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Europe » United Kingdom » England February 3rd 2021

Just an update from us The Nomadic Mills's. We hope 2021 will end better than it has started, and perhaps some normality may return for us all. We find ourselves in Dorset under this lockdown and are so thankful that we have a friend who has a friend who is able to accommodate us very comfortably on his land, but how did we find ourselves here!! Back in February last year whilst organising Graeme’s 60th Birthday celebrations (24/12) we planned to head to Scotland and complete what is lovingly called the NC500 followed by a stay at a Lakeland Hotel over Christmas. THE NC500 is a 500 mile circuit from Inverness up and over the North Coast. We have loved and travelled to Scotland many times now, in different season’s but never really over the winter ... read more
Christmas walk above Derwentwater
All dressed up for Christmas
Lockdown walk on the heathland

Africa » Morocco » Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz June 12th 2020

16th April to 4th May - We are going nowhere! The daily normal becomes slow, not too stressful! The weather is mixed warm, still sometimes cooler over night! We have one peak over a weekend when it hits 40c a taste of what is to come, and for us and Poppy sake we need to get out before those temperatures become the norm!! But that doesn’t sound or look hopeful, our booking has been changed to the 12th of May still with our destination as Barcelona, but we know that is an issue with Spain still in lockdown. As much as we try some 6 phone calls to GNV (The ferry company) to change the booking to the end destination of Sete in France they are unwilling to make that change! We hang on to the ... read more
Sandstorm hits the campsite
Ready for action
Moulay Boussalham lagoon

Africa » Morocco April 17th 2020

Stuck isn’t a word I think of often! Its for children who get their arm wedged in the fence at a playground, those idiots at bream sands who get stuck in the sand, or that annoying jar lid that won't budge, but we have had to accept that for the last few weeks we have been stuck too, how did we get to this point, well if you have the stamina read on! 12th March Tanger Med Port closes - Our time with Laura and Martin was coming close to the end we had had an amazing 3 weeks together, some amazing memories. We were heading to Marrakech party town for a few nights together before they headed back to the UK and for us to have a couple of weeks downtime before we continued to ... read more
Our home for how long?
Poppy making her self at home
Campsite facilities

Africa » Morocco March 18th 2020

I start this blog not from the beginning but at the end. Why? Many of you will be wondering where we are and how the devastating coronavirus is impacting our travel plans. We firstly wish all friends and family good health in these worrying times. The ramifications we will be dealing with for a long time, in not only health but financial impacts for many who are less fortunate than we‘re in the UK! To that end were now under lockdown in a campsite near Marrakech. This was our intended destination after we believed we would have safely waved off Laura and Martin for their ferry. We learned last Friday that sailings had been cancelled to Spain, but as we intended to be here for another 6 weeks of our planned 3 month tour it wasn’t ... read more
If you are single you need a pair of these
One of the lush green oasis
Always have the right head gear

Africa » Morocco February 20th 2020

Well the time to travel to the Port for our crossing to Tanger Med is upon us, and for some strange reason I am anxious, Graeme as always as cool as a cucumber. Now whether it was the response from a lot of people we met ‘Will you be safe!?!?’ Or the plethora of bits of paper we now have for Poppy to ensure we can get her back into Spain I don’t really know. So I am pleased that the 8am sailing carries virtually no Motorhomes (we think the French get the cheaper, later ferry). At the port you get the paperwork, effectively you have to import your vehicle and then export it when you leave Morocco, and for that they give you the smallest bit of paper you can imagine. Without we will not ... read more
El Jadida Old Medina.
The Painted Rocks
Varying shades of almond blossom

Europe » Spain January 25th 2020

So lets spend a little time talking about our travel companion Poppy, now 9 years of age and still going strong. She is about at our pace now on walks can go the distance but needs a sleep at the end of it, just like her guardian's!!! I really would like to know what it is to be a travelling dog, we secure her away in her travel crate and voila transport her to a different location every few days. Her little face when she gets to peer out the door for the first time is a picture, car park not happy, beachside parking very happy! So it is with this in mind and with a gradual rise in temperatures we head to the coast. Peniscola is a lovely little town, Brits are here, we know ... read more
Valencia science museum

Europe » Spain » Catalonia December 19th 2019

Crossing the border, apart from a whoop whoop from ourselves doesn't change the scenery or weather, the border building is a derelict building, which could be reinstated should the need required, we wonder as we cross pre Brexit. Our destination is what is known as The Dali Triangle, Port Lligat, his home for some 40+ years, Figueres, his Museum, Art space and final Resting place and finally Pubol the castle he bought for his wife Gala, decorated for her and is her final Resting place. We arrive late in the evening and chose Roses as our stopping place before taking the twisting road over to the other side of the Pennisula known as the Cap de creus Pennisula. Roses as we are finding out is like so many of the Spanish seaside resorts closed “nobody is ... read more
Dali's house  - Port Lligat
Dali self portrait
View of the Volcanic national park

Europe » France December 1st 2019

The gods must have looked after us whilst we were in Switzerland, but as we leave the heavens open and they don't stop until we get over the border and into France. Any view of Lake Geneva was completely obliterated by low lying cloud. Hey we don’t mind as we are back in the land of the croissant, baguette, oh and cheese but also annoyingly loads of Motorhomes! It might surprise some of you that we are not the first at this game!?! Admittedly we may be a bit younger than most (but there are youngster’s, met a couple tonight, home-schooling travelling because as they said, you never know what’s around the corner, do you!) but as we have found before sometimes getting a parking/sleeping space can be a challenge. We know from experience to head ... read more
Ardeche gorge
Pont du Gard

Europe » Switzerland November 15th 2019

On our conquest to visit every country (Europe for now!) Italy looks to close for us not to visit. The Dolomites look in touching distance and its the right direction to get us enroute to Liechtenstein. So off we go to our trusty campsite book to find one open, with a heated pool available we enjoy three relaxing days with one foray on a walk which again gives us some great views over to the Dolomites. Even if it does nearly kill us on the upward hill climb! But the need to keep moving sets us off to Vaduz, the capital of Liechtenstein. Our home for the night is a car park with views up to Vaduz Castle and the official residence of the Prince of Liechtenstein. Now, if you are like us your knowledge of ... read more
Weggis, Lake Lucerne
17th Century bridge paintings
The Lion of Lucerne

Europe » Austria October 24th 2019

So Austria is so close, it seems daft not to ‘bag another country, oh have we mentioned the goal is to visit every European country. No timescale on that, and oh that number varies between 44-52 dependent on where you go for your advise! Anyway we have visited Austria before but that was to Vienna some years ago, there is one thing I do know about Salzburg and that is the home of many of the locations of The Sound of Music, (oh and more notably the birth place of Mozart!?!) and whilst I do serenade Graeme with my version of ‘high on the hills ‘ as we make our way towards the city, I have assured Graeme that doing the Full SOM tour will not be on our itinerary. Our first stop is to Hellbrunn ... read more
Konigsee lake
Eagle Nest

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