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Live in Porlock

Europe » France May 15th 2022

Seems odd starting this blog back in Porlock and part of me has thought why bother...but I need to get it down on paper, as one of the pleasures is reading it back months later, so here we go! The border back into the South of France was surprisingly a check point with a good amount of checking, but luckily not us! It was an early start to the day as we were going to spend the day in Monaco. Luckily we had found a coach garage which we could use but not overnight, so we had a few hours to explore. The drive in was interesting as it took us straight onto the F1 circuit and to our suprise the barrier's were going up?!? As it turned out the season starts here some 6 weeks ... read more
Lavender field waiting for spring
Will we make it back to the  motorway

Europe » Italy March 20th 2022

Whilst a month is a long time in reality it went very quickly so it was with a clean van and spring in the air we left Nafkaptos. Our friends Sonja and HP whom we met at Lake Bled had been onto the island of Lefkada and it looked enticing. I have said sooo many times before taking a large van, and ours is not large in length at only 6.4m, but anything bigger than a car is even too big for this summer idle and it has to be carefully considered. But March before anything really starts to open for the season is a perfect time, the roads were empty the water was so beautiful an Aqua and deep blue the likes of which we have never seen before. Sonja, and I think she's right ... read more
Alberobello, Beehive houses
Pompeii street

Europe » Greece February 27th 2022

As we awake after a good nights sleep after the Turkish Border crossing it's difficult to understand why we both feel more calm, for sure the nights sleep has helped no dogs barking all night, no call to prayer (loved it, just not at 5am) but it's more than that?!? I think travel (and I again reiterate "we wouldn't change it") for the last 4 month's our countries of travel have had their own unique challenges definitely highs but also some lows! When you holiday for two weeks you are somewhat protected from the day to day issues or they are novel but your also not there long enough for them to get you down. Travelling in a Motorhome brings its own challenges, where to go, and park/sleep and it is life, just on the road. ... read more
Gold necklace from Vergina
Carved Ivory figures, Vegina

Middle East » Turkey February 21st 2022

The mood of the trip is changing, are we road weary? The weather isn't helping and now we are in the touristic south we really do feel we have left the real Turkiye behind. The decision on our exit is weighing on our minds and we are now talking over the options again. Glen comments we change our mind more frequently than they do, not something we really relish but this is the most we have had to review our travel plans since we left Porlock so that can't be bad for travel during Covid times. Our final push takes us onwards to a meet up with my Cousin Susan, having already rearranged the date and destination we make a few stops at some of the more popular destinations along the coast. Oludeniz is one of ... read more
No shortage of water
The bay at Akakya

Middle East » Turkey February 20th 2022

After Glen and Steve depart we take another day at Serik, it's busier now as other Turkish Vans have arrived as it's the weekend. On Sunday night we make our way into Antalya here we start to see the big resort Hotels and speaking English, although they normally go for German first, is now more common place. Surprisingly for us there doesn't seem to be too many sandy beaches, mainly pebbly but I am sure the resort's pools are the favourite place for a dip! We are here for one reason only some new batteries, we have with the lack of decent sunshine to charge using our solar panels been on a few occasions empty by the morning and with an electric drop down bed its an issue?!? On one occasion in Croatia it saw Graeme ... read more
Viaduct at Phaselis
Phaselis amphitheatre
Beach at Cirali

Middle East » Turkey February 5th 2022

As we turn north again I am beginning to think we are mad?!? The 'winter' sun that we thought Turkey might afford us is missing these parts and those vanlifers down on the South coast have been hit with more rain perhaps than even they anticipated. But we have a Hotel booked for four night's over Christmas and we are determined to get there, so North we must go! The weather radar is showing snow, again and as we park up at Derinkuyu I ensure Graeme no snow is forecast tonight. How wrong can you be when we retire to bed there is a good covering and settling well. In the morning we are pleased to see that it isn't too deep so we make our way to Derinkuyu Underground City which amazingly was discovered in ... read more
Kaymakli Underground City
Red Valley

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea January 25th 2022

As we leave Sumela and head back to the village we provision with more fruit and vegetables, perhaps another sign of perhaps my snow anxiety. The road starts to climb. We have been mindful to the fact that it is winter and I have been watching the weather radar with regard to snow and there appears to have been a lot. My cousin sends me a link to a news feed 'Snow has arrived in the East' our nerves are a little on edge, well mine really. Graeme is a really competent and the main driver of our trip, but if we have snowstorm and even though we're on winter tyres and we carry snow chains we could come a cropper!! Our newly purchased map doesn't go this far East so we have no real idea ... read more
Erzincan parkup
Alone at the top

Middle East » Turkey December 31st 2021

So what is the first rule of our travel life - avoid cities and rush hour! So how did we find ourselves now wending our way through Istanbul's rush hour traffic in the dark ?!?! Well the border crossing took a little longer with only a few cars infront but each seemed to have issue's with their paperwork. It has been a challenge to keep up with what each country requirements are but it appears we were more prepared than the few car's in front! Also we have now jumped another hour making it 3hrs ahead of the UK. So as we make our way through the traffic forwarned of Turkish driving I try to soothe Graeme through the chaos. Surprisingly the 2 lane carriageway becomes 3 with drivers using the bus/hard shoulder to manoeuvre themselves ... read more
The Blue Mosque
Elaborate interior to Sophie Dagia
Ottoman houses of Safranbolu

Europe » Bulgaria November 30th 2021

The crossing back into Bulgaria is our longest drive for a while and whilst we are not visiting Sofia its capital we will be staying there tonight. But Serbia has one more surprise, some more atrocious roads, seemingly better than some two weeks go when they were completely removed but even after an early start it takes us some time to get to the border. There has been some anxiety from Graeme in returning back into the EU with the dog and her mounting pile of paperwork, in reality we have everything we need but this is unchartered territory since we left the EU and whilst every crossing she has just been waived through all with an air of disinterest, his concern is just it takes just that one time where they deem it incorrect. But ... read more
Picnic time
Seven Rila Lakes
Rila monestry

Europe » Serbia November 10th 2021

As we drive to our next border crossing there is always a little anxiety, but the reality is that there have never been an issue (long that may continue) There is a little conversation about the dog and its size, we are asked to step out of the van and the border guard peers in and we point at Poppy's travel crate, he can’t really see her but seems to have expedited some form of diligence.... and with that we are in! As we head to our first park up for the night by a small lake I feel my tensions rise, we have obviously arrived in a very impoverished area and are back to the land of rubbish. I google ‘Serbia and recycling' to find out that they currently only recycle between 5-8% of their ... read more
Monasteries at every turn
Hermits Cave
Golubac Fortress

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