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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle March 27th 2007

I was convinced that Gina’s blood curdling scream would have made even Helen Keller run for the door. The subsequent stares and eventual laughter from the crowd came as no surprise. Typically strong willed and not easily scared, my wife had the unfortunate pleasure of being the target of a practical joke. As the guide on our flashlight-lit tour of Fremantle prison explained how the chain link mesh was installed above the main floor where we were standing to protect guards from prisoners’ aerial assaults, a life-sized cotton dummy hurtled from the darkness and landed directly above Gina. She had spotted the projectile mere milliseconds before its impact and reacted with the agility of a deer caught in an 18-wheeler’s headlights. En route to Cervantes the morning prior, Gina determined that we should overnight in Fremantle, ... read more
The Round House
In the Stocks
No Escape

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle March 25th 2007

G'day folks, We've made it to the land of Koalas, Roos, Dags, Flaming Gallahs, Alf Stewart and crap sports folk. We're here for about 8 or 9 weeks (not decided yet) to take in a few sights, a few old friends and a few aussie beers (already cracking on well on that front). Got the flight from Singapore over to Perth and it went very smoothly. Nice bit of luxury flying after the Air Asia flights. Got decent tucker and polished off a few coldies on the way over. Mrs Deane has already got stuck into the Australian reds. On the way over I watched Happy Feet and The Devil Wears Prada while Mrs Deane checked out The Departed and Rocky Balboa. I may have got that the wrong way round. Landed and went through the ... read more
Mrs Deane - underwater
Peter Andre - Underwater
Rottnest Island, very nice

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle March 3rd 2007

Went into Perth then went to catch the Freemantle train for 3 stops to Subiaco which is supposed to have the good souvenir market, the trains were not running and was replaced with a bus. The market was not that good so took the next bus and went to Freemantle for the day.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle February 21st 2007

Got up early and caught the bus into Perth arrived in Perth at 8:50 just missed the ferry to Freemantle, instead I caught the 9:15 train to Freemantle and I could use the bus ticket as they have a 2 hour validity period and can be used for bus and trains. Arrived in Freemantle at 9:35 caught the free bus around the centre. Once I had my bearings I walked upto the prison and joined the 10am tour. the prison was built by British convicts and was used until 1991 to house prisoners. the new prison has been built in Rockhampton. From there I went into the town then walked down to the Roundhouse where they fire a cannon at 1pm every day from there I went to the maritime museum for an hour then to ... read more


Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle February 11th 2007

We headed out to a local cafe for breakfast and what a feast - a full English in glorious sunshine - hard to beat. We then went over to Fremantle where we had a beer and watched a bit of the cricket - i.e. England losing a wicket or two. Darren and I then went to another pub for a few more beers (and wickets) and I became the proud owner of a Carlton Draught straw sun hat! We all then headed towards the marina and had some 'Fish & Chips' - all in over 30 degrees - very different from home! Isobel had woken with a bit of a cold and by the end of the day I was her favourite handkerchief!!! A quiet evening in front of the TV seeing England to victory, before ... read more
Celia Darren and Isobel
Not a bad little chippy!

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle February 2nd 2007

Hello. Yesterday I bought some short shorts. Im not sure why, I will probably never wear them out of this country but over here it just feels right! I then proceeded to make my legs the same colour as my arms- pink. This took a lot of sitting round in the garden! What a hard life ey! Today, I went on a train adventure to Freemantle. It has markets! Good markets! They mostly sell koalas and stuff with "australia" plastered over it but they also have some good little shops that sell really individual clothes...the sort where u want to buy the whole shop then realise you'd never wear any of it! I liked it though. Freemantle is a nice place! I will return there one April! Coming up to my last weekend in perth ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle January 22nd 2007

Having fully completed our road trip in Albany we headed back to the Perth area to reluctantly hand back our motor, then went for a few nights in Fremantle, so called Freo by the locals. Fremantle is only a few miles from Perth but it has completely different atmosphere and character. Staying in a less than perfect, dirty, overcrowded but lively backpackers called Pirates we had three nights in freo just to do nowt after our tours. It is one of the few towns in Oz that has a bit of extra character to it, a problem with such a new country. Freo consists of loads of brew pubs, cafes, markets and shops and is set right on the mouth of the Swan river on the fishing harbour, good fish and chips. Having got bored of ... read more
The View from the Cliffs
The Beach

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle January 20th 2007

On Friday I headed to the Perth Mint, where i got to see a chap make a gold bar worth about $250,000 and then melt it again, and i also had a gold coin made to mark my visit there. Unfortunately we were banned from taking photos inside. Part of the Mint is a shop selling a lot of jewellery made from Australian gold and opals, and you can also buy actual gold nuggets! I guess you could say i got carried away by how beautiful it all was and ended up buying myself 2 rings, and 2 pairs of earrings (one of each in 18ct white gold and normal 18ct gold). They say a diamonds are a girls best friend, but until i find a man to buy me diamonds, i'll compromise on opals which ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle January 20th 2007

Ian and Julie were staying at a B and B a few streets away, so they came for breakfast (on the Barbie of course). Then we caught the local bus to the train station and travelled to Fremantle (the locals call it Freo) via Perth. The train journey was pleasurable as all the stations we stopped at were of different settings. At some towns the houses were really new and others were old and traditional, complete with front porches. At ‘Freo’ we ventured into a few shops looking for hats. The sun was so strong so some of us decided to buy a hat. Lynne, Julie, Ian and I all managed to complete our mission. Then had to quenched our thirsts and visited a pub called ‘Sail and Anchor Pub’ which is situated in the heart ... read more

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