doing mountain gorillas trekking at Parc National Des Volcans. Not a great deal to do in the town other than sitting back, beer in hand and admire the views of the National Park that are shadowing the town. It is a feeling of adventure when arriving in the city and seeing the surrounding mountains knowing full well that somewhere up there are the Mountain Gorillas. We were extremely ... read more
Lake Burera
Lake Burera transport
Bird life

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali November 13th 2011

Kigali, like the whole of Rwanda has been known as a dangerous place and not many tourists have made to this small county in East Africa. In fact the recent and tragic history has been washed out and everyone is struggling to forget the consequences of the 94 genocide. Unfortunately this incident has left deep wounds and anxiety not just in Rwandans but in the rest of the world as well. When you are in the place where it all happened just few years ago, you are facing this history in absolute different way and you’ll be touched deeply. Kigali streets are overcrowded and people passing by you, and then you realize that all the adults would have witnessed the genocide and everyone has been scared more or less by this horrible tragedy. You never know, ... read more
Carrying food home
Local food shops
Kigali skyline

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali November 13th 2011

After a slightly extended stay in Musanze, due to an upset belly, we traveled to Gisenyi to visit Lake Kivu. We had heard that staying by the lake was very picturesque, but after spending one night in a rather basic guest house with no windows, a funny smell and no toilet seat, Cel wanted to give up and move on. However, we decided to give it one last try and check out another Lonely Planet recommendation. When we arrived at Paradis Malahide it really was like finding a little bit of paradise, with pretty stone bungalows by the lake and complete with it's own private beach. Unfortunately there was no room at the inn, but we had fallen in love with the place, so when the owners offered to put us up in a tent we ... read more
Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu
Lake Kivu

Lake Bunyonyi was as beautiful as promised! We spent a day exploring the area using a dugout canoe for transport. We stumbled on and into an extremely vibrant and lively village church service and enjoyed the enthusiastic singing, clapping and dancing. There was definitely a lot of spirit and joy in the room. We also visited a traditional healer who showed us a selection of plants and herbs used for various "medicinal" purposes, including treating colds, stomach upsets and malaria. However, not sure Celina will be prescribing any of his treatments to her patients when she's back home..! The last stop of the day was to learn some basket making skills from a family of craftmakers. We chose the simplest option of making bracelets, which was a lot tougher than it looked. Although we won't be ... read more
Lake Bunyoni
Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 8th 2011

Today our big trip back to Nairobi started. Yves picked us up right on time at the guest house to bring us to the bus station and we discovered he must be German, since African time works differently. He had a gift for us: coffee from Rwanda (it smelled amazing!). It was really hard to say goodbye and leave this wonderful country and Nellie and I both cried a little. At the border was a group of Spaniards who wanted to enter the country and the guards couldn't stop laughing at their names like Francesca, Fernanda a.s.o. The whole rest of the trip was rather boring until we drove into Kampala. Suddenly Peter was standing in front of us, asking if we wanted to come with him. We were flabbergasted to see him in front of ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 7th 2011

Since it was Sunday we decided to be doing nothing the entire day. Although we were woken up by some douchebags at 6am again, because they thought it would be ok to talk as loud as possible we stayed in bed until 8 o'clock. We then ate breakfast and played some cards. Since we both didn't feel like doing anything today we laid in bed til almost noon, before we actually got up. We took showers and then went to the city to run some last errands. We spent the afternoon packing all our stuff into our backpacks and playing more cards. In the evening we met with Yves, Anita and Claude in the Simba Café for a last dinner together to which we had invited them. We talked and thanked them for all their efforts. ... read more
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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 6th 2011

Yves had told us about a memorial we should see and since we didn't have any plans we decided to do it today. We took the bus at 10:30am and were supposed to be in Nyamagabe at around 1pm. The busride turned out to be a real adventure. Firstly we almost had an accident, because a boy with a bike full of jerrycans rode directly in front of the bus without looking. There were only a few centimeters left between him and the bus. Next we stopped in Huye where we had to get on a different bus. The bus wouldn't go though. It turned out that two (white) tourists wanted to take their dog with them, but the bus driver didn't want to take the animal with him. After half an hour he changed his ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 5th 2011

The morning was unusually quiet, but I still was up at 7 o'clock, because the sun was shining right on my bed and it got incredibly warm. When I get back home I want to sleep in and have a bread roll with cheese for breakfast! Also my nose was running, I think Nellie got me sick. I started getting ready and Nellie joined me. We wondered if our money had arrived at the bank yet, so we decided to check on that. Nellie went to a bank in the mall and I went to the bank of Kigali to get my money. We were lucky! The money was there and I could buy food again. When I waited for her at the Bourbon Coffee I saw her standing in line at the Nakumatt. The cashier ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 4th 2011

Today's alarm was probably the best of all. At 5am a group of Germans was leaving and I guess they thought that if they're up everyone else should, too. They didn't even try to whisper! Worst of all was the fact that we understood all the random stuff they were yelling. I just wanted to punch every single one of them right in the face for keeping me awake this early. Two hours later it was time for us to get up, too since we had to take the bus to Muhanga at 8.30. At the bus stop we met Rosella and her friend Alyssa and even Anita was on time. We went to the GO office where Yves and a bunch of kids were already waiting for us. Anita got paper and crayons while we ... read more
Drawing contest
Drawing contest
Drawing contest

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