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South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 13th 2012

Our arrival in the highest capital city in the world (alt. 3400m), La Paz was fascinating. The city is set in a massive valley and is chockablock to the rim and can only be described as a gigantic bowl of buildings! The first thing that struck us was the general chaos and busyness of the streets. Traffic was manic as busses, cars and trucks were trying to get through already jam-packed roads full of people. And of course, road rules and traffic lights are optional extras to be followed. La Paz is unlike any city we’ve seen so far. The valley makes it feel like the city is going to swallow you at any minute. Like walking the streets near our hotel and rounding the corner and finding ourselves in one of La Paz’s most popular ... read more
Illamani looming over La Paz
Saffa's in La Paz
The local La Paz busses

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 6th 2012

Sucre knows how to party.... They seem to be at it all the bloody time! We arrived yesterday morning to what seemed to be an all-day parade, brass bands aplenty (with some rather inappropriately dressed young lady band members - the costume designer may have watched Austin Powers a few too many times), and have just spent the last few hours at some crazy fun fair with what appears to be the entire population of Sucre. We had to leave for 2 reason - 1. we got our arses kicked at Table football by some little kids, and 2, we seem to be unable to resist the array of fried and/orsweet food stuffs available at every corner and if we didn´t leave we would have both been sick. Eating win of the night, my smokin´ hot ... read more
Instant party
Hmm, scarf, or llama foetus? Decisions...

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 3rd 2012

We decided to take a day trip to Lake Titicaca from La Paz. It happened to be Friday the 3rd of August which is a day of celebration by Bolivian students and teachers. The streets were choked with parades and demonstrations, leading up to Independence Day (the 6th August). We were picked up early by the minibus and made our way back up the hill to El Alto, the sprawling con-urb above La Paz. Crowds were gathering even before 8am and our driver wound his way through all the back streets and alleys in order to keep us moving forward. People were dressed formally. The kids in dress uniforms. We crossed the relatively barren plains outside El Alto and towards Copacabana. The first sight of the lake was over low marshy country. The Totora reeds grow ... read more
Private barge on Titicaca
Copacabana from the high land

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 2nd 2012

We made an early start to the bus station and onto the Diana tours bus. There were lots of travellers milling about and half-burnt diesel in the air. The bus driver was separated from the passengers by a door, that is locked in transit. Luckily the promised video presentations did not eventuate - no more violent movies thanks. We made many stops for more passengers, almost all locals. The approach of the bus was heralded with few beeps. Passed what seemed to be a toxic waste dump – not very well contained. Passed over a mountain pass that must have been 5500m – certainly could feel the lack of oxygen. Made a scheduled ablutions stop that was rich in sights and smells. On the positive side, despite little large vegetation, the colours and textures of the ... read more
Sucre street juicer
Liberatad museum
Joan of Bolivia

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 2nd 2012

Damien and I had made into Bolivia after 2 buses and a 2 and a half wait inbetween. We had arrived in Copacabana which isn't as glamorous as its namesake in Brazil but has a little charm for itself. At this point I wasn't feeling too great and was keen to go and get myself a private room. Damien was happy with the idea too so we scouted out a decent hotel and checked in. We then took a walk around to see what type of tour we could get for the next day involving Lake Titicaca obviously. There seemed to be a couple of options and Isla del Sol was what we were thinking before we arrived but after seeing some pictures we weren't too keen so chose to take a look at the Floating ... read more
Me and Damien on the Floating Island
La Paz


South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz August 2nd 2012

In a desperate state of despair, we had to leave Potosi. Although pleasant in many ways, one could loose the will to live as boredom sets in heavily just 4 hours after arriving. Potosi is famous for its silver mines, but if you don't fancy taking a mine tour (which both of us did not, after having visited several of the beasts in our country by force of academic conditioning) there is naff all else to do! Andys list of 'fun' things to do in potosi: 1. Befriend stray dogs. One such dog, which I named jeff and G named toffee, so as an amalgamation of the two names the vagrant flea bag was christened joffee! Joffee was a pleasant wee beast, after we befriended him he became very protective, overly protective to be honest and ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz July 28th 2012

Hola mi amigos, nach der langen nachetlichen Busfahrt von Uyuni nach La Paz sind wir am Dienstag am fruehen Vormittag angekommen. Mit dem Taxi fuhren wir zu unseren angedachten Hostels. Nachdem das REPUBLICA doch zu teuer war, checkte ich im Bashn Crash ein. Seitdem bin ich in La Paz. Von den bolivianischen Grossstaedten gefaellt mir La Paz bisher am besten. Durch das huegelige Gelaende wurden die Strassen und Gebauede im Kellergassenformat aufgestellt. Verwinkelte Strasse, Gassen und Ecken geben der Stadt einen gewissen Charme, welche eine Flachstadt eben vermissen laesst. Steile Aufstiege von einem Stadtteil zum naechsten, mit mehreren 100m Hoehenunterschied sind Alltag. Ich moechte zu La Paz selbst aber nicht so viel schreiben. Neben Sightseeing und neuen fluechtigen Bekanntschaften im Hostel ging es ab und zu mal mit Amigos in eine Bar. Mein persoenlicher Highlight war ... read more
gobierno del asiento
Desfile en La Paz 1

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 30th 2012

Bolivia is cheaper than Peru. Taxis are also cheap – about 10-15 Boliviano (USD$1 = 6.7Bolivano) for a 20-30minutes ride. Copacabana was my first stop in the country, much nicer than Puno in Peru. I did the half a day tour of sun Island. This island is so beautiful; hiking up the island was not easy. Some old guy I met on the boat happily gave me the tour of the Island. He explained the difference between the Sun Temple and the Palacio de Inca. The former is a spiritual journey while the later is physical structure with great significant for the Incas. The food in Copacabana is also not so great. La Paz was fun. I stayed with a couchsurfer in Miraflores part of town. I went winter shopping in La Paz in a market ... read more
Bolivia 038
Train Wreck 2
salt lake

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 24th 2012

A mildly eventful bus journey had taken us from Uyuni to Tupiza, one where our driver simply abandoned the bus in the middle of some back-country mining village, only to re-board our vehicle an hour later perhaps with a little more ‘confidence’ before almost driving us off the side of a cliff. Of course I say ‘mildly’ more so because of all the truly horrific stories you hear about Bolivian roads, a country which proudly boasts ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Road,’ otherwise known as ‘El Camino de la Muerte,’ a road where even the most moderate (or morbid) of estimates puts the death toll at over 1,000! I suppose, thankfully, that our own experience could only be slotted into the placid category on the spectrum. And so, after a mild ride, we had little enthusiasm for ... read more
Beautiful Sucre
Woman in 25 de Mayo square

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz June 22nd 2012

La Paz was a real mixed bag for us. Being one of the highest capital cities in the world it brings lots of surprises. We arrived in darkness to see the never ending sight of beauty with lights filling all the mountains and valleys. It truly was spectacular and one of the coolest sights on entering a city I have seen. Here the hills are even more prominent than elsewhere in Bolivia and they also bring a story to the way of life. If you are poorer here then you live atop these mountains and to take party in city life then you must clamber down from the highest points of the city to doing your trading. You can clamber down and up by foot which would be extremely difficult or squeeze into the many minivans ... read more
Death Road Tour
Death Road Tour
Death Road Tour

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