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North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Miramichi September 21st 2006

Another day spent along the Miramichi River. It's such a peaceful spot; so quiet. We visited with Uncle Eddie and Aunt Jessie again, took some great pictures of the landscape and even stopped by the Glendening (Clendening) farm. It turns out that the MacDonald's are cousins to the Glendening's. So it turns out that we have Clendenings on both sides of the family. Tonight we met Tammy (Uncle Eddie's daughter) and her two children Samantha and Sean. Even though it has been a couple of years since we have been up to see them, the kids got together just like they were together every day. They instantly had things in common; Sean with his Yu-gi-oh! cards, Sam with her Gameboy and Cannon with his PSP. Even though there is an age difference (Sean-7, Sam-13, Cannon-10) they ... read more
Napan Church at Point aux Carr Road
View from Point aux Carr Road
Glendening (Clendening) Farm

Due to a tragic event happening to the camera, the amount of pictures we can share will be limited for the next few days... We apologize for the inconvenience :-) Today we went to Mt Rushmore. This is the place where they have the faces of 4 presidents carved into a granite mountain. This idea started with the South Dakota people trying to find a way to promote their otherwise fairly boring state. The 4 that have been carved in the mountain are the following: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The size of the carving is mind boggling. After this visit, we made our way through the Iron Mountain Road, a twisty road built only for enjoying the scenery. The tunnels on this road were strategically placed so that each one perfectly ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut September 21st 2006

Hi everyone, Sunday, 9/17: Yesterday we drove miles and miles (actually kilometers & kilometers..about 300 of them)¡¦just stopping at tag sales and Antique shops. Southern Ontario is beautiful¡¦¡¦the farms & houses are interspersed¡¦.and everyone¡¯s house is just perfectly landscaped with lots of Impatiens, Petunias, Sunflowers and Canna lilies. Along the roadside, tons of Goldenrod is beautifully intermixed with purple Aster. We came back along the shores of Lake Erie (pic attd). Today we drove about as far, but in a different direction¡¦.we ended up at an apple festival. It was a gorgeous day¡¦.close to 80¢ª. We drove by a HUGE patch of sunflowers in someone¡¯s yard. Jenn, I thought of you immediately and made Jim pull off the road so I could take pictures. I hope everyone enjoys the pics¡¦but Jenn, honey, they are for you! ... read more
For Jenn
for Jenn
For Jenn - different view

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 21st 2006

OK....So this is my second blog entry, and with 10 days to go I am starting to feel the excitement and even fear of my up coming adventure. Since my last blog I have gotten a lot done. I have most of all the things I am taking with me into one spot, I got money adding up, and I even have some Australian Currency already in my pocket. The money there is very interesting, for starters its plastic coated,making it rip and weather resistent. It is also all in different sizes, and in different colours like ours (see picture). So here is the plan thus far.... I arrive in Sydney at about 6:10am Local time (which is about 5:10pm the day before in Halifax) then head to the hostel I am staying at. The hostel ... read more
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North America » United States » New York September 21st 2006

Jeudi le 21 septembre 2006 Nous sommes rendu à 'Kingston, nous prévoyons arriver à New-York le 22 u le 23 septembre. La vie à bord de Moana est très confortable. Nous naviguons vers le sud toujours à moteur. Moana a été rematée hier le 20 sept suivi d'un souper en compagnie de Solino et de Caminata. Sur le quai nous avons laissé Zulu qui n'était pas encore prêt. Le soleil est au rendez-vous et la vie est belle.... read more


North America » United States » Montana » Great Falls September 21st 2006

. It seems that we have had a preoccupation with the weather lately… Well, it has really decided to set in and affect this part of our trip. We got in late last night and splurged by having McDonalds for dinner, i.e., we didn’t have to cook!! Worked on the blog and went straight to bed hoping that the weather would improve in the morning… I guess the operative word was “hoping!” Statistics Starting Destination: Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada Ending Destination: Great Falls, Montana Ending Destination GPS: N: 47° 29.305’ W: 111° 13.323’ Elev: 3548’ Miles Driven: 379 Percentage of scenic outlooks where we could actually see the view: 15% The trip to the border img= read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui September 21st 2006

Day 1 - Thursday, Maui We arrived after a very short smooth flight from the Big Island. What hit me straightaway was how much hotter it felt in Maui. The airport was bigger than I expected and it was so much busier, which felt slightly strange seeing as the Big Island is larger than Maui. We picked up our massive 4x4 from the unhappy Alamo people and went on our way. As soon as we got on the main road there was an announcement stating that there were major delays on the road to Lahaina which was the one we were on. At that point I remembered all the posts complaining about the traffic. Well they’re right, the traffic in Lahaina is terrible, but to be honest who cares when you are on holiday and have ... read more
Ho'oilo House bedroom
Ho'oilo House bathroom
Ho'oilo House outdoor shower

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 21st 2006

Greetings from Toronto, the largest city in Canada and also an important financial centre, although it is not the capital (which is Ottawa). Overall I like Toronto, it's quite a modern city but it's very clean and safe, the people are very friendly, and it's beautifully located along Lake Ontario. The most famous sight is without any doubt the CN tower which can be seen from almost any place in Toronto, I think it's the highest building in the world. I'm staying in a hostel, although in a small private room which was nice after a long flight and six hours time difference to adjust to. The place is just great, there is free pancake breakfast every morning and they even have a bar and an outdoor terrace open at night. The staff are great as ... read more

North America » United States » West Virginia September 21st 2006

About 10 hours daily on very sinuous pavement. The best of times and the worst of times. Strange looks. Not dirty looks, just confused looks. Sometimes I'll enter a small town that is 40 rugged miles from the nearest small town. Thats a long way from a Wal-Mart. I feel like an anthropoligist entering a lost tribe of the Amazon. They never seen nobody from California til today. ... read more
God's country

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto September 21st 2006

Yeasterday I was on a full day excursion to the Niagara Falls about two hours drive from Toronto. I joined a backpackers' tour which was pretty cool, lots of nice people and a fun guide called Stephanie who made sure we were kept entertained during the day. The first stop was in Niagara on the lake, a small but very charming town with lots of old buildings (old to be North America, that means 100-150 years old). Next stop was at a winery where we did some wine tasting. I didn't actually know they produced wine in Canada, but they do. They produce both red and white wine and also what they call "icewine", the reason it's called icewine is because they crush the grapes when they are frozen. The icewine was very good, very fruity, ... read more
Niagara on the lake
Niagara on the lake
Canadian wineyard

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