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November 13th 2006
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There truely are some amazing things to see in this country. after fleeing the mountains I went over to Amritsar, which is a city in the Punjab Province near the border with Pakistan. Amazing Sikh temple(the famed "Golden Temple"), and wierd flag-lowering ceremony at the Wagah border, which was the most effort and commotion I'd ever seen over a couple of flags being pulled down in my life, but it was an eye opener anyway and well worth the visit.

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worship areaworship area
worship area

all Sikh temples have a live three-piece group playing music from about 6am - 10pm every day!
Holy foodHoly food
Holy food

the Golden Temple feeds about 30,000 people a day in this eating hall, no charge. it's all paid for with donations from visitors to the temple
train spottingtrain spotting
train spotting

those are my legs hanging out of the side of a train boosting across a skinny bridge... if you dont get on first in India, you sit wherever you can make space.

state of that pot! probably never been cleaned in it's life but it still whips up a good cuppa chai
Sikh WarriorsSikh Warriors
Sikh Warriors

those swords are one of the 5 things a Sikh man must wear at all times for Identifaication and a reminder of who they are. along with Long hair(they never cut it), a comb, a braclet, and special underwear that reminds them of their celebacy.
huge song and dancehuge song and dance
huge song and dance

crowd goes wild
and the flags come downand the flags come down
and the flags come down

at the same time as the sun, and then both side of the border errupt into chants of "Hindustan" untill they loose interest and go home.

19th November 2006

Two comments: Sikhs are not celibate; they are supposed to get married as virgins - and remain faithful to their spouses. Both genders are required to have the 5 Ks: kirpan(sword, dagger), kesh(uncut hair, kachha (shorts), kangha(comb), kara (bangle), not just men.
19th November 2006

OOhhhh Shoes!!
Thanks Russ, just love those shoes among everything else. Can't wait to include this in my pilgrimige. Good stuff Russ. Regards Tess
20th November 2006

damn, i am so happy [and jealous!] that you made it to the punjab! hope you enjoy the madness that india is...but it gets in the veins my friend. you will find yourself wanting to go back! anyway, keep the entries coming. heidi x
20th November 2006

So many amazing pics! I'v just met Lina in sthlm this weekend! Took her on a concert as a late birthday present. Thats was great, she's great! And your great as well! :) Take care! A big hug!! keep on doing all the things you'r doing:)!

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