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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 12th 2009

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Main Plaza

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 6th 2009

This past weekend, Bolivia took the opportunity to celebrate Halloween, All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Needless to say, everything was closed -- including a lot of transportation. Meaning I was stuck in Sucre, the judicial capital of Bolivia. I came to Sucre hoping to do some trekking in the surrounding valleys, but found that unlike the more touristy areas, the price is based on the number of people. And all the travelers I met in Sucre seemed to be more inclined to partying than hiking. On Saturday I took the "Dino Bus" up to the Crustaceous Park, which contains the alleged "longest track of dinosaur footprints in the world." It´s actually pretty cool (the tracks were made horizontally, but uplifting of the Andean plate has made them almost vertical), but felt more like Disneyland, ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 2nd 2009

Our arrival at Sucre and finding a bed was one of the greatest reliefs of our trip. As I had said in the previous blog we had been up at 4.30am to the airport in La Paz, flight cancelled, and then waiting around for our night bus to Sucre. Bolivia being much cheaper than anywhere else we opted for the Bus Cama, at 180 degrees we thought we would need it. The company sold us the tickets, but we had heard rumours that there was a roadblock on the way (not that anyone in the company mentioned it to us, always happy for a sale in South America!). The bus meandered around town, like it was picking up people to come on the bus and sell or beg, one guy even blasted out a song. We ... read more
Maragua Crater
Lovely warm, clean Sucre
Pumamachay rock painting

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 2nd 2009

Oct 29, 2009 We arrived in Sucre around 0730 after our very adventurous first experience in Bolivia. Despite the stress and lack of sleep, we both seemed to be rejuvenated by finally arriving in Sucre. We initially opted to go to a hostel right across the bus stop, but the lack of foreigners, WIFI, and free breakfast influenced us to go to another hostel. We had done some research and found a great hostel, Wasi Masi. Fortunately the hostel we initially went to was nice enough to call us a cab and do the price negotiation for us. Since we arrived in the early morning, we couldn’t check in until afternoon. Rosanne, the innkeeper, was very nice and gave us a free breakfast with tea. As we were waiting around until check-in time, we met lots ... read more
San Francisco Church
Wasi Masi hostel
Nice, tame dog

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 19th 2009

Hola Amigos and Amigas, Before I start I should note that all figures noted herein and in all future blogs are in Australian Dollars and certainly do not include GST! I will always report the figures as it will blow your mind as to how damn cheap it is over here! It is also worth me telling you that the national currency of Bolivia is "Bolivianos"- I could only wish for our currency to be called Australianos! How good would that be? We commenced our Sud American travels in Santa Cruz, Bolivia after 30 something hours of travel from Hamburg Germany. Our first flirt with Bolivian life was a 15 minute ($4.00 each) taxi ride from the airport to our chosen hostel in the south of the city. It was mental, no seat belts and seemingly ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 16th 2009

The first thing we spotted on our arrival in Sucre was an icecream parlour, and succumbing to temptation, we headed here for peach melba and Viennese sundaes before looking for digs. This was to set the tone for the remainder of our stay. Apart from some nice walks, the best thing about Sucre was the food. We stayed in a quite nice hotel just off the main square, and spent some time just wandering around and sussing out things to entertain us for the next couple of days. That night we found an intersting Dutch/Bolivian restaurant and ate far too much and had our first bottle of wine since santiago (yes, unbelievable I know). I had a quinoa soup and a spicy chicken thing with freeze-dried rehydrated potatoes, which are quite a delicacy in the area. ... read more

Our last day in La Paz was spent watching the Wimbledon final and eating a proper dinner, as all Sundays should be spent. That afternoon we headed to the bus station in a cab driven my a man wearing a rather fetching all in one Addisdas tracksuit. We were just about to comment when he splurted out some amazing English. Phew! We jumped on an overnight bus to Sucre, the real capital of Bolivia, where Nic and I would be enrolling in Spanish school for the last time. We arrived early the next morning and after a snooze headed out to find a suitable Spanish school and some voluntary work teaching English. Thankfully we found both. Spanish school from 8.30am until 12.30pm and teaching English to 10-12 year olds in the afternoons. Classes started the next ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 27th 2009

After 20 hours on the Death Train we spent a few hours in Santa Cruz, a few hours was enough - not much to see or do. We then took an overnight bus to Sucre. Bolivian buses and roads are something to be experienced. The buses are very basic with no facilities, a bit of a challenge when the journeys are so long - in time if not distance. Once out of towns the roads are not much more than dirt tracks. So our journey of ~400km took 15 hours, about the same 30km/h average speed as the train !!!!! but it was cheap b$70 (US$10) per person. Our fellow passengers were all locals and an interesting bunch, the guy across the aisle smoked, spat, talked to himself, shouted and whistled at people we passed in ... read more
Lunch (US$1.25 for each)

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 24th 2009

18/06/09 After waiting for nearly 3 hrs Angela said she had read of a place run by a trench man and a Swiss woman and so we set off for Dolche Vita which was surprisingly close to town and they had one room left. The place was marvellous after spending nearly a week in sub standard acc it was great to have a comfortable bed and a very hot shower! The owners spoke very good French german and English making it very easy for us to know what to do. And so at about 12 we went out to see what Sucre was like. Well we were in for a surprise, the quiet town centre had changed into a bustling city with people and taxis everywhere, the major difference being that the cars run on gas ... read more
Sucre at 11 am
Bus to Potosi
From Potosi to Sucre

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre June 21st 2009

Sucre (6th and 7th of June) and Villamontes (8th of June 2009) After a taxi ride with the craziest driver in the world (we really nearly got driven over by a lorry), we landed outside the Amigo hostel. Richard and I got a room there for 65 bolivianas (we thought that was each, until I paid the next day) and went for some lunch with the Irish and English guys from the taxi. After lunch, we ventured to the bus station where we found out about getting to Paraguay from Bolivia and then took a colectivo back to town. We wandered for a bit, enjoyed the colonial grandeur of the city. Sucre is the constitutional capital of Bolivia and its Colonial buildings ensured it became a world heritage sight in 1991. It's a pretty town and ... read more

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