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Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Tan-Tan January 1st 2014

With all of us placed in Kenzi Farah Hotel in Marrakech, we were looking forward to a relaxing week celebrating Christmas. We had arranged a few guided tours. First we went for camel riding, quite fun and also visiting a berber home with tea. Next a tour to Ourika valley in the Atlas mountains also visiting the berber population and expiring their way of life. When we finally moved out of the hotel and got home again it was with a good feeling, the discussions with the management in our home is much more easy life, than all the discussions and arguing with hotel personnel. Communication lines in our travel home is much more efficient and direct. The road brought us then to Agadir, an almost european looking town, with a beach promenade, a nice beach ... read more
Our home for Christmas
Full taxi
Grand father and grandson

Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Tan-Tan May 20th 2009

So I finally got to Tan Tan after almost pissing myself on the bus --- thank God for the police check point (2nd of 3), although the cop seemed pretty disgusted with me when I pissed on the ground next to him. I found a nice hotel (100 DH) and spent today at the beach (I must put on more sunscreen next time!). I continue to be amazed by the honesty of Moroccans (example: I man found and returned my 1 Dihram I dropped on the bus). I've eaten pizza the past two nights, but when will I get the chance again? I just finished “Half of a Yellow Sun”. Excellent! And now I can leave it here. Off to Layounne tomorrow at 10:15 am. ... read more
Tan-Tan beach
Tan-Tan beach 2
Me on Tan-Tan beach

Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Tan-Tan April 15th 2009

Our First Experiences in… The Western Sahara In early March, we found ourselves headed towards the Western Saharian province of Morocco. We set off from Tiznit in the early afternoon, under cloudy skies. It was one of our poorer efforts in hitchhiking in Morocco; we waited fully two hours before we found the right ride. A Casablacan couple with a rather large and luxurious suv finally picked us up, and drove us some 30 kilometres in total, 15 of which were completely out of their way. The drive took us p about 500 metres, into the foothills of the Anti Atlas, and as we got out of the car, we were greeted by a fierce and wintery wind. It harshley reminded us of our last days in Europe, back in January. We settled into a ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Guelmim » Tan-Tan March 2nd 2008

Our last day in Tafroute we did not rent bikes (mostly because I was too scared of the cars and the narrow roads), so we walked instead. We headed off down the road toward another town and when we stopped to rest, a friendly local pointed out the famous Lion's Head rock. He said that the lion was called the protector of the valley. I'm sure you will be able to make out the lion in the photo. As I am cursed with my dad's need to never walk back the same way you came, we decided to make our way back through the hills, through the saddle that we thought we visited the other day. Our amblings took us on a very different route (oops) than the other day, but nonetheless we enjoyed the views ... read more
The Protector of the Valley
A Local Friend
The Diversity of Transportation

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