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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Ribble Valley November 26th 2013

Well we are just packing now to go to Australia and are so looking forward to the journey. Have got our itinerary sorted and quite a lot of our accommodation booked most of it via Airbnb. What would we do with out this site. Anyone travelling should try to stay in one of the houses, rooms etc from Airbnb as you see real life and not the clinical hotel room life. It feels funny that we are off on a road trip again but exciting as well - keep reading my blog and any messages /comments will be welcome.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Garstang October 2nd 2013

Back in Blighty. Weird. They have trees and things. And the people. The people are so unfriendly!! Airport staff in Keflavic were really friendly, laughing and joking with us as they searched Moi's bag. (Mind you, you haven't see what she keeps in there :-). Airport staff at Manchester were grumpy, barking orders as they herded the human cattle through the endless barriers. Ah . . . home. (Fade to black. Credits. Music.) ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Garstang October 2nd 2013

3D Sun Alert: A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field at -0200 on Oct 2nd sparked a G2-class geomagnetic storm. G2 Class Definition: Strength: Moderate Power systems: High-latitude power systems may experience voltage alarms, long-duration storms may cause transformer damage. Spacecraft operations: Corrective actions to orientation may be required by ground control; possible changes in drag affect orbit predictions. Other systems: HF radio propagation can fade at higher latitudes, and aurora has been seen as low as New York and Idaho (typically 55° geomagnetic lat.)**. PostScript: I was in South Iceland looking at the sky at -0200 on Oct 2nd. In fact, I was looking at the sky at -0300, -0400, -0500 and -0600 before it started getting light. And I coul... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Blackpool September 22nd 2013

For many decades Blackpool has been a major holiday resort for the English. Sadly it shows L The pavements were very cracked, dirty, weed covered and generally neglected. Many of the buildings close to the Brighton Pier area were much the same. Add to this the heavy fog which made the foreshore invisible the first impression was a negative one. Most of the streets here are one way and parking was a nightmare. But finally we found our way to our accommodation at The Carlton which was well situated to most attractions. Another steep climb found our room which was small but so was the price we paid – so no complaints. It had been freshly decorated and was comfortable. I must admit I was ready to leave as soon as we arrived but I’d come ... read more
Albert Street
Blackpool lights
Gypsy Horse and carriage rides

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lytham St Annes July 20th 2013

Testing Testing 1-2-3 Just a quick post to check that everyone still has access and can find my blog! Kate (and Eireann)... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Fleetwood April 1st 2013

So its 27 weeks and 4 days until the new adventure begins! Flying to New Zealand via Singapore. I have been to Singapore the last time I travelled and I felt really comfortable and enjoyed it so it seemed the perfect place to stop over on my way to Auckland. Keep your eyes open for more updates soon!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Lytham St Annes March 4th 2013

Our motorhome wheels are rolling again, it was lovely to get into our warm, cosy van and start on the UK speed tour! Woolly says – it was great to get in and find my friends, Spot and Hodge waiting for me, I had so much to tell them but they fell asleep! Our home on wheels (still nameless!), is an Autotrail Cheyenne, 6 berth (we know this is big for two adults and a mammoth but we wanted to extra space so that we can relax in comfort. It has a separate bathroom and a full cooker (very useful if we ever get round to using it all), there is also a large rear garage for our bikes, stores and the other three million things I need to carry round with me, it’s also quite ... read more
A distant relation!
So quiet
Turing into a Twitcher

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Skelmersdale February 12th 2013

With the whole of South East Asia to choose from, we’re spoilt with places we could explore. But we have managed to narrow it down to these amazing countries. Here is goes; Land in Bangkok then off to Cambodia Vietnam Laos Northern Thailand Southern Thailand Western Malaysia Eastern Malaysia Philippines Indonesia And finally we’re off to see the future ‘in laws’ in New Zealand, which I’ve heard is a fairly good country ? Anyway thats the plan….. For a more visual way of seeing where we are going please look at the map page. Follow us on our website and Facebook page :) Website Blog Facebook Page/ur... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Skelmersdale January 4th 2013

Two weeks to go: getting very nervy at present. Double checking the double checking. Goint to have a trial run with tyhe packing. Should be interesting. Roll on the 17th Jan.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire » Ramsbottom August 31st 2012

Here it is, the end of another working week and we've just arrived home from dinner at the local pub. We are currently in Holcombe Brook which is just near Ramsbottom and part of Bury Council. It's also where Terry was born and lived for his first five years, although he spent the next ten years about 3 miles down the road in Bury. The way that I think of this area is that Manchester is the equivalent of Melbourne, Bury is a bit like Frankston and Ramsbottom/Holcombe Brook is sort of like Mornington and Mount Martha. We quite like it here and so we are using it as an opportunity for Terry to get over his cold. We are also waiting for a package of tickets to arrive but so far no luck - hopefully ... read more
"Greengrass" and heather
Terry on the road to Manchester
A quiet seat

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