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Karen Mills

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Europe » France December 1st 2019

The gods must have looked after us whilst we were in Switzerland, but as we leave the heavens open and they don't stop until we get over the border and into France. Any view of Lake Geneva was completely obliterated by low lying cloud. Hey we don’t mind as we are back in the land of the croissant, baguette, oh and cheese but also annoyingly loads of Motorhomes! It might surprise some of you that we are not the first at this game!?! Admittedly we may be a bit younger than most (but there are youngster’s, met a couple tonight, home-schooling travelling because as they said, you never know what’s around the corner, do you!) but as we have found before sometimes getting a parking/sleeping space can be a challenge. We know from experience to head ... read more
Ardeche gorge
Pont du Gard

Europe » Switzerland November 15th 2019

On our conquest to visit every country (Europe for now!) Italy looks to close for us not to visit. The Dolomites look in touching distance and its the right direction to get us enroute to Liechtenstein. So off we go to our trusty campsite book to find one open, with a heated pool available we enjoy three relaxing days with one foray on a walk which again gives us some great views over to the Dolomites. Even if it does nearly kill us on the upward hill climb! But the need to keep moving sets us off to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. Our home for the night is a car park with views up to Vaduz Castle and the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Now, if you are like us your knowledge of ... read more
Weggis, Lake Lucerne
17th Century bridge paintings
The Lion of Lucerne

Europe » Austria October 24th 2019

So Austria is so close, it seems daft not to ‘bag another country, oh have we mentioned the goal is to visit every European country. No timescale on that, and oh that number varies between 44-52 dependent on where you go for your advise! Anyway we have visited Austria before but that was to Vienna some years ago, there is one thing I do know about Salzburg and that is the home of many of the locations of The Sound of Music, (oh and more notably the birth place of Mozart!?!) and whilst I do serenade Graeme with my version of ‘high on the hills ‘ as we make our way towards the city, I have assured Graeme that doing the Full SOM tour will not be on our itinerary. Our first stop is to Hellbrunn ... read more
Konigsee lake
Eagle Nest

Europe » Germany October 12th 2019

Our departure from Luxembourg takes us out through the Luxembourg area of the Moselle but our plan Is to get to Germany and find a site to stay for a few days, when I say site, let’s quantify that! We clearly need somewhere to sleep at night and in the UK that in the main would be in a campsite. Well in Europe they are far more accommodating of Motorhomes and set up specific Parking areas and most you can sleep in for either little or no money exchanging hands! France, Spain and Portugal are great at this and that is why it is such a popular destination for Brit’s and many other nationalities. We love these Aires they are in great locations and we always ensure we spend money in the village as a way ... read more
Bad Wimpen
Rothenburg by night

Europe » Luxembourg October 1st 2019

Mention Luxembourg and what do you think of, exactly, nothing! Well except the recent gibe at it's Prime Minister by Nigel Farage!, but I digress, unfair really so some investigation needed to see what we really should see and do. The dog in some way dictates where we can go and for how long. The weather which has now turned a little bit more autumnal helps our first visit to Vianden Castle, where we are able to leave Poppy in Harvey not in fear of her over heating. The first view on the approaching road is quite tantalising so confirms our visit. With origins from the 10th century and a distinctive Romanesque style, with further Gothic trimmings it does make a statement and all so more amazing that in fact is that this castle has been ... read more
Promoting the Castle
Amazing outcrops
Casemates from within

Europe » Belgium September 23rd 2019

Well we have only gonna managed it!! House sold, moved into No32 (our new home from home, Harvey our Hymer) and do you know what we are knackered! First priority when we get over the channel is to find a resting stop and recharge!! Bray Dunes just does that, in summer a humming seaside resort but right now a rather quiet stretch of beach which runs some 7 miles into Ostend, and which Poppy and we can walk to our heart contents, oh and don’t forget the Moule Frit. Zonnebeke our next stop for two nights at the Memorial Museum Passchendale 1917 is set in the grounds of Zonnebeke Chateau. I have always, as Graeme thought that the First World War had no impact on my or Graeme’s family but you can see early on why ... read more
Tyne Cot Cemetry
Jardins d'Annevoie
Tyne Cot Cemetry

Europe » France » Brittany October 6th 2018

Theres only so long you can spend by the sea and it was time to head inland and to see what central Brittany had to offer, it is an agricultural landscape, as wherever we drive sweetcorn grows. Used for animal feed we discover, and after scrumping some inedible corns!! It is growing in all the fields, further inland this becomes cabbage and leeks we assume these may be some of the vegetables we have purchased from the local markets, all we have bought has been good and it is great to see a passion for all things French available to purchase, perhaps the UK could learn something from its philosophy! Anyway back to the trip, we have found that the seaside Aires are the hardest to find space in so if in doubt head to a ... read more
Mont St Michel
Pink granite

Europe » France » Brittany » Finistère September 6th 2018

Brittany ferries steamed us into Roscoff at 7am gently bringing us around with ‘doctor waiting room ’ music, just slightly annoying!! By 6.30am we had re-joined Poppy in Harvey, where she had stayed overnight. Roscoff centre was only moments away so we parked up just past the daily market setting up to sell its wares, a wander around found what we were looking for coffee and a pain au chocolat, we had truly arrived in France!! Our first nights stop was Plouescat now a sleepy seaside resort, the coast is littered with huge bolders, in gardens, between houses and all along the coast. A drive further along to our next stop an ex camp site now aire, a cliff top site with easy cliff walks and one to the most westerly point of France, and a ... read more
Most westerly point of continental France
Cathedral at Quimper
Menhir alignment at Carnac

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