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November 6th 2006
Published: November 11th 2006
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When I missed my flight to India the other day, I quickly set my self a goal that was to not miss any more flights before the end of this trip. and then when I missed my second flight to India the very next day, I realised that maybe I shouldn't be setting myself such high and unrealistic goals while on Holiday, so have chilled out somewhat, and am proud to say say that 3rd time lucky I finally made it to India.

It's not a pleasant place however. full on madness everywhere you go, with cars and Rickshaws honking at you, beggers with no fingers but puppy dog eyes, gutters clogged with black sludge, homeless people sleeping in the middle of busy intersections, flies hovering over piles of yesterdays rubbish, hotel rooms with rock hard beds, cold showers and Squat toilets, and if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all and need some fresh air... there is no-where for you to go, accept home, because in India there is a constant overpowering smell of dust, exhaust fumes, smoke, sewage, cow manure, and curries that follow you around everywhere.

however it has a certain magical magnitism to it that over-rides all of the unplesantries that you'll encounter, leaving you wishing you'd allowed more time for your trip and learn't some Hindi before you came. I've met some travellers that have been in India almost 6months, and say that they're still a long way off understanding the real India. for me it's the colours, the faces, the food, the music, and the untalked about general acceptance of Religion that draws me. The Temples are so peacefull, Sikh temples in particular, and they always have 3guys playing and singing prayers inside them to create an amazing atmoshpere.

I spent my first few days in Delhi before heading North to a small Tibetan town called McLoed Ganj up in the mountains. that place is great, and the air actually smelt clean some days so I got all inspired on it and took up some yoga and cooking classes while I was there. also read a couple of books and did some nice walks into the surrounding hills so was a very relaxed russ when I finally drew myself away. next stop, Amritsar and the famed Golden Temple...

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my buddy Ravimy buddy Ravi
my buddy Ravi

one day I asked him if he new a great place to get a curry, and we ended up talking for nearly an hour. Cricket finatic, and the fact the New Zealand were in India at the moment playing in a tournament got him even more amped up. So he took me for a lap around the city on his day off in his car, and took me too visit his Sikh temple, which was fantastic
truckloads of protesterstruckloads of protesters
truckloads of protesters

Striking because the goverment is trying to implement a new law inwhich they wont be able to work out of their residential properties. most of the small retail in Delhi shut down for 3days in protest.
tea man at a bus stop, middle of the night on the way to Mcloed Ganjtea man at a bus stop, middle of the night on the way to Mcloed Ganj
tea man at a bus stop, middle of the night on the way to Mcloed Ganj

Indian tea(chai) is fantastic! they boil the herbs and spices with milk and heaps of sugar, then filter it into your cup. magic, and just the little warm up boost you need at this time of the night in the mountains

12th November 2006

clap, clap, clap
14th November 2006

thumbs up to you sir
India is rather crazy.. Ravi seems like he's a dude. NZer in India.. just mention cricket and you're in!! Hope you've recovered from the Dehli helly belly experience. A trip to India just wouldn't be the same without it!! xx

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