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Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta November 24th 2010

Waiting for a hunt to take place requires luck, skill and patience - lots of it. During my stay at Duba Island, we were monitoring the Tsaro Prides attempt at hunting a buffalo. It was taking some time so we opted to take a quick drive and see what else we could find. Rounding a corner, the light starting to fade behind a huge storm cloud, we came across a fish trap. A fish trap is a small inlet which is about to dry up and a feeding frenzy was in place. A variety of birds had gathered to catch their feast! We parked, counted the variety of bitds that included yellow billed stalks, great egrets, open billed storks and African spoonbills to name a few. Whilts focusing on a bird, I noticed a pair of ... read more
Croc-on-the-hunt 02
Croc 01

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta November 22nd 2010

Someplaces clearly hit our imagination more than others. I still have a pretty long wish list of places I dream to go, dog-sledging in Greenland, trekking Buthan, diving Cocos or PNG...and the list goes one. Okavango has been on my wishlist for a long time. I had to find the right person, well, you know Mari and I are sharing our life for nearly three years now (I'm lucky!)...the right time...this is always tricky...and the right deal at the right place. But we managed to do it, and what a trip! I've done few safaris so far, from South Africa to Tanzania and Uganda, but Okavango is in another league, or should I say the place we visited is in another world. We stay at Nxabega Tented Camp. The private concession is 70,000 give you ... read more
Magic Sunset!
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magic moments...

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 18th 2010

Okavango - Day 3 Ahhhhh! The luxury of a morning sleeping in while half the group went for a morning flight over the delta. We had done this last year, so opted out in favor of a later breakfast at 7:30. When everyone returned, we packed the gear back into the speedboats, minus heaps (we're learning Aussie speak) of bottled water that went in with us, and an hour and a half later arrived at the Swamp Stop Rest Camp at Sepupa.  Swamp Stop is actually in a huge swamp that borders both sides of the Okavango River, complete with mosquitoes. But we are protected by Mossie spray, netting over the tent windows and daily malaria pills. These are much smaller than Canadian mosquitoes and harder to hear around your ears. So far we have not ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 18th 2010

Okavango - day 2 We are happy to start our days before sunrise, in order to enjoy the delta before the heat of the day, as it is very hot. At one point, Richard's little pack thermometer was near the top at a whopping 45 c (115 f) in the sun! And at this point we were on a very slow motor boat on the way to our houseboat, so we had an hour's ride in that heat with no protection from the sun. Whew! Back to early morning. After a lovely mokoro ride through papyrus and reeds, we arrived at Gau island, where our guides took us on a 2-hour walk. Our leader was very careful to say we might not see any game at all. Ha! There were elephants all over the place, so ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta October 18th 2010

Kasane to the Okavango Delta This was a 450 km drive to Sepupa, Botswana, followed by a 1.5 hour boat trip to Seronga, followed by a one hour truck drive on bumpy, dusty, dirt roads, followed by 20 minute mokoro (dugout canoe) trip to our bush camp in the cool of the evening. It was a huge day starting before dawn and ending after dark.  It also included two border crossings where we had to fill in forms to leave Botswana and more forms to enter Namibia. And then from Namibia back into Botswana. The passport pages are filling up. The weather in our truck is a steady at 33 C ( in the shade) so we suck on bottled water ( which was hot, by the way) and watch as we pass by local rural ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta September 16th 2010

Saturday 25/7/10 Our final day on the Baz Bus and unfortunately another full day, we clambered on with a few extra bags following our recent purchases. With a quick stop in Nelspruit for lunch we arrived in Joburg for our predeparture Kumuka tour.We met our new crew Tour leader Celia, Driver Jay and Cook Henda and the fellow eighteen passengers a couple Germans, Canadians, Brits, a South African, and a shit load of Aussies. We followed the advice of our soon to be truck driver and headed to a local Portugese Restaurant with Robby, Nicole, Mark and Caz for dinner. Then retreated to the dorm ready for our early start the next day. Sunday Day 1 of Kumuka Southern Highlights Tour Up at 5.30am we did our best to sneak out of the dorm quietly and ... read more
Cruising on the delta
Carls takes it easy
Elephants have been here..

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 6th 2010

Maun is on the outskirts of the Okavango Delta and is our base for our Mokoro trip. We spend one night in the camp, round our famous camp fire before waving farewell to the truck and Tony for a night away in the wilderness. Luckily Sammy comes with us, as we are now like 5yr old children and are incapable of anything on our own. We pack a 4WD truck with our tents, cooking equipment, food and day packs and drive an hour to the delta. We have one Mokoro, dug out canoe, between 2 people, and then there are extras to take the tents, food and equipment. The polers arrange a sleeping mat per person in the mokoro so it's almost like a lounger. We are then steered through the rushes, along the delta, almost ... read more
Pack up and let's go!

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta August 6th 2010

Now managed to find a computer to download photos.... read more
Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta
Okavango Delta

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta June 2nd 2010

June 2nd Just a bit more than a week before the World Cup starts, let the banter and teasing begin! Having a couple English on the trip now makes it a bit more of a competitive atmosphere in the truck which is a good laugh. That morning we woke up with the roosters and packed all our things on a truck that came to pick us and others up. Next we were packed like sardines into the truck and shipped off to the Okavango Delta to begin our camping adventure. It was about an hour and a half to the delta but it went by fast, albeit cold in the Botswanan morning. We arrived to see our transportation lined up on the river. Mokoros would be our mode of travel for the next couple days. They ... read more
2-On our way to the Okavango Delta
3-Landscape en route
4-Modest homes, no need for a huge house

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta April 26th 2010

Our Botswana trip started from Hong Kong to Johannesburg to Maun-Botswana and from there we again flew another light aircraft to Okavango Delta. The plane ride to Okavango was very beautiful and peaceful. Okavango Delta is the fourth longest inland river in Southwest Africa that starts from Angola (Cubango River) where it forms part border of Namibia in to Botswana and the river drains into the Moremi Game Reserve which is a National Park in Botswana, home to a vast number of wildlife species. The high season for game drive in Botswana would be from July to end of October when the Okavango Delta is at full flood and animals gather in all water sources. For bird lovers ideal time to go is November - February, but rainfall is expected. Lucky for us, we had a ... read more
Our home for 3 days, Little Vumbura
River Game Cruise in Chobe
Charging elephant

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