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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 29th 2009

Welcome to the Cricket Without Boundaries Rwanda team blog! I am part of a group of 13 mad volunteers setting off for Rwanda on 6th November on behalf of the Cricket Without Boundaries charity. CWB has three main goals: •To spread cricket through coaching children and teaching adults how to coach •To link the sport to HIV/AIDS awareness and incorporate these messages into coaching sessions. •To bring together and empower local communities through cricket. Here we will bring you the highs, the lows, the tears, the tantrums and hopefully a whole lot of smiles and success stories. We aim to post every day of the trip so keep tuned in to all the goings on and follow our journey every step of the way- you'll feel like you are actually in Africa with us! Over the ... read more
Rwanda Project 2008
Rwanda Project 2008
Rwanda Project 2008

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 19th 2009

Attempt at posting two videos.... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 18th 2009

On Wednesday this week, Alex joined the Board of the American Embassy Association of Kigali, the group that currently runs the commissary. To buy American products, like spaghetti sauce or diet pop, the commissary is the only place to go, and its conveniently located inside the Embassy. Saturday, Alex began a quest for fresh chicken. He met up with some friends and drove all over the city (rural areas) looking for the farmer with the big, American-style poultry. After 4x4ing down some one-way trails and passing by groups of mud huts, the farm appeared. After parking the car, he walked through a banana field to the "free-ranging" (hundreds of chickens in a 15 by 15 pen) farm. The chickens had been killed that morning and were defeathered and beheaded. At this point, Jennifer became tired of ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 13th 2009

I've just been fired from blogging. -Alex Anyways, on Sunday we went to the Artist Village in Kigali. It was an outdoor mall of shops the size of large, walk-in closets and no indoor lighting. We were immediately taken as suckers and ushered into the nearest shop. Nothing has price tags, and we are VERY obviously mozungas (foreigners). Quickly, we learned that if you pause to look at something and especially if you stop to pick it up, it means you really really want to buy it. The next step is to ask the price, and due to our mozunga-ness, everything is priced at least double what it could actually be sold for. Luckily, the first item we picked up was not something we had to have, and upon hearing the price we put it back ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 10th 2009

Some pictures Jenn took around our house. Couldn't get them uploaded on this site for right now... Anyways, another week down. Hopefully we can post some more pictures and updates soon. Thanks for all the comments!... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali October 4th 2009

On Friday, the Embassy trusted Alex enough to loan him a Land Cruiser so we have wheels for the first time. On Saturday, we drove all over the city of Kigali with two couples from Alex's work. We attempted to go to the farmer's market to buy vegetables and crafts, but it was closed due to a local election. Instead, we came to the shopping mall which is reminiscent of the Blazy Mall in Soldotna when it had Mugz. We are currently eating at a Starbucks-like cafe, where Alex got food poisoning yesterday, but the only place we have found with free internet. In our tour, we found the butcher shop, unfortunately named the German Butchery. For lunch, we ate at an Indian restaurant in downtown and walked around to a few shops there. There are ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali September 30th 2009

We flew into the airport on a Sunday evening. Looking out the window of the plane, there were so few lights that it looked more like flying over North Kenai than a city of almost a million people. We walked down the stairs onto the runway and into warm smoky air. Upon entering the airport, we were met by a U.S. Embassy employee who led us into a separate room with leather couches while he took care of our paperwork. In the airport lobby, we were met by Portia, the Embassy nurse, and her husband John, the director of the Peace Corps in Rwanda, who gave us a ride to our new house. Our house has a seriously steep driveway, so luckily it never gets icy here. There is a security gate and high fencing and ... read more

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 20th 2009

I have spent a month in Rwanda and have enjoyed the experience, although I’m now ready to go home. I have finished everything I needed to do for work, including a three hour training presentation this morning. My flight out is at 7:45pm this evening. I'm just wrapping a few things up here at the office and will then walk home, get some lunch, take a shower, finish packing, and head to the airport at 5:00pm. Just four flights later (three in business class so I can't really complain too much), I'll be back in NC! I’ve seen quite a bit of the country and enjoyed that, especially the safari in Akagera National Park. I wish I had seen the gorillas and I thought I had a permit for a day before finding out that what ... read more
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Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 14th 2009

Monday: I woke up very sore this morning, a bit bruised and battered from bouncing around in a 4x4 for two days. The roads in the park are bumpy and when you stand up with your head through the roof opening, you really need to brace with your legs and your arms. The walk to work was a good way to loosen up and it's down hill or flat the whole way. The walk home was tougher as it's up hill for quite a ways! My backpack seemed much heavier at 5:30pm than it did at 8:00am! There are quite a few guys selling newspapers and magazines on the streets of Kigali. As I walk to and from work, they first try and sell me a newspaper, usually published in French. When I reply "No, thank ... read more
Former American Embassy
A tree full of fruit bats
Fruit bat close-up

Africa » Rwanda » Ville de Kigali » Kigali August 2nd 2009

I have successfully completed my first weekend in Kigali! On Friday night I went to see the new Star Trek movie at the American Embassy with two people from FHI. There’s no movie theater in Kigali, but the embassy shows films once in a while. We had to pass through a metal detector and have our bags searched before we could enter the main compound. You could take in cell phones, but not cameras. The movie was shown in the conference room of the main building and we paid 2000 RWF (about $4) for a ticket. Beer cost $1.50 and the popcorn was free. The movie was OK and, although I’m not a Star Trek fan, it’s surprising how many famous lines and characters I knew. The new Captain Kirk was hot! I did get a ... read more
Gisozi Genocide Memorial and Education Center
Gisozi Genocide Memorial and Education Center
Gisozi Genocide Memorial and Education Center

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