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Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Awasa November 11th 2011

I'm back! And alive! Sorry it has taken me a while to write this blog. Not much has been happening here- but anytime I think to check in with you all, the power is out and my computer is invariably out of battery. So, point 1- the power goes out here at least once a day. Today it was only for about an hour and a half- quite refreshing, really. I've been settling into my placement for the last couple of weeks- the girls are (mostly) so lovely- and in need of a lot of love and affection. I teach them english, but mainly play games with them- skipping rope, bouncy balls, dancing to lady gaga and letting them braid my hair. That is something I've noticed here- no, not the braided hair- although I've noticed ... read more
Blue Balls
Street in Shashamene
Teaching time at OPRIFS

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Awasa December 13th 2010

Lake Langano is amazing day e e e night. After breakfast we went back to the beach, which was not more than 15 meters :) The water is swimmable even though it looks pretty muddy and bloody, but when you start 'here comes the shark', 'let's teach Miki swim', or 'do the fears' kind of fun, you totally forget about it. I can not describe how beautiful day we had there. I will just write some words that tries to give the impression: 40 degrees, beer, blanket, Susi, juicy fresh sweet sweet mango, sandcastle, Miki, neighbours, chill, heat, sand, Sam, pelicans, nap, Wondy, waves, peace. Packing, leaving, sunburn, strada, sunset, Addis, Kera. It was very sad to get back home, felt like a teenager who fells in love at the school camp and never wants the ... read more
Wondy, Susi and Miki having fun

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Awasa October 21st 2010

Gabriel and Michael are going to Lake Awasa for half-term. Gabriel is going for the excellent birdwatching, Michael is going just to get out of Addis. Gabriel stows his pack on the roof, the more paranoid Michael elects to sit on the bus for ten hours with his pack on his knee. This is OK, but Gabriel knows he will be sharing a seat with Michael and wishes he wasn't such ust a neurotic jerk. In comparison to the typical passengers, M & G are giants, and their packs are giants' packs. The first part of the journey is totally uneventful. They have been Ethiopia long enough to have no interest in talking to the kind of jeks who talk to faranj on buses. The annoying kids, chickens, dogs and goats are exactly that: annoyances. They ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Awasa August 15th 2010

Whirlwind exploration of Ethiopia, well, the Wondo Genet watershed region towards the south to be exact, with a few days of Addis Ababa and the Bale mountains thrown in. I was very confused when told that we would be going to Ethiopia for our summer tropical forestry course. Forests? in Ethiopia? I was pleasantly surprised. We visited working forests, sacred forests, public forests that are being cleared illegally for settlement and firewood, and community managed forests. The natural forests we visited were dominated by Juniper and Podocarpus - incredulous species if given the opportunity to grow. Unfortunately, the population pressure makes this quite an oddity. As for wildlife, there were colobus monkeys, baboons, some other type of monkey that was all over the campus where we stayed, warthogs, horn-bills - these were the exciting ones. We ... read more
Coffee ceremony
Eucalyptus pole scaffolding
coffee and enset agroforestry in the sidama hills

Africa » Ethiopia » Oromia Region » Awasa June 13th 2010

We headed south into faranji (white person/foreigner) frenzy zone with inflated prices for foreigners, self-appointed guides and children that scream “YOU,YOU,YOU” and “HIGHLAND! HIGHLAND!” (water bottles) and ask for money. It was enough to send us completely mad. Our first stop was the lakeside town of Awasa. It was an interesting bus journey. Because the bus was not full when we arrived, rather than just waiting at the station, we drove around the block over and over again for about 45 minutes until it filled up. It was a long hot journey and for the first time we really experienced Ethiopians fear of fresh air in the bus. First we were asked to close the window because a child had been sick (Matt did try to reason that fresh air would be good for her), then ... read more
Those teeth could do some serious damage
We watched this male baboon while we were eating breakfast in Arba Minch
Just bobbing below the surface, our first hippo encounter

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