Photos from Okavango Delta, North-West, Botswana, Africa

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Aerial view of the Delta
What's up?
Looking skyward
Mother and child
Sunset colors illuminating a tree
Baboons on the move
Picking off ticks
Wake me only for important stuff
Lion on the lookout
Are you looking at me?
Mother baboon and young one
Another day complete on the delta
Water buck
Hippos coming up for air
Just up for a quick peek
Narrow tracks to follow
African eagles on the lookout
Feeding among the sparse trees
Ha! Caught you finally
Lots of stripes....lots of zebras
Flapping his ears to stay cool
from the air
wild dog
a perch with a view: battleur
blacksmith lapwing
not Africa's most attractive bird: ground hornbill
the current bridge… and the old one
Verreaux's eagle owl up late
You lookin' at me?
keeping an eye out
indolence in feline form
steenbok playing peek-a-boo
nighttime in the Delta
two-headed special
inquisitive alpha female
paradise on the water
beautiful delta
sunset in the delta
mokoro selfies
sunset in the delta
Transport in the delta
Nice views of the sky
Great sunsets
These guys are everywhere
Road through the delta
Ready to take the next tourists
Gliding through the Delta
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