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We started the day with another nice breakfast at our Riad Eden. They really make a nice breakfast here. We wanted to go to the Marjorelle gardens, designed and owned by the late Yves Saint Laurent. But it was too far to walk on our own so we had to navigate getting a taxi. Robyn and I are paranoid about taxis, and here in Marrakech with our anxiety level at an 11 were were in no mood to be messed with. These are the tricks I employ now when in a sketchy city and I have to get a taxi. -Rate - The money's really not that important but who wants to pay double what they should. So I usually try to ask a rate from a local for how much a taxi should be to ... read more

We got a late start, having arrived at midnight last night. After a great breakfast at our Riad Eden we hit the dirty streets of Morocco. First order of business was the medina which is what you always think of with Marrakech. It was blazing hot, but we found some refuge in the shaded bazaar. Everyone is trying to get you into their shop. Calling out to you in whatever language they think you will understand. Usually they guess Robyn and me right off the bat. "Hello! Come this way!" But sometimes they call out to us in Japanese "Konnichiwa!" or "Ni Hao!" if they think she's Chinese. My favorite were people that would just say to her "China? China? Japanese?" Robyn bought a green muslim-style one-piece dress. She talked the seller down to almost half ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Gharb-Chrarda-Béni Hssen April 23rd 2015

Essaouira is an optional tour that John wasn't so sure he wanted to take. By telling John some of the history of Essaouira, Khalid convinced a reluctant John to go. Neither of us were looking forward to the 3 hour drive in each direction… but this may be our only chance to see where Hendrix slept!!! We drove through a few small villages and came to an area where Argan trees grow naturally. Morocco is the ONLY place these trees are found in the wild. Attempts to grow this tree in other countries or even in other parts of Morocco have been unsuccessful. In Israel, the tree did grow but produced no fruit. The demand for Argan Oil is off the hook and it has brought a tremendous boost to the economy of this area. The ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier April 6th 2015

MONDAY 6TH APRIL 2015 (AM) - NEWS JUST IN FROM GEOFF: Everyone is good and they are on their way to the ferry port to see what one they can get. BIG drive yesterday and all feeling tired and a tad grumpy this morn. Will be able to rest up now for the crossing and get a good sleep back in Estepona tonight. I think they are hoping to go to the same hotel as on way out. Relieved to know they are safe and together. They are putting themselves through all of this to raise as much as they can for the charties. Please donate, even just a tiny bit, if you can - every bit helps - read more

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca April 5th 2015

SUNDAY 5th APRIL 2015 (21.00) - 3 teams have just cleared Marrakech and are heading north towards Casablanca. Just making a fuel stop then taking it in turns driving on as far as they can tonight as they want to get the ferry across the straits tomorrow afternoon. Being separated on the way down has made them appreciate how important it is to keep the team unified and they are all sticking together like glue and really watching out for each other. Great to hear :) Comms will be better once they are back in Spain. Will update you all again when I hear from them tomorrow.... read more

Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » Zagora April 5th 2015

SUNDAY 5TH APRIL 2015 - We are so relieved that all three teams have been reunited and have rested up in Zagora overnight. They were planning on heading off around 10 this morning after a hearty breakfast for the start of their homeward journey. It has been quite an adventure with plenty of ups and downs, but they are still in good spirits and feeling very accomplished at having reached Mhamid together! They hope to get as far as Marrakech this evening. A HUGE thank you to Sally for uploading so many wonderful photos for us all to enjoy. I have attached a selection of some of the scenery over the last few days as they travelled through the Atlas to down to Mhamid (pay no attention to the date stamp - oops!)... read more
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Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ » M'Hamid April 4th 2015

SATURDAY 4TH APRIL 2015 - THEY'VE ALL MADE IT SAFELY TO MHAMID!!!! Will post pics tomorrow when they come through! Been quite a stressful day, here and there! But they have done it! Now planning their homeward journey over a beer or three! :)... read more
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FRIDAY 3RD APRIL 2015 (AM) - Geoff and Tom text to say they have cleared the Atlas Mountains! Traffic mad in Marrakech and going up and over the mountains was hair-raising but exhilarating at the same time. Really missing the other two teams though. Not sure exactly where they are at the mo, but the last report from Geoff and Tom earlier this morning said that they were just north of Rabat. Really hoping they can catch up soon and drive into Mhamid together. Come on guys! You can all do this! You are so nearly there! So proud of every one of you! xxxxxx - one each! Pictures posted by Sally this morning showing Chris and Ed lending a helping hand. Sally writes: "This is how they fix cars in Morocco!!!" Distance on Google maps ... read more
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Africa » Morocco » Souss-Massa-Draâ April 3rd 2015

FRIDAY 3RD APRIL 2015 (18.00) - Geoff and Tom just text to say they have arrived safely in Zagora! Found a great little place to stay the night and with luck the others will be with them in the morning so they can all make their way to Mhamid together! Woo hoo! Nearly there! Keep donating folks. Every penny counts and we have nearly reached our target! Exciting times they should reach there destination tomorrow and the other teams are travelling on in to the night to try catch up so they can do the final stretch together.... read more
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Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca April 2nd 2015

THURSDAY 2ND APRIL 2015 (18.30) - text update from Geoff & Tom: We are both good, exciting day with customs and traffic being mad. Currently about 30 mins north of Casablanca so not bad progress. We hope to make it as far as Marrakech tonight. As for the others, we are hoping they are able to get on the ferry tonight or first thing in the morning. UPDATE: just before midnight the other two teams reached Morocco! Chris managed to get through after a slight interrogation about his holiday to Egypt a few years ago. All happy and on there way to Marrakech. Good luck!... read more

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