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Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Oualidia November 24th 2015

Right!! Where to start! We left Marrakesh 3 nights ago to get to Essouaria. Which is on the coast and has a lovely Medina and harbour. It's also where they filmed scenes for The game of thrones series (for the fans). The Medina smells like fish guts....that's because there is fish guts everywhere. They cut the fish open on the side of the roads to sell they're catch for that day. The place itself is lovely to look at and has a much more laid back and relaxed attitude from Marrakesh. The people aren't trying to put monkeys on your shoulders or ask for money for leading you to places...... Which leads me on to Robert and his map skills again. We got lost when we arrived, we were looking for our hostel but had no ... read more
Riad cheval blanc

Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Oualidia November 24th 2015

Just a few notes about the journey so far. Generally the whole experience has been amazing. I think our anxiety and nervousness is starting to subside. We have realised that our grasp of the English language is starting to fade quickly, this blog has been a nightmare to spell for both of us. I usually am the most confident at speaking French (Grade C GCSE 15 years ago) although I do seem to speak a combination of French, English and German which is confusing for everyone involved i.e. Je voudrais two crepe, danke. Marrakech is so busy. Our first experience was when our driver from the airport tailgated everyone the whole way to the hotel. Mopeds and motorbikes snake wherever there is space. And at junctions everyone wants to get to the stop line, so you ... read more

Africa » Morocco » Doukkala-Abda » Oualidia March 5th 2008

The wind sounded entirely uninviting and too fierce to entice us out of bed. We willed ourselves to believe that if we stayed in bed long enough, the wind would disappear. The wind didn't disappear but the day was, so we did eventually get up. Whilst I got ready, Rob nipped out to see if the lady selling crepes was there, but she wasn't. Instead we had breakfast at our hotel which wasn't fantastic but at least it put food in our tummies. The beach was deserted with not even a fisherman in sight. We both thought this strange because although the wind was strong, this enhanced the ferocity of the crashing waves. We climbed up onto the rocks which had the biggest splashes and we both watched for ages. Rob tried to catch some of ... read more
Crashing Waves
Splooshiness 2

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