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North America » Canada » Newfoundland & Labrador August 13th 2006

We got out of Grey River. Our plan was to wait for high tide and then go out the mouth of the fiord with it, but the sun was shining out on the ocean and we'd had enough. We didn't even wait for the ferry and ended up accompanying it to the narrows. We weren't a hundred percent on what the weather would do but as we cleared the mouth we were treated to incredible sunlight. Anything coming would be seen by us in advance. The winds were strongish but not unmanageable, the waves were big, but we'd dealt with that before, i was nervous but i got over it, and man, it felt amazing to be out on the water again, especially now that the ocean once again seemed like our friend. We sailed by ... read more
forbidding headlands
wild cove

North America » Mexico » Morelos » Cuernavaca August 13th 2006

(The end of August to the 3rd of September 2005) The next day after arriving from Oaxaca, we took it easy, and just simply strolled through Cuernavaca. The Zocalo is a bit small, but the plaza where the statue of Morelos is nice. There are several great buildings around this area, and from the year before, it was great to walk around them once again. There is the the theater, old colonial building, a newer shopping center, with a cineplex a good book stores. The Museum is on the other side, behind the statue. Walking around this area is magnificent. The shops are great. The artisan market is next to the museum, and one can get lost for hours in there finding great stuff. Cuernavaca is a great city that one has to explore walking. The ... read more

North America » United States » Maryland » Bowie August 13th 2006

Well, I had heard some rumors that the office was trying to have a get-together at a Bowie Baysox game and that I was welcome to come along. I thought that was a fantastic idea--there was only one problem: No one ever let me know when the game was. Since I had already planned to go shopping Saturday, I crossed my hooves and hoped that Sunday was the right day. Alas, I was wrong--but that didn't stop me from having a great time! Just check out these 18 pictures--my biggest post yet!... read more
Getting Tickets...
Walking through the gate...
Refreshments, pt. 1

North America » United States » Ohio » Lancaster August 13th 2006

I just made it home after 22 hours of travel and three relatively uneventful flights. Almost didn't make it from Chicago as they were going to bump me (not my luggage) since the plane was "weight restricted". Argh. But, alas, I made it onto the plane and got back to Columbus where my parents were waiting on me. I'm in Ohio until Monday and then I'll drive back to NC. I'll let everyone know contact details and such whenever I know them. Until then, email is the best way to get ahold of me. Thanks for all the comments, well wishes, prayers, and emails I've received over the past few days. Keep them coming! Mary... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle August 13th 2006

Oh, Seattle. What a week. I'm staying three block north of the Seattle Center (which is where the Space Needle, the opera house, a little carnival area, an Imax, the Key Arena, and the Experience Music Project are located -- the Seattle Center was also the location of the 1962 World's Fair). On the evening of my first full day here, I went up the Space Needle. It has a panoramic view of the city, Puget Sound, and the surrounding mountains. I could see Mount Rainier, though it was not the clearest view (due to humidity, I guess). Inside, it has maps and descriptions of the area that each spot overlooks, which worked well as an introduction to Seattle and the surrounding area. I could easily see Bellevue, Redmond (where Microsoft is located), downtown Seattle, Lake ... read more
Downtown Seattle
Pike Place Market - 1
Pike Place Market - 2


North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau August 13th 2006

Dear wedding watchers, Here's the news: We're still not married... yet! It turns out that Juneau is located in a temperate rainforest, and the funny thing about rainforests is that it rains a lot. Coming from Stornoway and Plymouth, we're not afraid of a little rain, so we started today with champers in the outdoor hot-tub (in the rain) got dressed in our wedding finery, went outside for pictures (in the rain), drove to the heliport (in the rain), and were astonished to find that we couldn't fly because of cloud. The outlook is similar for tomorrow, but a lot better for Monday, when we're also expecting a Pulitzer-prize winning National Geographic photographer to be on hand to take our wedding pics. So, get some more bubbly ready for Monday evening, hopefully we'll have another update ... read more
Paddling up for a closer look at the glacier
What do you mean I look like a red Michelin man?
We saw our first bear!!

North America » United States » Alaska August 13th 2006

The Cassiar Highway is a wilderness road that runs from Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory south through the western part of British Columbia, and terminates at the Yellowhead Highway, a major east/west highway running from the seaport of Prince Rupert to Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Cassiar takes you through 450 miles of rugged mountains, lakes, rivers and streams, passing through some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet. The road is paved most of the way, although much of the pavement is in poor condition, and 50 or 60 miles was gravel. The map shows a couple of small towns along the route, but they must be tiny, because we never saw them. It is not a place where you would want to have car trouble. We made the trip in a caravan with two ... read more
Boya Lake Provincial Park
Our Boya Lake Campsite
Jade Cutting

North America » United States » New York » New York August 13th 2006

Heathrow and back again and again Got up excessively early this morning to go to Heathrow to catch our flight to New York. Arriving at the airport at 06:40 we were politely informed that nobody was allowed into the terminal until 2 hours befor the flight. About 7.15 I asked again and they let us into the terminal. Straight to the Zone A check-in only to see that our flight had been cancelled! Great! We immediately phoned up to re-book and after being bounced around for a bit Catherine got us onto the 16:00 VS9 on the 14th. Catherine then went to have this validated and pick-up our tickets for tomorrow. The whole situations is becoming a farce as it doesn't appear to be the airlines fault. According to Virgin BAA told them they needed ... read more

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City August 13th 2006

March '06 Started surfing the net looking for info on vaccines & weather for RTW trip to India, ...websites I could find were TMB - great info on weather, vaccinations and general Info on this site. LonelyPlanetIndia and WeatherAroundTheWorld April '06 Have now decided to start in Mexico/Central America/South America/New Zealand/Australia/Bali/Singapore/Thailand and Vietnam&Laos see world map here We are doing the 4 day Inca trail to Machu Picchu, the best site to book the Inca trail on are UNITEDMICE and Peru Treks and it needs to be booked 2/3 months before hand. P... read more
A-30th Bday
Mum & Nancy
Going away drikgs

When you plan a day for 16 months it is hard to know if it could meet your expectations. So many hours of plan changing, fretting over every detail, and finally realizing your instincts were right all along. We could not have dreamed that our wedding would work out so well. And fortunately most of the directional signs stayed up long enough for our guests to find their way. Our wedding took place on 8/13/06 at Scenic Beach State Park in Seabeck, WA. The wedding began with a procession to Pachabel's Canon played by Chris' Aunt Patricia (on piano) and Cousin Valerie (on violin). Corey had succeeded in avoiding me the morning of the wedding, so the first time I saw her on our wedding day was when her mother, Bonny, escorted her down the aisle. ... read more
Brendan and Lindsay
Graham and Kate
Ankur and Amy

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