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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre December 17th 2008

Now then, let me begin this entry with an admission. Jurassic Park ranks a lot higher in my list of favourite films of all time than it probably really should for a 23 year old male. So when the opportunity came to go to a real life Jurassic Park near Sucre, I jumped at it. Or rather I jumped on a bus to it. Which I kind of told you about last time. Anyway, arriving in Sucre, I naturally had slept like a baby on the bus, so was full of beans and wanted to jump straight on the "Dino Bus" to the footprints. However, also quite predictably, Beth hadn't slept so well, so wanted to have a bit of a kip first. That was fair enough, and gave me a chance to wander round Bolivia's ... read more
Dino Footprints

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre December 16th 2008

The bus ride from Potosi to Sucre was alas paved and smooth, my bum surely apreciated such a thing. And it was again very beautiful giving the passengers sweeping views of vast valleys below. Sucre is, however, completely different then the rest of Bolivia. It seems as though all of Bolivia´s money found its way to Sucre, the cars are even in better shape then in Argentina. they have a mall with a cinima and everything, all the kids drive wear designer clothes and drive tinted windowed racers. The reason there is so much money here is casue sucre is the secondery capital, the national courts are here, and so there are a lot of politicians, and in such a corupt country, politics and wealth are one and the same. Bolivia recently elected Evo Moralles, as ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre December 1st 2008

Sucre is the perfect antidote to La Paz. Very relaxed, long tree lined streets, a stunning central plaza, magnificent whitewashed colonial buildings and a year round perfect climte, but above all, it has oxygen! We had been above 3000 meters for nearly 2 months and it can get tiresome being out of breath just getting in the shower. Sucre is the actual capital of Bolivia and it's hard to tell that you are in Bolivia at first. Sucre seems to be pretty affluent and it felt a little like Argentina, none the less, it is Bolivia and it has its own special characteristics and it's a shame we could only spend one night there. It was so strange to be in a city that was quiet, relaxed, unpolluted and so beautiful. Copacabana had it's charms, but ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 29th 2008 will be eating bread, butter and jam every morning, instant coffee included. But come on....Nescafe...NO ES CAFE. will be spending more than the alotted time in the bathroom because you're folding and hoarding wads of toliet paper. ...the words "WHERE AM I?" fall out of your mouth all too often.'ll go on "fluid restriction" hours before boarding a night bus in Bolivia because you know it will be 5 hours before the first potty break, which in reality means everyone milling about zombie-like at 1am in the street (aka a dusty path), looking for the bathroom (aka the spot you choose to relieve yourself on) ...things are still found "al fondo." ...everyone will be assigned the same two setas on a bus, which of course leads to a lot of arguing. ...your clothes ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 5th 2008

Hello again!! This computer is really good and the photos upload in record time (although I dont have many for Sucre anyway) so I thought i might as well do a quick blog for Sucre while Im here! :o) We got to Sucre, capital of Bolivia, early evening and stayed at the cheapest hostel recommended by the Lonely Planet but was more expensive than we had paid anywhere else in Bolivia but breakfast was included so decided to stay there! Things started typically well...... i manged to electrocute myself within 5 minutes of being in the room (its always me!).. all i did was stick the bedside table lamp in the socket and the whole thing exploded and electrocuted me! ouch! :o( The beds were reaaaaaaaally umcompfy and breakfast was absolutely disgusting... just mouldy bread! So ... read more
Marieke and me on our last evening!


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 3rd 2008

Dag 143. Eirik var tidlig oppe, og satte seg i patioen for aa lese. Kl. 07 kom Guy og spurte om Eirik hadde penger, i tilfelle han fikk fatt i billetter til kampen. Et par timer seinere kom Guy tilbake - han hadde tatt drosje til stadion og staatt i billettko der. Han kjopte de dyreste billettene, som kostet 40 bs. pr.pers., slik at vi kunne sitte under kampen. Vi gikk til den samme kafeen ved plazaen for aa spise frokost der sammen med Nicky, Guy og Jeremy. Etterpaa gikk vi paa supermarked for aa kjope haarfarge til Jane. Hun farget haaret for vi kl. 14 skulle treffes for aa gaa paa stadion. Da vi skulle gaa var det saavidt begynt aa regne litt, saa vi bestemte oss for aa ta paa oss regnjakker. Kampen skulle ... read more
Timene for cupfinalen
Aurora sine supportere
Skyer over stadion

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre November 2nd 2008

Dag 142. Vi tok drosje fra bussterminalen til Backpackers Sucre Hostel, som vi hadde funnet i Footprint reisehaandboken. Nicky og Guy var der allerede, selv om vi ikke hadde avtalt aa treffes. De sa at frokosten paa hostellet ikke var noe saerlig, saa vi gikk med Carolina, Marjorie og Jeremy for aa spise frokost paa en kafe like ved hovedplazaen. Vi fikk stor amerikansk frokost med speilegg, toast, syltetoy, juice og kaffe/te for kun 18 b.s. Jane kjopte varm sjokolade i tillegg, som smakte nesten helt likt som Friele kokekakao hjemme. Etterpaa gikk vi rundt og kikket i byens koselige gater. Sucre var grunnlagt i 1538, da med navnet La Plata. Navnet ble senere endret til Chuquisaca, for den i 1825 fikk dagens navn. Sucre er av lov, Bolivias hovedstad, selv om regjering og all administrasjon ... read more
Jane spiser fokost
Plazaen i Sucre
Katedralen i Sucre

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 28th 2008

Sucre is a nice respite from the chaos our lives had become in La Paz. We lived like vampires, staying out till dawn and sleeping while it was light, then each night attempting to pickle our livers for several days straight. Unlike those fictious beings, and unlike my previous days of college, I can´t handle rocking out like that anymore. Getting to Sucre, walking around the calm streets of Bolivia´s colonial capital, has been fantastic. We arrived off our first night bus in Bolivia much more well rested than expected. We heard a lot of horror stories, and was expecting the worst, but it wasn´t that painful. I was crammed against a wall and couldn´t strech my legs much beyond a 90 degree angle, they couldn´t close the sunroof so it got to be around 50 ... read more
Soy de Sucre
Park Bench
Main Plaza

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 8th 2008

In Sucre war fuer uns erst mal Sparen angesagt. Fuer ganze 7 CHF uebernachteten wir zu zweit inklusive heisser Dusche und Kuechenbenutzung im Hostelling Sucre. Es war sauber und gar nicht so schlecht. Sucre ist ein schoenes Studistaedtchen und ich bekam richtig Sehnsucht nach der guten alten Studizeit. Ich sollte wohl nochmals Vorlesungsstress haben ;-). Jedenfalls haben wir den Tag in Sucre sehr genossen: die Leute sind hier deutlich gebildeter und wohlhabender als im Rest des Landes. Die Haeuser sind besser erhalten und teurer gebaut - es gibt tolle Gebaeude. Besonders gefallen hat uns Recoleta, eine Anhoehe mit schoenem Blick ueber die Stadt und einem traumhaft gemuetlichen Cafe mit leckeren frischen Jugos. Am zweiten Tag in der Stadt genehmigten wir uns eine gefuehrte Tour in die Cordillera de los Frailes. Wer uns kennt, weiss ja, wie ... read more
Strasse in Sucre
Auf der Plaza in Sucre
Cafe Mirador in Recoleta

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 24th 2008

I have successfully survived the pantanal...which was really was yet another mini bus to get us there....followed by a truck to take us further in to where we were staying... we stayed in one massive barn ' everyone in hammocks...which was fun, altho def. brought out the schoolkid mentality in everybody as the first night was spent listening to fart and snoring jokes, giggling and finished off by someone vomiting onto the concrete floor...which was particularly pleasant... it was quite an active few days...started off by doing a 2 hour horse trek thru the wetlands...which was all fine apart from the time when i allowed my horse to bite one of my new found friends... then came the piranha fishing - which involved standing up to one´s waist in a piranha infested swamp...apparently hollywood has ... read more

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