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October 19th 2006
Published: November 9th 2006
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by far the clearest water I have ever snorkled in, and the coral and fish were amazing too! Dahab is a little Diving town on the coast of the Sinai region up in the north of Egypt, perfectly set up for relaxing and exploring the magical underwater world of the Red Sea. We stayed for a few days and just read books, snorkled and treated ourselves to the cheap, quality food you find in all the restaurants along the waterfront. everyone in the world would love this place, without a doubt.

After a good few days of doing nothing, our batteries were recharged and we headed south to what we soon found out was the real Egypt. Luxor the destination, a city on the edge of the Nile river with a couple big old Temples, the Valley of the Kings(which we regrettably didn't visit) and the famous Faluka boat rides up th Nile. the people here a very poor, living in squallars and fighting for every last pound they can get. they'll drive you around on their horse and cart for half an hour for about 5 Egyptian pounds which is about 1$US. And by the state of the horses
four countries in one day!four countries in one day!four countries in one day!

this morning we were in Jordan, then we had lunch in Israel, and here we are cruising down towards Dahab in Egypy, looking out over the Red Sea at Suadi Arabia
I doubt that they get to see any of that 5pounds.

It's also still the month of Rammadan, so finding food during the day is very hard and I'm finding myself quickly fading away to a featherweight version of the somewhat "curvy" russ that I've been of late. when the food does arrive though, after sundown, it's generally Rice, beans, Falafuls, Tahina and Pita bread which is all good suff. next we're off to Cairo to chek out some Pyramids

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chilling after a hard days snorklingchilling after a hard days snorkling
chilling after a hard days snorkling

this is the restuarant in front of our hotel where we spent a lot of time doing nothing. and straight out behind us there is some of the best snorkling in the area
heading to Luxorheading to Luxor
heading to Luxor

this is what most of the landscape in Egypt is like, big dusty mountains

9th November 2006

these photos are awsome russ, dahab looks amazing.... think you have inspired me to go there! cant wait to see more adventures....
10th November 2006

great pics
as always Russ great pics and inspiring travell.

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