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Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP February 13th 2020

After breakfast and admiring the little red-rumped birds that were flitting about the lodge grounds we set off driving past the Aberdares. We had originally wanted to visit the Aberdare National Park and it did look beautiful, but we saw similar habitats whilst hiking on Mt Kenya and apparently it is very hard to see the wildlife here – unsurprising give the dense forests. It was a long drive today but we stopped for lunch by Nyahururu Falls (Thomson's Falls) where we had to fight off shop owners and traditionally dressed posers! We did have one worrying moment when the minibus engine seemed to misbehave – but after poking it a bit all seemed fine. From here it wasn’t much further round to Lake Nakuru National Parkwhere we went straight into a game drive. It was ... read more
Lake Nakuru

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP October 9th 2019

After a successful start to this adventure in Samburu it was off to our second destination: Lake Nakuru...same deal, a couple of days exploring the environs around the lake, and this stop afforded the potential to see a rhino, another top animal on my list... Bit of a haul from Samburu, and along the way we stopped at a signpost indicating the Equator for some photo ops, followed by a visit to a tea plantation that was cut short due to weather but cool all the same...arrived at our campsite in the early evening, a little late for a game drive so settled into our tents and then it was off for a pint at the little bar in the common building, sweet! After a breaky the following day we were off, with the plan being ... read more
At the Equator...
Rothschild Giraffe
White Rhino

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP April 7th 2018

We drove around for a while; yes, I was looking for a leopard, pretty elusive animal. Usually they stay on the trees and pounce on the prey when they see one. No luck! We spotted the giraffes close by. One was just crossing the road and started running on the road instead of crossing it. We slowed down and let the animal reach to a safety net. Once there, he turned his neck and looked at us…so cute! And the zebras! So beautiful animals, my oh my! God knows how many clicks I made capturing the beautiful zebras. Isn’t it pity that the lions do have to kill such beautiful animals! Go on kill the hyenas or baboons, but spare these beautiful animals! Bad boys! Well, a lioness does the dirty job most of the time, ... read more
Flamingos - Lake Nakuru
Lake Nakuru from the Baboon cliff!
March of the flamingos

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP March 30th 2018

Suddenly I woke up from my sleep in the tent. Just like the last night, I felt a heavy breathing on my neck. It was coming from outside the tent. I carefully listened to the breathing. The animal slowly moved away to the other side of the tent, I heard its cautious footstep; they were not paws because paws have padding underneath; it was as if something was flapping on the wet ground. The animal came back again and started scratching the vinyl wall of the tent. It sure was trying to find out a way to get inside the tent. I thought about the make-believe character ‘Bunip’ in the Bengali fiction,- ‘Mountain of the moon’ where the deadly animal was cautiously surveying the tent where Alvarez and Shankar were sleeping in Africa somewhere. I laughed. ... read more
A masai weekly shopping market at Naroke
This is my favourite!
A black Rhino

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP March 2nd 2018

Hey my friends, I’m back. No, no, I was not hiding. I traveled a lot in the last 9 months, - been to Peru, Chiang Mai, India, and then the last one in Kenya. As I wrote in my earlier blog, I was also busy publishing my book, so hardly I had any time. Now, I am backlogged. Let’s start with my last trip to Africa. I will post a series of blogs covering my fairy tale trip to Kenya. Hope you enjoy!! ************** It was midday at my work when an email popped out in my inbox – “Calgary to Nairobi airfare CDN$942 by British Airways”. I jumped out of my chair…OMG, generally the airfare from Calgary to Nairobi is over CDN$2000 that I have ever seen. It’s unbelievable! A trip to Africa is a ... read more
Heathrow airport
Somewhere over Sahara from 39,000 ft
The same shot, but with 300 mm zoom

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP January 19th 2018

We left Jinja on the morning of the 17th, and crossed the border into Kenya at Malala. It took four hours to reach the border crossing and the only incident was the refusal to let us use their bathrooms. According to one stocky female security person, all the facilities were for staff only. Eventually we were herded across the dusty lanes of traffic, side stepping the many convoys of petrol trucks, to a public toilet located behind the animal holding cages. One had to take a deep breath before entering - sucking in any of the fumes from inside made the animal cages seem aromatic. One hour at the border - lining up first to leave Uganda and then again to enter Kenya - followed by another hour, heading due east, on the road before we ... read more
pathways to bar and pool
take off
Rothschild giraffes

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP December 31st 2017

Lake Nakuru er kend for en større befolkning af næsehorn og en saltvandssø med flamingo. Parken er meget varieret med områder med skov, åbne sletter, klipper og den store sø. Det første vi mødte var en lille abefamilie hvor en af de unge aber øvede sig i at holde en baby. Det gik noget voldsomt for sig, men babyaben så ud til at finde sig i det. Turen gik videre ud på den åbne savanne hvor der var enkelte ferskvandssøer. Her fandt vi 2 Hvide Næsehorn som i slowmotion gik rundt og fik noget at drikke og gumlede lidt græs og ellers bare kikkede ud i det blå. Nede ved saltsøen fik vi lov for første gang på turen til at gå ud af bilen og gå ned til søen for at komme tæt på flamingoerne. ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP February 12th 2016

The next day was the final day of the package safari that we had booked (however we had one further day in Nairobi) so we got up at a reasonable time, and after breakfast went to Lake Nakuru National Park. First though we drove through the small city of Nakuru itself which was surprisingly nice with cycle paths and lots of jacaranda trees in bloom that lined the roads. There were also many Pied Crows, Sacred Ibis, and Hadada Ibis about. When we reached Nakuru National Park, the area around the entrance was surprisingly much less green compared to the Maasai Mara. In these dry areas, there were quite a few common mammals including Zebras and Impalas, and one particularly interesting bird sighting early on was a Long-crested Eagle perched in a tree. There were also ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP April 8th 2015

Our trip across the border proved to be fairly painless and after a few hours we descended into Nairobi where we said goodbye to the majority of the truck which left only four of us remaining – Lauren, Stacey, Luke and myself. We had a couple of days free time here so we went out and did some souvenir shopping and caught up on all those travellers tasks like washing and e-mails. We also visited a local mall a couple of times which was interesting for the fact of all the security. Every car entering the compound was scanned for bombs, and every person walking in was also scanned more so than you would be at the airport. A sad situation but necessary considering the recent terrorist attacks in Nairobi. But before long we were back ... read more
Lake Nakuru National Park #1
Lake Nakuru National Park #2
Lake Nakuru National Park #3

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Nakuru NP July 31st 2012

Nairobi - Lake Nakaru, 18 July 2012 After leaving Nairobi at 8.30am after a briefing from Wilson our Kenyan guide, who is from a coffee farming Kenyan family, we loaded up our bags into the new 4x4 bus. It has a couple of tables in it as well as power. We have a group of 16 of mixed ages. Two people have completed the trip we are just about to commence after this 14-day gorilla trek. They are from Ireland, England, NZ, Copenhagen, San Diego, Switzerland and we are the only ones from Aust. We drove for a couple of hours and stopped for lunch at a beautiful tree-covered picnic area. We had to have several guys on guard as there were baboons there who won’t give up re trying to get food. They can be ... read more
Lake Nakura entry (2)
Lake Nakura entry (3)
Lake Nakura entry (4)

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