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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 7th 2011

Since it was Sunday we decided to be doing nothing the entire day. Although we were woken up by some douchebags at 6am again, because they thought it would be ok to talk as loud as possible we stayed in bed until 8 o'clock. We then ate breakfast and played some cards. Since we both didn't feel like doing anything today we laid in bed til almost noon, before we actually got up. We took showers and then went to the city to run some last errands. We spent the afternoon packing all our stuff into our backpacks and playing more cards. In the evening we met with Yves, Anita and Claude in the Simba Café for a last dinner together to which we had invited them. We talked and thanked them for all their efforts. ... read more
Afrika 546

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 6th 2011

Yves had told us about a memorial we should see and since we didn't have any plans we decided to do it today. We took the bus at 10:30am and were supposed to be in Nyamagabe at around 1pm. The busride turned out to be a real adventure. Firstly we almost had an accident, because a boy with a bike full of jerrycans rode directly in front of the bus without looking. There were only a few centimeters left between him and the bus. Next we stopped in Huye where we had to get on a different bus. The bus wouldn't go though. It turned out that two (white) tourists wanted to take their dog with them, but the bus driver didn't want to take the animal with him. After half an hour he changed his ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 5th 2011

The morning was unusually quiet, but I still was up at 7 o'clock, because the sun was shining right on my bed and it got incredibly warm. When I get back home I want to sleep in and have a bread roll with cheese for breakfast! Also my nose was running, I think Nellie got me sick. I started getting ready and Nellie joined me. We wondered if our money had arrived at the bank yet, so we decided to check on that. Nellie went to a bank in the mall and I went to the bank of Kigali to get my money. We were lucky! The money was there and I could buy food again. When I waited for her at the Bourbon Coffee I saw her standing in line at the Nakumatt. The cashier ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 4th 2011

Today's alarm was probably the best of all. At 5am a group of Germans was leaving and I guess they thought that if they're up everyone else should, too. They didn't even try to whisper! Worst of all was the fact that we understood all the random stuff they were yelling. I just wanted to punch every single one of them right in the face for keeping me awake this early. Two hours later it was time for us to get up, too since we had to take the bus to Muhanga at 8.30. At the bus stop we met Rosella and her friend Alyssa and even Anita was on time. We went to the GO office where Yves and a bunch of kids were already waiting for us. Anita got paper and crayons while we ... read more
Drawing contest
Drawing contest
Drawing contest

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 3rd 2011

Today we had absolutely no plans and could sleep in. Well, sleep in meaning we got up at 8am since it was getting loud again. After breakfast we went over to the bank to get some money. It turned out I was out of pocket and had to survive the next three days with 15€ on me until my parents' transfer would reach my card (which took up to four days). No problem for me! Next we walked over to our favorite grocery store "Nakumatt" where Nellie got some postcards and tissues and then we paid a visit to the post office to final send out our postcards. We got some motos there and went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial. After we bargained our mzungu price for the ride we rode there pretty quickly (again no ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 2nd 2011

This time we had some variety in our daily routine and had to take the bus to Muhanga first before working there. Anita was late again and told us she didn't even have time to eat something, so I gave her my awesome waffles I purchased the day before. Once we got to muhanga we went to see Epiphanie, a woman whom GO already built a house and now it was our task to make her a homegarden. Epiphanie hat to work as a prostitiute after the genocide to be able to provide for her family. She was infected with HIV which she passed onto her three daughters. She was very happy about the new garden and the goat she got from Anita. After the homegarden was done the guy who was working with us suddenly ... read more
The kids from the neighborhood watching mzungus at work
Epiphanie and her homegarden
Epiphanie's house

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 1st 2011

As usually our day started early since the volume of African tunes reached us at 7 o'clock. We got up and went to get some breakfast. This time we had some awesome (extremely dry) waffles... Nellie asked Jerome if she could get some plain bread. He said yes, but didn't put too much effort into actually getting her some. Well, I guess he just doesn't lover her. Poor Nellie had to go out on the street and get her breakfast herself. Since Anita was running late again, Nellie and I played some rounds of our favorite game and then went to go pick her up at the bus stop. We again took motos to the project and this time were making mud bricks. My "fiancé" was there again, but unfortunately he was working in a different ... read more
Getting the clay ready
Afrika 430
the landscape

Zoveel mooie landen op aarde en soms zijn er van die landen, waar je nog maar net bent en het zo fantastisch aanvoelt. Ik had geen idee wat ik van Rwanda moest verwachten, maar dit was zo'n land. Superschoon, mooi landschap en heel warme mensen. En dat terwijl hier in 1994 die vreselijk genocide plaatsvond. Nog dagelijks komen er lijken bovendrijven en vinden er begravenissen plaats van Tutsi's of Hutu's, die op enige manier zich inzetten voor Tutsi's. De verhalen over de genocide zijn verschrikkelijk, vooral daar waar kinderen die eerst als vriendjes met elkaar speelden de opdracht kregen om de andere te vermoorden. Vrijwel iedereen is hier geraakt door de genocide en vandaag de dag is het hier dan ook een 'misdaad' om iemand te vragen of hij of zij een Hutu of Tutsi is. ... read more
Golden Monkey
Onze groep
vulkaan Visoke

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali July 31st 2011

Today Nellie and I again got to enjoy a wonderful bucket shower in the morning. We had some tea and dry bread for breakfast and played some Skip-Bo until noon. Then we left to go to the bus station to get our bus to Kigali. There was a little kid staring at us (we got used to be stared at), but suddenly she came up to us and touched me. Just to make sure I was real. Whenever that happened it made me laugh, so I hope Africans don't think touching a Mzungu always makes them laugh. We got on the bus and once again I was amazed by the beauty of this country. Usually I hate buses, but I didn't mind the 1 hour bus rides between Kigali and Muhanga. One of the passengers started ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Province de L'Ouest July 30th 2011

Oh beloved Africa! There's a new surprise waiting for us every day. This morning my alarm was Emile, one of the employees we met the night before. He was calling at 8am to ask about our plans. Really?! 8am on a saturday? Geez! After just laying around til 10 o'clock we finally decided to get up. One of the employees got us some tea and samosas. We talked to Jaqueline the manager of the motel and she told us every last saturday of the month Rwandans got together and volunteered. They then gathered to build new streets, fix houses etc. That's a pretty cool idea, but I don't think it would work out in a western country, cause people there are always busy. The stores opened at 2pm and Nellie and decided to go for a ... read more

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