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Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina October 17th 2014

International Airports are so comfortingly alike in their customs and procedures, always, reassuringly, involving a passport, a queue and, invariably, a bit of a panic and, with all these elements in place, I was welcomed into Accra. Readying myself for the ‘wave of heat’ that I had been assured would hit me once I exited the terminal, I was surprised and, admittedly, a little disappointed by the muggy, sticky drizzle that darkened the unfamiliar sky; the pacifying sound of rain jarringly juxtaposed with unknown surroundings and the hum of an unfamiliar tongue. “Madam Olivia!” I heard my name called from deep within the crowd. “Madam Olivia!” I heard again, the voice full of warmth and kindness. After having met just once before in the UK, Seth had become a true friend; a fellow teacher, in the ... read more
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Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina May 21st 2013

APPRECIATION I wish to express my profound out most gratitude to the the almighty God for his protection and mercy and abundant grace on us up-to date. I therefore give thanks to the Adjoa Foundation for given this opportunity of Invitation to the Netherlands. I do appreciate the effort for me so far. Start from the first day of meeting in Ghana with the sisters of Ahotokurom, and other country men. The trust that you had for me of giving the opportunity to handle the projects in Ghana. I also do appreciate for helping the ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina April 12th 2013

On Tuesday, because I still didn’t have my internship since they had a week of Easter Holiday, I just went onto campus early to try to type up my last blog post…which I failed to do until a week after. But I got to campus to not only find out that I didn’t really have access to internet but that the University Professors just went on strike…meaning that I didn’t even have dance class that evening. Instead I began typing up some documents for my Dance Professor because I can type a lot…faster than a lot faster than the professors and students in the dance department. So I was still put to work and my only thing that I could say once I finished was to have my work count towards my grade in anyway, like ... read more
First sight in Elmina
and Boats!

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina July 24th 2010

Saturday 24th July 2010 This was a purely tourist day - a trip to the village of Elmina, on the coast about 180 kilometres west of Accra. One of the main attractions in Elmina is the fort/castle - supposedly the oldest European building in Africa south of the Sahara. The fort was originally built by the Portugese in the 15th century, was captured later by the Dutch, and was then bought from them by the British when the slave trade ended. Finally it was given to new Ghana republic in 1957 when it became independant. Bus journeys in Ghana can take quite a long time, so to be sure of being able to get to Elmina and back in a day, we needed to leave quite early. We set our alarm for 5:30am and were leaving ... read more
Elmina Fort
Elmina Fort
Elmina Fort

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina April 27th 2010

Technically we went to Brenu Beach again which is near Elmina.... So this weekend we decided that as it was pretty much our last weekend travelling around Ghana we wanted it to be relaxing after quite a stressful week at the hospital. (We saw a still birth at the same time as a healthy birth resulting in me passing out, i'm going to blame the heat and well the fact that it was very distressing! The still birth baby was breeched as well and all blue, horrifying.) We left bright and early on Saturday not really sure how to get to Brenu but we knew its where we wanted to be! So got a tro to Accra and then somehow found a tro to Cape Coast. That tro was luxury! By far the safest and fanciest ... read more
my picture!
Harriet climbing along precariously!
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Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina February 6th 2010

Ghana is a developing country. Even though there is a great deal of poverty which we are seeing daily, the spirit of the people, their warmth and welcoming nature is everywhere. People we see on the street are curious as to why we are in Ghana and and from where did we come. Today Barry and I will have a day to ourselves. We will be visiting the Elmina Slave Castle and the historic community of Elmina. I hope to share many pictures and impressions soon... ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina February 6th 2010

We've changed locations. Our work in Cape Coast is finished. We met with the board and staff of Progressive Womens' Co-op Credit Union Ltd this afternoon and once done headed for the Elmina Beach Resort for a day of R n R. This was not to be the case as there was no room at the inn. We travelled on to the township of Elmina and on to the Coconut Grove Beach Resort. I must say that we are in beautiful accomodations. The internet in my room does not work well so it may be difficult to post pictures. I will try. For some reason, I am unable to access my email through the Sask Tel site. So, Hi Todd, I love you and Miss you! and will talk to you on the weekend. We must ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina September 12th 2009

I just got back from a weekend trip my program CIEE took us on. We left early on Saturday morning heading to Cape Coast. Since I had been there the weekend before, we had a little better idea of how to pack and what to expect. But unlike our solo trip, we got to stay in a high-class hotel. Once we arranged our roommates and dropped off our stuff at the hotel, we got back on the bus and headed either to the Cape Coast Castle or the Elmina Castle. I chose to go to the Elmina Castle because it is older and is in a different part of the city than I had been. Here is a little history background… The Portuguese originally built Elmina Castle as a trading post in 1482 as St. George ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina July 10th 2009

Wren writing: Rachel had a nice surprise this morning when she found a large bite out of one of her sneakers. Ralph comforted her by saying, “Oh yeah, that’s rats. For sure.” She was not so happy. And then, as I was walking to breakfast, I stepped over a short wall and because of rain, my foot slipped which caused my other foot to smash into the rock wall (ouch!). “A scar to remember Africa by,” said Ralph. Good thing he’s always here to cheer us up! After breakfast we went to see Elmina Castle, where the Dutch held slaves that were to be sold to the Americas. The rain and the cold of that morning made the huge, white castle, which has seen so much cruelty and suffering, even gloomier. On the tour, they told ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Elmina October 12th 2008

FRI. OCT. 10 2008 Resided for 2 nights at the One Africa Beach-front Lodge. The lodge had a very Afro-centric and Rasta themed design through-out the place. Each room was an individualy thatched roof hut, named after outstanding people of color. My room-mate, M. Pilcher chose hut #6 - named in honor of Queen Mother Moore. The place was clean and air, a non-working fan, but lots of breeze off of the Ocean, which was just a few steps away. Oops...forgot to say, there was no hot or even warm water...but, it was "all good" as we were not "ugly American tourist"...we endured! On Fri. morning, we had a choice of activities for the early part of the day: some took batiking and most of us opted to visit an agricultural farm, which was owned ... read more

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