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Stan and Sheila woolley

We both travelled and worked in Spain, which is where we first met, back in 1972. Things back then were quite different, no plastic card banking or internet to smooth the way.
Our travels were put on hold for a few years whilst we brought up our two children. They now spend large chunks of their life exploring the world.
Now in our mid to late 50's we decided it was time we took up travelling again and this time write our own travel blog. Hope it can compete with the younger generations.
We chose the nickname 'still crazy' because I guess that's what we are, still crazy. We completed three six week long stints backpacking around S.E. Asia and several 2 week holidays. In November 2010, however, we took the huge step of packing in our jobs to go and travel for 4 months meaning we would completely miss most of the British winter.
At the moment S.E.Asia is still right at the top of our list of favourite places to visit but we plan to do much more exploring around the world as soon as we can.

It's now in Feb 2013, we have done another 4 month trip in S.E. Asia and a 3 month trip to California followed by another 2 month trip to California from which we've only just returned.
Time to plan the next trip!

Asia » Malaysia April 5th 2014

I said in my last blog that we met people from all over the world on this beautiful island. This time, amongst others, we met Shane, he was originally from the south of England but had built himself a yacht and had spent the last few years sailing around South East Asia with his ten year old daughter who was half Malaysian. He ‘home schooled’ her on the boat. They had been anchored up near the mainland for the monsoon but had now migrated over to the island and seemed to have got ‘stuck’ here. This happens to a lot of people who find themselves here. To earn an income he gave boat trips around the island. A group of us got together and hired him for the afternoon. Shane's dingy had sprung a leak a ... read more
Leaving the beach behind
Shane gets to work raising the sails
Kristoff helps out

Asia » Malaysia April 3rd 2014

The last stop of this trip was on one of our favourite islands. It’s said that when you visit any of the most beautiful places around the world you should leave only footprints and take away only memories. This island definitely falls into this category. It nestles in the clear calm waters of the China Sea just a few miles off the coast of Malaysia. We have visited the island 3 times previously and it never ceases to amaze us. The scenery, the underwater world but most of all the people who welcome us back each time. We arrived at the Jetty and were greeted by Zak the boatman who announced he and his new wife were expecting twin boys any day so that will mean big celebrations on the island when that happens. Not sure ... read more
Secluded beaches
The jungle tumbles down to the beach
The busiest beach

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata March 16th 2014

I thought I'd finished writing about this area, we had just one day left but unfortunately it rained. This made for a whole new view of the mountains in mist. Reminded me a lot of the Lake District back home. Also followers of our blog, Bob and Linda, asked for photos of around town as Bob lived here years ago. So here goes, more photos for Bob and anyone else who is interested!... read more
Tanah Rata from a jungle trail
The power station and the summit of Ganung Jasar
Chinese temple

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata March 12th 2014

Two things the Cameron Highlands are famous for are the jungle/ rainforest walks and the tea plantations. We bought a map and began exploring. First we set off on a jungle trail to Robinson waterfalls, the path was fairly flat but strewn with fallen down trees that had to be climbed over. Now I don’t mind that bit but I do worry what creature or insect may be lurking unseen just where I need to put my hand! The vegetation was amazing, twice the size of anything we have in the UK. The jungle trail ended up close to the road that led to one of the largest plantations so of course we had to go and see it. After walking for over 5 kms we came to the tea rooms/factory. Most of the road to ... read more
Vines trail across the jungle path
Giant plants
Fungi growing on the tree in the rain forest

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands » Tanah Rata March 12th 2014

Our Thailand visa was coming to an end so we needed to travel South into Malaysia. We chose the Cameron Highlands as a complete change to beach locations. We booked a bus down to Ipoh, with the intention of getting an onward but up to the highlands. The agent told us it would be a Malaysian bus and from past experience we knew they are highly air conditioned. So with all our warmest clothes on we turned up for the bus at 9am. It wasn’t a Malaysian bus at all , it was Thai with virtually no air con. Lie number one! As we travelled South the temperature gradually rose and we began to melt. At the border we had to hump our luggage off and carry it over in order for it to be x ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 2nd 2014

The Festival of Lanterns in Hat Yai Park turned out to be lovely, we were the only 'Farang' (foreigners) to be there so attracted a lot of interest from the locals. It was almost like we were back in Ambon in 2011 when we really were the only two foreigners in town. Well from here it's time to say 'goodbye' to Thailand. Our visa runs out on the 5th March so we're heading off to the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. We're not expecting to find internet there so this blog may be quiet for a week or so.... read more
Statue lit up by the setting sun
Darkness falls and the lanterns are turned on

Asia » Thailand » Southern Thailand » Hat Yai March 1st 2014

After a long spell in a beach location it was time for a change. Hat Yai is an inland city that’s a transport hub, you can basically get buses, trains and planes from here to anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia being so close to the border.It was a natural choice for travellers leaving the peace of the islands behind who wanted to move on. We decided to spend some time here experiencing the real Thai way of life. It certainly is an eye opener, we checked into a central guesthouse with all amenities like air con and hot water showers all for less than £12 a night. We even had a window which is quite a luxury in budget hotels in these parts On our first night out I began to worry that I might slowly ... read more
Typical Street Scene
Piccolo Italian Restaurant, Hat Yai
Irish Bar ,Hat Yai

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 25th 2014

We have just left the island of Ko Bulone. It all began quite stressful as when we arrived on a minibus at the pier of Pak Bara to get the boat to the island, ticket touts were on us straight away. They asked if we'd booked accommodation and when we said 'no' they lost interest and walked away. That seemed odd as they usually try to get you to book accommodation through them and then sell you a boat ticket too. We asked at a few agencies about accommodation and they all said 'full, whole island full' So that's why they weren't keen to sell us a boat ticket. We spoke to people who had just left and they seemed to think there would be somewhere available once we got there and, if not, there was ... read more
Pansan Beach
Our cute home for a week

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Trang February 13th 2014

The area around Trang is well known for it's beautiful waterfalls and tree clad mountains. As we were passing back through on our way to another island we decided to stay for a day and explore. We hired a driver and a car for the day, he turned out to be a brilliant guide and knew all the best places to visit. We ended up on a canopy walkway high up in the tree tops. Tomorrow we go to Pak Bara on the coast to get a boat to Bulon Leh... read more
Tricky pathways through the jungle

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand February 11th 2014

Andaman Bungalows on the island of Ko Sukron turned out to be an absolute delight. The owner greeted us as we arrived and took us straight to our bungalow, it was so nice, a spacious room with a wrap around balcony with views of the beach just a few metres away. The staff here are so friendly and helpful, it seems like their whole mission in life is to serve their guests, such a pleasant change from the last island. It’s good to know that some of the old Thailand still exists We spent our first full day here exploring the island on a small bike. The islands main industry is rubber. The plantations are extensive and every now and again we came across large sheets of rubber hanging out to dry in the sun, as ... read more

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