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South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre October 8th 2008

In Sucre war fuer uns erst mal Sparen angesagt. Fuer ganze 7 CHF uebernachteten wir zu zweit inklusive heisser Dusche und Kuechenbenutzung im Hostelling Sucre. Es war sauber und gar nicht so schlecht. Sucre ist ein schoenes Studistaedtchen und ich bekam richtig Sehnsucht nach der guten alten Studizeit. Ich sollte wohl nochmals Vorlesungsstress haben ;-). Jedenfalls haben wir den Tag in Sucre sehr genossen: die Leute sind hier deutlich gebildeter und wohlhabender als im Rest des Landes. Die Haeuser sind besser erhalten und teurer gebaut - es gibt tolle Gebaeude. Besonders gefallen hat uns Recoleta, eine Anhoehe mit schoenem Blick ueber die Stadt und einem traumhaft gemuetlichen Cafe mit leckeren frischen Jugos. Am zweiten Tag in der Stadt genehmigten wir uns eine gefuehrte Tour in die Cordillera de los Frailes. Wer uns kennt, weiss ja, wie ... read more
Strasse in Sucre
Auf der Plaza in Sucre
Cafe Mirador in Recoleta

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 24th 2008

I have successfully survived the pantanal...which was really was yet another mini bus to get us there....followed by a truck to take us further in to where we were staying... we stayed in one massive barn ' everyone in hammocks...which was fun, altho def. brought out the schoolkid mentality in everybody as the first night was spent listening to fart and snoring jokes, giggling and finished off by someone vomiting onto the concrete floor...which was particularly pleasant... it was quite an active few days...started off by doing a 2 hour horse trek thru the wetlands...which was all fine apart from the time when i allowed my horse to bite one of my new found friends... then came the piranha fishing - which involved standing up to one´s waist in a piranha infested swamp...apparently hollywood has ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 23rd 2008

Day 84 - Sunday 21 September: A relaxing Sunday in Sucre Arrive in Sucre after a draining 13 hour bus ride sometime after 8am. In fairness it could have been stomach holds up and I get a decent nights sleep considering part of the journey is on unpaved roads. The risk in taking the bus last night was worth it! Check into the hostel nearest to the bus station....I've got a dorm to myself and the only other people here appear to be a German school group. I know there is football on (Man Utd v Chelsea) which I'd like to watch so ask at reception where they'll have it on in Sucre.......result, they have it on cable in the hostel. Manage to catch the last 10 minutes of the first half and the second ... read more
2. Legislative Building, Sucre
5. Cathedral, Sucre
14. The site where they found Dinosaur tracks

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 18th 2008

A new week arrives in Bolivia. The bodies of several supporters of Evo Morales have been found murdered in the northern region of Pando. The governor of the region has been arrested on orders from La Paz. He is accused of paying death squads to hunt down the supporters and kill them. Meanwhile, in La Paz, all non-essential personnel have been evacuated from the United States embassy. Two full flights of American citizens have been evacuated from the La Paz airport, and the State Department is strongly warning against all travel into Bolivia - fearing violence against Americans. Things in Bolivia are bad. But this is just embarrassing. The UK Foreign Office is saying that travel to Bolivia is fine, but that Santa Cruz and Pando should definitely be avoided. My fellow Americans: CHILL OUT. Our ... read more
Ailbhe, Mike, Ross, and Tony
Photo 2
Photo 3

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 13th 2008

Etter noen kalde dager i Salar de Uyuni var det deilig aa komme til Sucre. Vi hadde egentlig tenkt oss innom gruvebyen Potosi paa veien, men det er blitt omlegging i planene og vi proever aa spare inn tid. Sucre ligger hoeyt, men har et betydelig bedre klima saa det var bare aa finne frem shortsen. Sucre er en betydningsfull by i Bolivias historie, det var her de erklaerte seg uavhengige og loesrev seg fra Spania i 1825. Saa det blir paa en maate Bolivias svar paa Eidsvoll da kanskje... Vi spanderte paa oss litt komfort i hverdagen, og tok inn paa et straalende hotell i en gammel kollonialbygning. Greit aa slaa paa stortrommen naar det bare koster 200 kr natten. Siden vi hadde et flott hotell ville vi gjerne benytte mest mulig tid paa hotellet. ... read more


South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre September 13th 2008

And after all, we're only ordinary men My last morning in Potosí is a lazy one. I had intended on leaving for Sucre at around 8am, but I seem to have found an excuse to pack and repack my things a few times over. The reason is probably that my tiny one-bed room has a crummy little television parked on a small end table. The local cable service is loaded with an array of Spanish-speaking and Brazilian channels. But it also provides CNN International. Not my first choice of journalistic integrity, but I've been completely disconnected from the planet for a few weeks. I'll take anything. One of the main topics of discussion is Bolivia. Protests in Santa Cruz and the northern region of Pando have ratcheted up a few notches. The U.S. State Department is ... read more
La Entrada de los Niños
La Entrada de los Niños
La Entrada de los Niños

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 31st 2008

Our last few weeks haven´t really been much to write home about with a lot of disappointing towns and hours and hours of bus rides. We took a long way round to arrive in Santa Cruz but were immediately disappointed with this city too after getting our hopes up that it would be somewhere to spend a few days. In reality there really isn´t that much to do, it´s not that pretty and our 2nd of 2 days there consisted of a citywide strike so nothing was open at all.. no breakfast.. no lunch... no fun! We left Santa Cruz with a new travel plan lined up to visit the places that Che Guevera spent his last days. Unfortuantley for us Santa Cruz region decided to put up blockades on all the roads out of the ... read more
Vallagrande market
Sucre Plaza
Mural by the laundry room

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 29th 2008

Bolivian politics. Best visualised by a game of rugby/gridiron. One side is given the ball, and run where they want to with it. The rest of the field is in a state of carnage. * three distinct regions, with three distinct languages (plus Spanish) * overlaid with the legacy of a colonial hierarchical privilege and race driven structure * carefully placed natural resources (incl. natural gas en masse) sitting under some of the population - as it happens the wealthier group * add the first ethnic president (ever) pushing for change, combined with his anti-US tendencies regardless of pragmatism. And now you have a crude appreciation for some of the complexities exploding in this, the poorest Latin American country. So as we entered Bolivia via the remote back blocks of the spectacular Uyuni salars, we were ... read more
Nice place to sit in the sun
Energiser bunny
Marshalling something happy.

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 18th 2008

I'm sitting here in Sucre, Bolivia stuffing my mouth with bon bons. They are tasty. Apparently Sucre is the chocolate capitol of Bolivia. It's probably also the bon bon capitol of the world. Just before the bon bons I was eating the first dinner I've prepared for myself on this whole trip. I made an egg and cheese sandwich with tomatoes. It was kinda bomb. This I think is officially my worst blog ever. Sucre is nice by the way. Where did all my writing inspiration go? I probably keep going on about food because since I've been in Bolivia I haven't had much of an appetite and it finally came back today. After leaving Puno, I was in La Paz for about a day then continued on to Uyuni to see these salt flats everyone ... read more
Llama fetuses
Where am I?
Isla Incahuasi

South America » Bolivia » Chuquisaca Department » Sucre August 3rd 2008

Well, it's been quite a while since I last blogged, so heres the latest installment. I last wrote as we boarded the bus from Rosario to Cordoba in Argentina. Here goes: Monday 07th July Chilled in Cordoba. Bought Steak from supermarket for tea. It was AR$9 (1.50 quid) and would have fed about four of us! It was fab! Tuesday 08th July Did Cordoba's sights. There's lots of nice buildings, but we've seen loads of nice buildings already! We saw the Basilica de Nuestra Señora de la Mercad, Cabildo Iglesia Catedral, Iglesia de la Compañia de Jesus, Iglesia de Snta Teresa y Convento de Carmelitos Descalaz de San Jose, Museo de Arte Religioso Juand de Tejeda, Plaza Velez Sarsfield, and the Plaza de la Independencia where the Falklands Memorial is. Wednesday 09th July Argentine Independance Day! ... read more
Hubba Bubba Thingy!
Big Cactus

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