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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta September 2nd 2019

Nach einer ersten Nacht in Johannesburg gings am Morgen früh wieder zum Flughafen und dann Richtung Maun in Botswana. In Maun wartete Marshall mit seiner Cessna auf uns. Auf dem Privatflug konnten wir erste Blicke auf das sehr trockene Okavangodelta werfen. Das Flugfeld „Delta“ liegt unmittelbar neben Oddballs Camp. Gleich bei unserer Ankunft bot sich ein Anblick der National Geographics TV in den Schatten stellt. Das Camp ist sehr einfach. Zelte auf erhöhten Plattformen mit dem Badezimmer unter freiem Himmel, die Dusche wird durch einen Eimer mit Schlauch und Brause versorgt, dieser muss selbst befüllt und hochgezogen werden. Geweckt wurden alle Gäste um 6.30 Uhr. Mit Congo, unserem persönlichen Guide unternahmen wir nun jeden Tag zwei Ausflüge. Jeweils um 7.00 Uhr gings los und für einige Stunden zu Fuss und zum Teil im Einbaum „Mokoro“ durch ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 12th 2018

"Africa gives you the knowledge that man is a small creature, amongst other creatures, in a large landscape." - Doris Lessing Leaving Notten’s Bush Camp was somewhat sad as we had a wonderful time and met some very nice people. But….as all travelers know, another adventure awaited, so we loaded up and headed for the local airport. We would put this to you dear readers…how many times have you taken a transport to the airport where you drove for about 30 minutes and did not ride on at least a gravel road? Well, this was the case for us as we were in an open Land Cruiser on bumpy trails headed for the friendly skies. It was if we were on another bush drive. When we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised at how nice and new ... read more
African eagles on the lookout
Flapping his ears to stay cool
Hippos coming up for air

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta September 20th 2017

It was our last morning at the Moremi Game Reserve on the Okavango Delta when we were visited by this gorgeous male elephant, right outside our tent cabin, just as the sun started to rise. The Okavango is a large inland delta, a freshwater wetland, at the heart of Botswana’s arid Kalahari Desert and is a World Heritage site. To get there we had to fly for nearly two hours in a 4-passsenger bush plane from a small airport in Kasane to a tiny runway in the delta. Our guide had to chase baboons and warthogs off the runaway so that our little plane could land. Each morning and afternoon at Moremi was spent watching the wildlife as we cruised in local canoes known as mokoros.... read more
Okavango Delta 2
Okavango Delta 1
Okavango Delta 3

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta February 16th 2017

Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451 Another rest time, unplugged from the internet, which is very enjoyable until I think about the thousands of accumulated emails I'll have to begin to deal with once we reach Victoria Falls, still a week away. Most of the group seem to nap during these hours, but I prefer to shower in the heat of the day, meditate, and write. And, of course, just gaze out at the beautiful landscape, and listen to the sounds of Africa. It is a paradise here, different from anyplace else I have travelled. When I was a camp counsellor in my late teens, the young staff used to meet by the lake at rest time, swimming and lying on the dock, resting and chatting in the sun, enjoying our break from the children, our 24/7 responsibility. This ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta February 15th 2017

Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451 All night long we heard hippos bellowing not too far outside our tents, plus -- one of my favorite sounds in all the world -- frogs singing for mates. I had my best sleep of this trip so far, waking at 5:30AM only when one of the staff walked by, calling a good morning to each tent. Dressing quickly in the dark, I walked to the main hall and learned that two lions had visited our camp last night, right after everyone had left for the evening. There were their tracks, and where they had lain down, in the mud at the foot of one of the short stairways leading into the dining area. So it is good we are told that no one should walk around at night, although of course, lions ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta February 14th 2017

Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451 Waking up at 4AM today had not been my plan, but going to bed by 9:30PM ensures adequate sleep. Plus, an elephant was trumpeting and snorting outside, not too far from my cabin. What a treat to celebrate our last night at Baobab Lodge! It was sad to leave this part of Botswana and all the lovely, friendly people at this lodge. But more African adventures beckoned, and another group was scheduled to arrive this afternoon, so our group had to leave. While two lucky members on our tour got to fly in a 4 seater, the rest of us flew in a little 12 seater SSW to the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta waterways in the world. I've always enjoyed flying in small planes. When I was little a friend of ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta November 17th 2015

Our morning started with a juicy peach for breakfast and the realization that I ran out of water. Time to use the trusty water filter I brought over for just this occasion. I boiled a liter of water for ten minutes AND used the filter to be sure because idk what kind of bugs there are in the delta. I do know the guide drank plenty of water straight out of his tin cup on a regular enough basis to tell me that the bugs in their cant be that bad. Away we went for the walk and after about 45 minutes it started pouring rain. When I asked about the clouds seeming to be approaching before we left the guide assured me they were on “the other side.” Well, this was only the third time ... read more
the rains down in africa
perdy clouds
the rain is coming!

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta November 16th 2015

A mokoro is a traditional dugout canoe used by the Bayei people residing in the Okavango River Delta. I’ve wanted to come here since watching Planet Earth’s documentation of the area. So cool how the hand shaped delta can flood to provide everything needed by thousands of buffalo, elephants, etc., probably millions of birds and fish species, and definitely plenty of peoples. Nowadays the mokoros are made out of fiberglass as the government no longer allows the chopping of whatever tree it was. A good thing I guess, but when I got in and the shoddy patch work started leaking in two places I was longing for some solid oak. I booked a two day one night self-catered camping trip which promptly started by an hour long drive through some of the roughest bush I had ... read more
the beginning
pygmy geeses

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 15th 2014

Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451We were up early this morning as we were going back to Pretoria. By half past seven we were at the airstrip packing our bags into the plane. We took off at eight and arrived at Maun ten minutes later. The flight to Maun was too quick and luckily there was no turbulence. Jan flew the plane quite low, which gave us a great view of the scenery below. Today was another clear day, with the blue sky making the view below look spectacular. At times it was hard to know which side of the plane to look out of. In Maun we went to a cafe for breakfast and then we were back in the plane. The flight from Maun to Sun City was very boring compared to flying over the delta. During ... read more
03 From Above
04 From Above
05 From Above

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 14th 2014

Geo: -19.0933, 22.4451Everyone in camp was up by 8. I got out of our tent just in time to see the elephant that had just walked through camp. Today was going to be another beautiful spring day – the sky was clear and it was already warming up. It wasn't long before more elephants walked past. This time it was two young adults, a mother and her calf. They were walking just behind the tents. The calf stopped its mother for a drink, which showed us how relaxed they were in our close company. After watching the elephants we had breakfast, spent a bit of time relaxing in camp and then we were off. It was at a bit after 11 that Jan, his two friends, Paul and I were driven to the airstrip. The drive ... read more
03 Termite Mound
04 Behind
07 Mother & Young

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