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by tim After six and a half weeks we finally arrived in Rio. Nine Dragoman/Encounter trucks carrying 120 people had descended from all over South America on the Hotel Paysandu. Our first night there was the Red and Black ball. This we had been pre-warned was an event which saw several thousand people dressed in Red and Black converge on a nightclub called the Scala club. The point of it was fairly obscure apart from the fact that the woman generally got mauled by the local bloke's. I was'nt really looking forward to it but it was just one of those things we felt we had to do. The first few hours were as expected, my worst nightmare. The place was packed with blokes just out for a cheap thrill. Caroline and Precious, dressed in minimilistic ... read more
The Girlies
Rio De Janeiro
Favelas of Rio

South America » Brazil » Minas Gerais March 1st 2006

The trip from Rio has been a whirlwind to say the least. I left Rio late Weds night after a few farewell drinks in the hostel bar. And found out the numerous bites were not Mossies, so I don't have to moan at Adrian for the attracting Insect Repellant. They were flea bites from the TV room sofa, lovely.... I left Bluey and Marcus on the hunt for the rumoured best brothel in the world... No direct bus to my desired destination, so a 7 hour journey to Belo Horizonte on a very comfortable bus! Much better than a plane. It arrived 30mins late so I had to sleep in the station until the 9am bus to Diamantina. This bus not as fancy and it picked up locals in any street they waved from. Not sure ... read more
Ouro Preto 1
Ouro Preto 2
Ouro Preto 3

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro March 1st 2006

I'm having a few problems getting photos uploaded to this blog, technology is letting me down, so I'm going to publish it with the few photos I've got up and hopefully will add some more once technology improves so check back in a couple of days and keep your fingers crossed. Rio was fun, great fun, hard work all that partying, but we definitely "did" Rio in the week we were there. Here it is in pictures: The Red and Black Ball Originally a fund raiser for one of the Rio football teams, now just an excuse to get dressed up (in black and red), party and generally have a good time. Kicks off around 11 at night and we were home and tucked up in bed by 5. Rio - The City Did some touristy ... read more
Carnival 2
Carnival 4
Carnival 6

South America » Ecuador » South » Vilcabamba March 1st 2006

This is part of an email I sent to my mom today: I went out with Joe last night (and Angie, Joe´s boyfriend who is here for six weeks) and I am pretty sure that I am glad to have them here. Still having a great time, doing lots of reading and partying. Carnivale is an absolute riot. You get soaked everytime you step out your door, both with water and with silly string. Vilcabamba (pronounced Bilcabamba,´V´s in spanish are pronounced ´b´.) is the hotspot for the surrounding areas and there must have been 5000 people on the streets, many drunk but all in good spirit. Daniel has said that he is going to be in Toronto for a while in late april and I have been talking to Kayvon about doing a month in Montreal ... read more

Like the title says...words cannot possibly describe what Rio is like during Carnaval. At first, I didn´t think much of Rio...just as another city with a beach. The city is overwhelming with its contrasts and the people. The first thing that I did was meet up with Hassan at his place. Next day we got our keys and the whole gang met up. Oggie, John and Hassan are the partners in crime here. The next day we went to the travel agency to get ripped off like every freaking GRINGO should. When I talked to the locals, i found out that we paid at least double for the Carnaval tickets along with a bunch of other things. But how fun is that if you don´t get raped with the prices? So the first thing we did ... read more
View from CristoRedentor
MARACANA Football Stadium
Sugar Loaf Mountain


Not sure why our flights both to and back from Florianopolis were in the middle of the night, but it all worked out. We arrived very tired early in the morning on Thursday, Feb 23. My friend Steve, his wife Tunica and Max (their 2 year old), were not coming until the next day...they said the maid would let us in the house eventually, and she did. Locked out for most of the day, however, we napped by and swam in the glorious pool- peering inside the house of windows at the ample comforts within. Wow! This was my friend's beach house! In fact the house is on the *cover* of a Brazilian Architectural magazine. We checked out the beach just across the street (AWESOME!) and had some Lula Milanesa (Fried Calamari). Later that night, we ... read more
Karma enjoying being locked out
Daily Routine> Martha
Beach Gettin Crowded

South America » Peru March 1st 2006

OK, we're really sorry that it has taken this long for us to write...between travelling and our crazy lives, we've been a bit delayed. Anyways, this is our attempt to encapsulate the last two months in one entry. Take a deep breath and here we go.... . we celebrated the new year with much excitement. we made jellow shots, went dancing out in the streets with our peruvian friends and their families, and watched the traditional new year's dolls burn away. we had a really great time and felt very accustomed to our new surroundings, passing one beer among us all until it was finished and needing to walk two blocks away to find a house that had a "bathroom" we could use. (by "bathroom" i mean a hole in the floor with a cement block ... read more

San Pedro is a quiet dusty town in the north of Chile, in the middle of the desert. It is so hot here and really really dry. It has some amazing natural wonders, volcanoes, geysers and the valley of the moon, land which is apparently similar to the moon (so similar that NASA come here to test out their equipment). We are not here for long, just enough time to see the valley of the moon. It was amazing, the landscape like nothing I have seen before. We walked along the valley and into crevices, we ran down sand dunes - sinking into them as we went down. It was lots of fun. We climbed to the highest place to watch the sunset and it was stunning. As soon as the sun went down the sand ... read more
The dusty streets of San Pedro
The sun setting..
The Moon??

South America » Peru » Ayacucho March 1st 2006

Hi everybody Everytime I do this, I have a hard time thinking of where to begin. I had my first class this morning and I thought it went really well. My Spanish tutor is in the class, and she kept cringing everytime I mangled a word in Spanish, which was often!! We had a good time, and by the end of the class I had 16 adults singing the ABC song! There are so many things to write about. Today´s adventure was trying to buy some real coffee. No Wegman´s, that´s for sure-took me 3 hrs. First walk 1/2 hr to the market. Second find the shop, named ¨New York Cafe¨. Then, listen while the proprietor lectures you (in Spanish, I´m only picking up about every 3rd word, but nodding and smiling) about the 3 kinds ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Caravelas March 1st 2006

The journey to Caravelas was via a town called Teixeira De Freitas or Texas Chips as it came to be known by me and Tas. The bus station was horrible and we had to spend 3 hours there waiting for a connecting bus to Caravelas. We were being watched all the time and I am sure that if we had taken our eyes off our bags for any period of time they would have been stolen. Still 'it's all good' as the Aussies say and we arrived at the quiet town of Caravelas in good fettle mid- afternoon. We found a hostel and headed straight out to book our two day/1 night tour of Abrolhos National Park. In this case all was not good, no one did two day tours, they now only did three day ... read more

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