Photos from North America

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At El Tajin
Salto de Eyipantla Waterfall
Whale Watch Cabo
Whale Watch Cabo
Whale Watch Cabo
Chileno Beach
Chileno Beach
Ceramic Crab
Nudibranch laying eggs on Up-side-down Jelly
Surf Camp- Baja California
Abandoned Lighthouse- Baja California
ID please
Almost There!
Giant iceberg
Sunset on the Ice Fjord
Pacific Ocean
Coastal time is calling
Near Kennebunkport
clouds and sunset
Storm coming in
White Sands New Mexico
Peggy's Cove
Colorful Napa Gardens
Sunflowers of Napa
Passion Flower
Historic Moose
Toad series...
Toad series...
Toad series...
Adult Toad hiding in the Arekas
Dragon fly..wondering if it is safe to stay so close
Permanent citizens: Dragon flies
Bug with a hole on its face…real cool
Jamaican Caper flower
M berry
Cool green neon spider..quick snap shot before it jumped away
Fire bush
Grasshoper hoping around
Orange sunflower
I saw at least a couple and hopefully they will make more
A lady bug for luck
local visitor
Our Lord of the Conquest
Mt. Everest
Lovely Lobster
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