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Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown October 30th 2010

Thursday saw us waking up to another beautiful day. After a very sociable breakfast we suddenly heard the sound of an engine. One look at the watch almost knocked us out - the combi was on time. Not used to this, we were not ready. Some members of the team who were in various stages of getting dressed rushed to get into the vehicle while it was available. In the last few days we’d learned that combis are a precious commodity and if it’s there, take it. We coached at a teacher training college. As soon as we arrived, the security guard jogged to lock the gate to the sports ground. That mean that we were stranded with all our kit wondering what was there to be stolen. To add to our good morning mood (some ... read more
School for deaf children
Blog was brought to you by Mike R
Water Goddess signing off...

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown October 29th 2010

Francistown Cricket Club Fortunately suffering no after effects from the meal cooked in the dark by Veronique and Mike S, the team awoke to another scorching day and yet another different combi to take us to the Francistown Cricket Club. Even Mike R and Allan had recovered sufficiently and were raring to go. The ground has an astro turf wicket surrounded by a green outfield and the boundary is marked by painted tyres sunk into the dust. We waved to the pre-school children who were being taught in the pavilion, but their stern teacher soon put a stop to their excited replies. Expecting the same 23 teachers for a second day’s tutoring, we were a bit surprised to find that 31 turned up - perhaps the cricket message is spreading across Francistown. Clement, who is in ... read more
Successful candidate
Newly qualified coaches

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown October 29th 2010

It was another night of raw experience and emotions for WM-C, myself and the Meerkat as we continue to return to our roots and kip on the floor out here in the wilds of the sub-Saharan bush. Slumber was rudely interrupted early in the morning by intruders making breakfast at the foot of the bed, but after a comfortable night tucked up in bed the European pansies were all pretty hungry. In a remarkable turn of events, our transport actually turned up close to the agreed time, therefore slightly reducing the risk of our team leader suffering an aneurism before we fly home. Unfortunately my communication with the big man upstairs did not get through last night, as he had failed to turn down the dial on the radiator in the sky. Balls of fire ... read more
Coaching in sign language
Will giving out T shirts to the new coaches
Tuesday kids

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown July 13th 2010

“There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.”Charles Learner. It is not about the destination but all about the journey….The remarkable thing about traveling when you have a bit of time on your hands and you aren’t screaming down the N1 trying to break your previous personal best time,is that you start noticing things around you to a far greater degree.Especially when you are in uncharted territory.And so with a sense of adventure the journey kicked off from Mabula Lodge near Bela Bela(Warmbaths)with a westerly heading to Thabazimbi and ultimately Laphalale (Ellisras).This is tough farming country where I guess it’s survivable when they have good rains but a very different scenario when the rains don’t pitch.So what you have is a mix of cattle farming,some winter fodder cropping under irrigation ... read more
Evidence...just in  case anyone doubted...
Nata Lodge...bush,fire and the roof top tent
Roadside pachyderm...5 solid tons you don't want to collide with

Africa » Botswana » North-East July 8th 2010

Setting up a new travelblog is always a good sign......a flash of some journey and adventure about to commence.This one is not quite as extensive or "exotic" as the big one to Australia in 2009 but, nevertheless,a trip into the Caprivi(Namibia)and then the western reserves of Botswana,somehow gets the pulse racing!The journey effectively starts on Saturday 10th July when the trusty Toyota Fortuner crosses into Botswana at Martin's Drift.No sleeping quarters indoors as was the case with "Washongi" in Australia but hey...this is Africa and the idea is to sleep as close to that carpet of stars as possible.So we have a "Howling Moon" roof top tent straddling the Fortuner roof and providing protection to Susan who has never quite developed much love for some of the creatures of the African particular elephants.No shortage of ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown September 21st 2009

Geo: -21.167, 27.4909Easy day crossing the border. Even had out shoes and vehicle tyres dipped to kill any Foot & Mouth disease that might have been lurking.I got in trouble as we did not do our shoes prior to driving the car up to the dip tank.. i looked at the chap in bewilderment as he implied i was now holding up the traffic.. i looked arround and bugger me if there was no one there... I gave him a little bit of curry and jumped in the car and said bugger off.Now safely in Botswana hopefully only one currency will make life a little simpler.. Zim we used Rand and US independantly and all at once.... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-East July 20th 2009

Shashe Bible Training College It was an amazing feeling driving into the Bible College after so many years! It had been raining and there was green grass everywhere! To arrive 'ka pula' (with rain) is a real blessing and we did feel blessed to be back after so many years away! We checked out our old house, the swimming pool, workshop, the Bible College buidings and met up with Dave Long who was there with some AEC (Africa Evangelical Church) young people on a conference. I took a photo of Colin and the boys outside Comrades' House. This dormitory block was built using donations from Colin and a group of runners who completed the Comrades' marathon in South Africa. It was great to catch up with MmaSepunki, who had worked for us for many years and ... read more
One of the elephants on the road to Kasane.
Beautiful flowers at Victoria Falls
Planet Baobab

Africa » Botswana » North-East April 13th 2009

Finally, back to a brief internet stop. The Bushmen From our last stop we travelled into the interior, beyond the last roads, to visit the bushmen. WE arrived at dusk, set up our camp, and arranged for them to come back later to do their traditional dances for us. It was truly a very traditional type of event around the fire, with the medicine man calling the shots, the ladies doing the singin and dancing, and the men acting out various scenes. Then, in the morning, we met them again and they gave us demonstrations and a tour of how they live, hunt, trap, and scavenge for food. Unfortunately, a lot of it is just a tourist thing, and I'm not sure they live every day like tyhat anymore. Then, we travelled to the Kvango River, ... read more
Learning the traditional ways
Okavango Delta
Face to face with Wildebeest

Africa » Botswana » North-East February 16th 2009

Hello everybody.. We have been here for a few weeks now so apologize for the incredibly late 1st entry.. We are currently spending our last day at the Chobe Safari Lodge based in Kasane - just on the border of Chobe National Park. Our 4 days here have been absolutely incredible, the camping being rather luxurious given that we can use all the Hotel facilities! Our drives through the National Park were spectacular - saw countless elephant, hippo, giraffe, Crocodile, Impala, Kudu, Warthog, baboon, Buffalo ..and the list goes on..Sorry Chris no Lions as of yet! South Africa - where our journey began - was such a great experience. We hadnt really begun our 'safari' as such until we reached the Khama Rhino Santuary in Botswana but the experience was still a really good one. Our ... read more

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown June 25th 2008

Hello everyone, Sorry it has been so long since we last wrote to you...time seems to have flown!! We are now feeling very at home in Francistown and even our room has become quite cosy. The hostel we are staying at is really lovely and the staff look after us loads! They were worrying so much when we went away this weekend, nice to know they are watching out for us!! Our routine now is arriving in hospital for the 7.30am meeting then off to the wards for the ward round. Myself and Amy are on peadiatrics at the moment and Jemma and Fiona are on Infectious diseases. On peads we are able to help out on the ward round doing lots of the little jobs and often worryingly being asked things the doctors should really ... read more

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