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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo August 28th 2012

After getting my passport back from the Mozambique Consulate, with the visa inside, I got a minibus from Mbabane to Manzini, where the buses to Maputo leave Swaziland from. Unfortunately, I arrived just as one had filled up and was about to leave. This meant I had to wait for another one to fill up, which took about 2 and half hours. The one advantage of having to wait this long was that I got the pick of the seats and got a seat up front, a lot more comfortable than being squashed in the back. It was 5 o’clock before we got going and I was sitting beside a guy from Tanzania who lived in Maputo. He warned me as we approached the border that we could be there a while, depending on whether the ... read more
Praca dos Trabalhadores
Water Conservation
Maputo Coastline

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo March 31st 2012

If there would be only one day which we will never forget from our trip, it will be this one. The GPS showed "Deep Sand" to a certain point where the road split, and after that it showed "Off-road". I am not an experienced T4A person, but the difference in description led me to the assumption that off-road is not deep sand. Hahahaha. Anyhow, Gert and Ruben took our luggage on the Bakkie to the split in the road and we had a joll up to this point. We loaded the bikes and said our good byes to our support team. This was now my first experience with the bike fully loaded in the sand, and it was clear from the start that I had trouble coming. Tommie faithfully came to my rescue each time I ... read more
Pak die fietse
Afdraai van "Deep Sand"
Diep sand

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo January 31st 2012

From Island to town... Well guess who has returned from a wonderful ten days on Inhaca, sure internet was present there but I choose to ignore this and forget about the digital world for a while. Spend my first two days in Maputo at Fatima’s backpackers, cosy little place with a camping area for those like me who enjoy staying really cheap... Mostly been spending my days walking around town, seeing what’s changed and taking the chappa to the beach for some well deserved relaxation time. I’m learning. So far only got scammed once and it was simply a stupid mistake made by me not agreeing on a price of the food beforehand. Kind of hard to bargain when you’ve already eaten... Took the ferry to Inhaca in Sunday (22/1), already red skinned and acing so ... read more
Strange slabs of rock
Hungry much?
Indian Ocean

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo April 7th 2011

Thursday April 7th, 2011 Off the Coast of South Africa Latitude 28 degrees 21 minutes’- Longitude 32 degrees 34 minutes east Yesterday we were in Maputo, Mozambique and it was a nice clear day. Our four day crossing from the Seychelles Islands was some of the roughest seas we have encountered since we left Fort Lauderdale. The dawn brought a soft light spreading across calming seas with a pleasant cool breeze from the southwest. As we rounded the headland and came into the bay it was easy to see why the Portuguese had made this their main seaport for over 400 years. The protected natural harbor was large and easy to navigate. There on a raised promontory the city of Maputo watched over our approach. Mozambique achieved independence from Portugal in 1974. From a distance the ... read more
Maputo 038
Maputo 092
Maputo 067

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo February 17th 2011

Birthday Shenanigans So… I often have mixed emotions when it comes to my birthday. I get really excited, but there are always tears (ask Alicia… she has seen many and doesn’t understand why I always cry on my birthday) This year the lead-up was tear-filled and filled with – what the hell am I doing in my life questions that my poor roommate got to deal with daily. I had nothing major planned for the weekend, but when Michelle’s postponed Christmas party got postponed yet again –she decided we were heading to Maputo. So Friday afternoon we set off in the Polo. I have driven every time, but Michelle offered to drive my car (hers is a bit of a lemon). Hanging with Michelle is hilarious – it is like a comedy of errors. On the ... read more
Old man night at the train station
again... old man night
Cigars? Cigarettes?

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo December 15th 2010

Dus ... de titel verwijst naar de plaats waar ik tot vrijdag blijf overnachten , voor wie het eventueel eens wil google'n. De stad Maputo is een grote vuile stad , alhoewel je op enkele uren hiervandaan enkele van de mooiste stranden ter wereld hebt ; bvb. Ponta d´Ouro waar ik vorig jaar was . Ik ben voormiddag eens gaan rondwandelen en heb weer n nieuwe onverwachte ervaring achter de rug ... ik kom op straat 2 gasten tegen die mij aanklampen en op het eerste zicht gewoon vriendelijk een hand willen geven , maar niet loslaten ... de tweede die erbij was neemt mijn vrije arm vast en begint iets in portugees te brabbelen , ik versta niet echt portugees maar hij zei dat ik kalm moest blijven en het was hun om mijn "money-belt" ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo December 15th 2010

Dag vrienden , na lange tijd kan ik nog eens online. In Malawi hebben ze precies nog nooit van internet gehoord ... maar dat geeft eigenlijk niet want het was veel te mooi daar om achter de pc te gaan zitten. Prachtige natuur daar in Malawi , vooral in Cape Maclear aan het Malawi meer (Lake Malawi) En de mensen zijn daar zo supervriemdelijk , echt , nooit eerder meegemaakt. Wat me ook opviel is de geloofsovertuiging in dit arme land , hoofdzakelijk christelijk (met vele denominaties uiteraard , presbyteriaans , 7dags adventisten , apostolisch , enz..) De mensen hebben hier weinig of niets , maar zijn voor alles God erg dankbaar. Zo zijn ze bvb heel erg dankbaar als het even regent , of als ze ergens veilig zijn aangekomen .... Ja , ik vermeld ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo August 20th 2010

A hectic day of travelling and not really getting very far. The hostel owner's husband drives to Mutare daily for work, so he picks us up on his way past, then drops me at a random junction. I hitch a lift to the border in a pick up truck along with another random, he then luckily offers to help with my backpack. So I get stamped out of Zim. and get a visa into Moz. for only $9. Next is a chapas, minibus taxi, to Chomoio, but as usual I attract some strange local. It seems many Zims pop across the border to go shopping as it's cheaper in Moz and there is a higher availability of imported items such as trainers. 2 of the people I meet are going to buy trainers, one is going ... read more
Maputo Park
Tuk tuk
Fish Market

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo July 30th 2010

July 30th Time had flown by while in Tofo and before I knew it I had to get back to South Africa in time for my flight to Egypt. In hindsight I wish I wouldn’t have booked my exit out of southern Africa, I really enjoy that area of the world. Especially Mozambique, a place that feels like Latin America, that speaks a Latin language, and that has a vibe I really love. The people are great and the country is beautiful, I cant wait to go back, whenever that may be. Just a couple days before the expected date of departure I had met a Portugese couple (Miguel and Georgina) from Porto, if I remember correctly. They had their own car they had been borrowed and were heading back to southern Mozambique around the time ... read more
2-and her boyfriend Miguel
3-Roscoe came along as well
4-Pura Vida

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Maputo July 16th 2010

July 16th The morning started with a farewell to a great friend of mine, an awesome Brasileiro by the name of Nicio. His travel plans were similar to mine in that he was heading for Egypt, just a few weeks ahead of me. We had some good times together, seeing incredible places and cultures and learning of life outside of our homelands. I am happy to have made such a good friend, and I can’t wait to see him in Brasil in 2014! After saying our goodbyes I got my things packed up because my travel plans were to head east to the sunny and Portuguese speaking country of Mozambique. That afternoon I jumped in the backpackers taxi and headed for the bus station and by 3pm I was at the border paying for my visa ... read more
2-Mozambique flag being lazy
3-First sight of Mozambique
4-First sunset in Moz

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