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Lucy Buger

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 July 13th 2011

I have definitely been absent from travel blogging for FAR too long! But since being on my own it's actually hard to be on your own and have time to do stuff. I have a rather blank diary for the last week or 2. Some shoddy bullet pointed entries and quite a lot to write. I leave Vietnam tomorrow for Cambodia, first country completed travelling solo!! So far it's been cool, to all those that said it's hard- they're right, it is. Sometimes a little too hard to consider I still need to get myself to Beijing, but looking back now I have just done a whole country on my own. Cambodia and China to do and about 5 weeks (less than really) to do it. It's been amazing, after leaving Laos in torrential tropical storm ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok June 16th 2011

So much done in so little time... Luxury travel from KL to Hat Yai, as ever Hat Yai excelled in being the dump town we first experienced and the bus to Phuket involved plastic seats, no air con and people having to stand for the whole trip... life of luxury. Spent from 3am to 6am in Phuket "bus station", should be a bus shack, however the molded plastic seats provided a comfortable nap spot for an hour when all the power went out and reading was no longer an option. Time on Phuket was spent avoiding the scary naked man on the beach... nudists over 50 should please seek secluded spots for tanning and avoid beach strolls. Avoiding the 6 foot waves which seemed to stalk us up the beach no matter how far we tried ... read more

So Singapore became my stomping ground for 5 days. Despite the man in my room that snored like a bear and considered 16 an acceptable temperature for air con my time there was a lot of fun. Being away from Alice turned me into a Singapore whore, I tried to cover as much ground as humanly possible in those 5 days; left me with the following list of achievements: Chinatown twice, Little India every day (where I lived), Arab Street, Clarke Quay, Marina Bay, Sentosa twice, 3 large shopping centres, the botanical gardens, zoo, night safari, Fort Canning park... It really was an amazing place, despite the numerous things you can't do, there was so much to do... it was just a tad out of my price range. That said watching the Champions League final at ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Little India May 28th 2011

Have been somewhat MIA on the blog front. Sorry! Basically spent the time under the sea/ worshipping the full moon by drinking from buckets and covering myself in body paint. Made a Koh Phangan sandwich. Went and did our Open water- was amazing. Then off to Koh Phangan for epic messiness of the neon variety... 22 is too old to bounceback quickly from a 12 hour+ drinking session. I returned home @ 7:30am with non matching shoes, covered in paint, having been paddling in the sea, watching the sunrise and discussing (boring the pants off a poor guy) about the localised weather out at sea! In a few words full moon was: lunging, sliding, fire, buckets, Sangsom, hungry giraffe, neon, shorts! Saw Ibbo the next morning with a quote of the trip: "I woke up in ... read more

Asia » Thailand May 12th 2011

After spending a day on trains from Pai to Hua Hin, we both literally collapsed into states of travel tiredness and illness, all's good though when you are by the beach with a favourite new cafe that has Mac's, floral cushions, teddy bears on the seats and all varieties of croissants. Hua Hin is the destination of choice for the German, Dutch, French ex pats. Lady boy central and Thai Bride double dates galore it's not been a highlight of the trip but our quirky pier house, room over the sea at high tide, adorable woman that owns it and endless beaches to re coup on have had their advantages. When we first arrived, sporting the double rucksack look- Brian (my large bag) on my back, smaller rucksack imitating a baby bump on my front a ... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Pai May 6th 2011

So in Pai it is the most chilled out place in the world... the bars and cafes are all so cute and quirky, loads of books and swings as seats, cushions and futons. Amazing to just sit and relax whilst they have monsoon style rain in their dry season!! Trekked this morning to a temple up about a million stairs, it was shut. Amazing views back over Pai though. Then found the cutest tea place where we were guinea pigs for the various cookies and spinach filled bread rolls. YUMMY, even better when they are free. Last night sat and drank Sangsom and coke (Thai rum/whisky) whilst playing Jenga, met some really cool people in our bid to escape the lizzard that was the size of my face and the spider the size of my hand ... read more

Africa April 25th 2011

Overlanding is officially the best way to see and not see Africa all at the same time. 22 people, all white shoved on to a truck- it looks a bit like a bus/ coach but after all the digs in the arm for calling it a bus, it is a TRUCK. Bleary eyed on morning one at 7am you sign your life away, email address is given for promo purposes, glance around and try and judge if the 20 people there you don’t know will 1 survive the trip- they don’t look like they can overland or 2 if you will get on with them. Turns out, everyone survived and we did get on really well. Course there were a few odd ones but that what makes the group. So on the truck to drive for ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Nakuru March 31st 2011

Matatu- mini bus/ public transport here in Kenya... only way I can describe is like the clowns in a car trick. When it looks full people find space. The conductors elegantly and skillfully hope in and out, contort their bodies to fit around the doors, like skilled tube riders, and whilst on the move easily slide open the doors! Nuts but an experience.... that was half an hour away to town.... tomorrow one to Nairobi, I am told however they can't overcrowd those, small mercies! The older boys are back from school for Easter, yesterday Sammy took me on a bike ride- he had been back all of an hour before we cycled to the garage to see some of the boys working (the garage is part of Sure 24) then went off on an adventure ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Nakuru March 28th 2011

New visitors= a new chance to go to the dump site and it was a lot worse today. With the start of the Long Rains the smoke and burning plastic were gone and the stench of rubbish and abundance of flies were so prominent. This is the comic relief style Africa where small children are so unphased by the swarms of flies on them and their clothes, hands and feet are so grubby that most British parents would have a fit and begin attacking them with Ariel and Dettol. This is the place where even the bin men drive around like kings, transporting rubbish in garbage trucks but knowing that what they carry is literally a life line for the people that live there. All it is is the waste of Nakuru, but it is worth ... read more

Africa » Kenya March 28th 2011

This has played a huge part in everything here, religion is key here and you can see why faith is so important to them. I am undecided on whether I think almost blind faith is healthy in terms of it driving so much of their lives, but I guess it is not for me to judge. What I can say is that African Church is a welcome relief from the hymns, silence and monotone vicars of the U.K, today I was there for 4 hours (new endurance level, I may not have been concentrating for all that time, but I was present). Here the Church is called Cornerstone Christian Church and it is held in the school. Removal of the temporary wall between class 4 and 5- by wall I mean panels of wood creates ... read more

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