From the heights of the Pyramids to the depths of Trash City

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October 26th 2006
Published: November 10th 2006
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a few days in Cairo isn't really enough, but in saying that, 10days to try and cover Egypt and your having a laugh. this country deserves atleast a month, it's cheap but still come with plenty of coin so you can do everything. And don't come during Rammadan if you like eating, because it's pretty much impossible to get a meal here during the day. the guys are very intense so I wouldn't reccomend a single girl traveling here by herself, and it's definately not a place to come if all you want to do is party. I dont think I saw one bar or nightclub anywhere.

Trash city was well worth a look, but it's almost impossible to find so you could watse a couple of days asking taxi drivers until you find one thats heard of it. it was probably the most cultural thing I did in Cairo though, so I'd say that it's definately worth the effort. I like Egypt, and will be back one day for sure

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our first view of the Pyramidsour first view of the Pyramids
our first view of the Pyramids

I couldn't believe that the city had been built out so close to the Pyramids. still, I'd build my house here for a back-drop like that

with it's face shot off by the military during shooting practice years and years ago
do the Egyptiando the Egyptian
do the Egyptian

that Pyramid is the only one with it's origonal smooth point still in tact. all of the Pyramids used to be pefectly smooth all the way to the groung but time has taken it's toll
our transport for the dayour transport for the day
our transport for the day

we hired a driver and he took us around a few differant sites including this Pyramid which is apparently the oldest one, and contains some of the most royal tombs

we stopped at some ghetto place on the side of the road to get some food, and the kids swarmed us all yelling and luaghing and fighting and pointing... it was pretty intense
Dave made these kids cryDave made these kids cry
Dave made these kids cry

they made some noise to us, so he ran up to them and made the same noise only a bit louder and that poor little girl lost it. Dave you big meeny!!
Bazar Electrician making a mains join during a power-cutBazar Electrician making a mains join during a power-cut
Bazar Electrician making a mains join during a power-cut

I don't think they have Unions too concerned about "working conditions" in Egypt

we were invited by these gold fabricators to have Ramadan breakfast with them in their shop. it seems to be a very social part of their culture, and they love having people eat with them.

12th November 2006

How come all photos it is did place trash city bread man how come Egypt or Cairo it is beautiful l really what can I say fuck you cause you just delver this side you are unfair person . where the air port where the hotel you stay in it where the red sea area where Sinai area where the Nile , where the Nile boats , north coast , one more from deeeeeeeeeeep of my heart fuck you , you eat and drink there ,
26th November 2006

A Unique Vantage Pint
We enjoyed seeing your photos, especially of the people. We have seen so many of the tourist attraction hilights, that it was refreshing to see the faces and smiles of the people you met along your travels.

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