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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 4th 2006

Arrived in Buenos Aires after a cold weather stint in Central Europe. It was mid January, so that means its summer in BsAs. Needless to say, big fans of the temperature, and soon afterwards EVERYTHING else in Argentina. After almost 2 months spent in & out of both airports and the ferry terminal in BsAs - as well as several friendly vists form Chi town crew & parents - we then departed, but have long since wished to return.... read more
Tango Show
The Chicago crew visits
Julia & Dana

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago March 4th 2006

Well, it´s been a while because, given that this is Santiago, there´s not been a whole lot to report.... Today I finally went up the funicular up Cerro San Cristóbal to see la madre de JC. Quite liked it actually, views were pretty good, and it was a completely cloudless day. Could even see a little bit of snow up in the high Andes through the smog. Kinda creepy thoug, there´s a open air church thingy right next to it with speakers blaring out recordings of services. I swear it was a funeral, the guy sounded really sad and the music wass really depressing. Made the experience that little bit different and rather surreal. Unfortunately when I arrived I realised that I´d forgetten to put the memory card back in my camera, so couldn´t take pictures. ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 4th 2006

Alright people, Rich here. Thought I would have a go at writing a blog, Zoe is doing the grammar and spelling though! Left Cusco and said goodbye to Meg and Den (Aussie mates), so its us two alone for a while! Got the bus to Puno which was alright but nothing much to do really. Got a nice room with cable TV which made up for it, so we just ate and watched loads of good films,and a bit of football when I was allowed! The main reason we went to Puno was to visit the floating islands, which where amazing. They are just built out of reeds which you can also eat and clean your teeth with, as they have calcium in them! So I havent brushed for weeks!! Hehe! Bit of a tourist scam ... read more
The fiesta on Amatani
Our lovely host family
Lake Titicaca

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Salvador March 4th 2006

My 28 hour bus ride north left Rio at 9am on the morning after Rolling Stones. My plan had been to stay up all night in the hopes of having a decent kip on the journey. As it happened I'd sneaked into the hostel I'd already checked out of and slipped into a coma on the pool table. Waking up at 8:50 I realised I had a problem. Rather conveniently, the only reason I made the bus at all was because unbeknown to me summer time had just ended and the clocks had gone back. After God knows how many weeks in Rio my body must've been pleading with me for a break as I slumped into my seat and slept for 24 hours straight! Salvador's a cool city. It's Brazil's third largest city and was ... read more
The Old Town
Second night of Carnaval
Everyone getting right back on it...

South America » Brazil » São Paulo March 4th 2006

Well, here I am back where I started a week ago in Sao Paulo. Rio was great. On Sunday night last week Daniel and I went to the Samba parade in Rio. For all the hoopla that you hear outside of Brazil, the parade is very organized and VERY safe. You have to go through 3 to 4 check points just to get into the stands and then once in the stands you must stay in your sections. At 7:30PM last Sunday, Dan and I stopped a taxi on the street, bargained the price, and took off from Copacabana to the Sambodromo. Think of the Sambodromo as a 6 lane street that is 2 km long and running along the sides are concrete block stands, no seats, that raise some 6 stories into the air. Everyone ... read more
The Sambodromo
A Raindow of Greedy Elves


South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro March 4th 2006

We arrived at our hostel at ten pm after four hours on the bus - well ahead of schedule. We were shown to our air conditioned room. It had all worked out well, the bus to Salvador would have been 16 hours, this would have been quite painful for Tas and her sunburned back, which was now glowing quite red around her ivory white panty-shaped ass. We were both asleep in minutes and late to rise so we never got to meet the kind guest who had secured our booking. The following day was spent getting our bearings. The town proved to be really nice, cheap and relaxing (the hostel had a pool). We decided to spend the next couple of days in Porto Seguro while Tas recooperated and we could catch up on the blog, ... read more

South America » Peru » Ayacucho March 4th 2006

March 3, 2006 It’s Friday night, and I’ve finished my first week of teaching. The morning class is going well, and I enjoy it, even if it means I have to get up at 6. The evening class has shrunk from about 16 to only 5 today; I’m not sure that one is going to survive. I really struggle with my Spanish. I have to sit down with a dictionary before every lesson and translate parts of it into Spanish, word by word. You can’t explain how to use a verb or use pronouns in English, to people that don’t speak English!!! Mostly everybody is pretty patient, and I get away with a lot because I’m “gringo”, which is not meant in a derogatory way at all, usually. I have to go to an office ... read more

South America » Peru » La Libertad » Trujillo March 4th 2006

Hola, Well I am back on the pacfic coast in a nice resort town of Trajillo (pronounced tra-he-yo) for some seafood and sunrays after a long, but incredibly scenic overnight bus ride from Loja, Ecuador. The bus went through the world's driest desert (the same desert Trajillo is in, not that you would know), a spectacular sight. On the far right of the bus view sat the ominous silhouette of some frighteningly high andean peaks. To the close right, extending into the peaks, was a perfectly flat desert. The sight looked like giant rocks had slid over, and completely demoloished, Saskachawan. To the right you could see the same flat nothingness except throughout were little, almost man-made looking but too amazingly numerous to possibly be, sand bumps, like a desert with acne, or something. To the ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz March 4th 2006

Yes, I know it sounds incredibly foolish, and yes, I may be risking life and limb for a good Travelblog entry, but dammit it just sounds so cool! The weather is supposed to be cool and more excitingly, foggy! That´s great, cos I really don´t want to see the gaping chasm to my left when I´m concentrating on avoiding the oncoming trucks and buses that can´t see me. If I live to write another journal, I´ll post some piccies. But I digress, back to where I left off last time. Left the farm in Medoza in search of protein - as great as a fully organic, fruit-and-veg based diet sounds, when you´re doing manual labour, you need something to keep your muscles from disintegrating. First stop after Mendoza was Cordoba. This was only a day visit, ... read more
what´s the time?
Iglesia San Francisco at night
the world´s prettiest stormwater drains

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito March 4th 2006

OK Folks, it has finally happened! I have been attacked by a monkey! I must say it was quite exciting. Nadia, one of the volunteers, was attacked by the same monkey, but my attack was not as bad. She was bitten and scratched but I just had my hair pulled. This little monkey does not like females at all. This was Nadia´s last week, she is headed back home to South Africa. Kyle and I are a little upset but we got two new girls from Seattle. We are hanging in Quito with them this weekend and next we are off to Baños. We also got a few new animals this week. We got three wooly monkeys, a squirrel monkey, two turtles, and a parrot. A wooly monkey escaped and was found at a neighboring farm ... read more

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