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Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 9th 2007

Dubai Rock Festival Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai By tass March 9th 2007Some pics of a great day!...Lasted 2 days, couldn´t manage to be there the 2nd, to enjoy Robert Plant, but hey!, prodigy and Iron Maiden were fun!... read more
Chilling in the green

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 5th 2007

WOW!! Is Dubai ever clean and orderly... My journey from India here was quite an interesting one. The airport trek in Chennai wasn't a problem. I had managed to get 4 1/2 hours of sleep in the evening and my prepaid cab was there to get me at the allotted time. Granted it was an old TATA car with lots of rust and dings in the exterior and many rattles and clanks as we drove , but it did the job. The airport had a large and very comfortable lounge area so I was able to sleep a little more before boarding. The plane was full and I was the only Caucasian woman on board. One of the stewardesses , a youngish blond woman had been on the plane to India on Feb4 and she recognized ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 2nd 2007

Our final destination before returning to the UK was Dubai where we spent just a couple of nights. It was a long flight from Auckland to Dubai, especially when our entertainment units packed up - a 13.5 hour flight with no TV - nightmare! We were given a glass of champagne, 2 bottles of wine and a pack of playing cards as consolation - how generous! Dubai was the only location where we had pre-booked accommodation. We tried a 'Top Secret' deal on the Internet. Fortunately we ended up staying at the Crowne Plaza, which was very comfortable. We took heed of lots of advice we'd been given about Dubai and avoided the beach or 'building site' locations as well as the busy city centre. Dubai really is one big building site - so much development ... read more
Phil & Laura - Desert bashing
Mosque - Dubai
Dubai Cityscape

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai March 1st 2007

Well it had to come I suppose, but we spent the day back in Dhubai at a water park whcih was really good. We had to get a bust which was fine and would have been really comfortable had Matt kept tickling me for most of the journey. But we eventually arrived, without any road surprises. We had a great day going around on rubber rings and jsut messing about. In the evening we came back to Abu Dhabi where we had dinner before I got a cab to the airport, all very sad this saying goodbye bussiness, but we had an amzing time, a real fun-packed 3 days, I'll never forget it.... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 28th 2007

Well when we woke up this morning the sun was shinning and beconning us to the beach, so we set off in Jodie's car to Dhubai and the famous Jameera Beach. Well almost anyway. Jodie decided that we should have a few detours and after driving into a couple of building sites and seeing a few 'Deep Excavation' signs and 'Caution! Road Surprises' signs we made it to the beach. What is a Road Surprise anyway? The road from Abu Dhabi to Dhubai couldn't be any straighter if the Romans had built it and yet every now and again we would see these signs dotted along the road. Dis the road hold surprises for unsuspecting drivers, was this a conspiracy by the government to keep you guessing or someone's idea of a joke? We never ... read more
Baywatch it's Not
Me and Jodie


Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 27th 2007

Hey there, Well I've been pretty supprised to have to last month working on-shore in Sharjah. Most of the work time has been spent in training courses and mobilising ships for jobs. One highlight has to be the purchase of a new suit! I'm not entirely sure about the shirt, but my personal shopping assistant assured me it was sweet. It had it's first outing to the corperate boxes at the Dubai races. Because gambling is illegal here you don't beat on horses.... you buy tickets to a "raffle". I'm terrible at picking the winning horse for the "raffle", so I didn't win one of the cars unfortunately. After finishing a software training course I spent a couple of days mobilising ships for jobs. This just means setting up all the gear and doing calibrations. As ... read more
Jebel Ali Port at night
Sunk boat in Al Jafad Ship Dock
Early morning in fishing marina

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 21st 2007

It was a short 5 hour flight to Dubai. Ed slept and Gemma didn’t. We also made time for the meals - whether it’s just a sign of being on the road for so long (and most recently in Africa) we don’t know, but the food was great. We had a 5 hour stopover in Dubai which wasn’t quite long enough to leave the airport so we just marveled at the no-expense-spared terminal building and marched excitedly to the shops. The advertising had led us to believe that if you couldn’t buy it here, it didn’t exist. And we were going to buy a new laptop. But we ended up leaving empty handed because their selection was rubbish and included just a single Sony, and not a very good one at that. We boarded our Dubai-Sydney ... read more

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 19th 2007

As I write my final blog telling of the last part of my trip, I've been home for nearly 4 weeks. Much of what I write here will seem like old news as I've spoken a lot of my holiday since I've been back. But I hope that it will add to what I have already spoken about, if you care to read on. This last chapter will also form the official "diary" of my trip. How technology has changed the concept of atravel diary in recent years. When I signed off on my last blog, I was spending a few days in the Wicklow Mountains just south of Dublin. I arrived there in wet conditions but after the rain cleared I enjoyed a day of taking in the scenery around the area. The Wicklow mountains ... read more
Gateway - Old Glendalough graveyard
King Johns Castle, Limerick
Burj Al Arab

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 18th 2007

Mein erster Eintrag erfolgt zwar aus dem fernen Neuseeland, soll aber über die letzten 3 ½ Tage in Dubai berichten. Ich habe versucht alles mitzunehmen was geht und muss sagen, 3 Tagen Dubai sind mehr als genug! Zu meinen Bildern: Am ersten Tag habe ich Dubai per Fuß und Bus besichtigt, was aber zur Folge hatte, dass ich die kommenden Tage kaum laufen konnte und am ersten Tag 20 Uhr im Bett lag. Ich fuhr über den Dubai Creek auf einem Holz mit Motor, den mehr sind die „Boote“ dort nicht. Aber für 1 Dirham (etwa 20 cent) ist es OK. Ich sah Bur Dubai (altes Dubai) und gegenüber das Neue mit Tausend tollen und so verschiedenen Hotels. Alle sehen so anders und besonders aus, dass ich nur einige Wenige fotografiert habe. Es war so heiß, ... read more
Burj Al Arab

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai February 13th 2007

Dear Blog, After a bit of an emotional fairwell to my mum at the airport, a very excited Lindsay 'Fogg' finally left for New Zealand. My first stop after 6 hours was Dubai International Airport. For those who have never been I probably wont be able to describe it in a way that does it justice. Its humungous! Like Manchester airport meets Las Vegas meets Meadowhall. Its totally bling but in a sophisticated way. A bit like me really!!!! Anyway, I killed time by looking around duty free, people watching and bought some flip flops. I would also definately recommend Emirates planes too, they are fantastic. I basically spent the entire flight playing computer games (centipede mainly-the others were far too complicated), watching videos (managed 3/4 of The Queen), listened to music (greatest hits from the ... read more

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