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March 9th 2011
Published: March 9th 2011
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Yesterday was my birthday, it will definitely be one to remember.

Up at the crack of dawn and off to Lake Nakuru National Park for SAFARI 😊 So I spent my birthday with Alice, Phil the driver here, Ann- the most lovely woman ever, also works at Sure 24, our guide Miriam as well as flamingos, pelicans, rhino, giraffe, lions, water buffalo, impala's... you know the usual birthday gathering!

Also visited a lovely hotel in the game park, for some lunch and swimming. Luckily the last meal I had before upset stomach take 1 was a good one!

After a good 8 hours of safari fun, tanning unevenly through the car windows and various hilarious photos as well as some arty animal shots obviously, we came back to Sure 24 to find all the boys sat at tables a birthday cake and sweets a banner saying "Happy Birthday Lucy we luv you" and a card from everyone! SO humbling and just amazing.

Even the fact that the AMAZING chicken dinner (Chicken is more expensive than beef out here) had to be passed there are always 30+ hungry boys waiting to eat it. Plus I'm 22 now, should probably watch what I eat!

My 22nd party was me sat soaking wet- tradition apparently/ an excuse for Freddy (one of the boys here) to soak me with water- this carried on until 10 pm- from all the boys, dont think any of them wanted to feel left out! I also had blue icing put all over my face, which I was not allowed to wash off and the average age of party attendees was probably about 12... Bit of a regression really. 22 and mature- maybe not.

Other birthday discoveries- The Germans love a good safari- they were out in force in very clean white cars (it is DUSTY here) across the national park.

Do not have the windows open for too long on Safari, me and Alice got too a mirror and looked like we had been sweeping chimneys!

Chicken Exotica in Nakuru town will not be one of our dining venues!


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