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1st July 2014
Lizard's mouth

Love that backcountry!
How great that you visited SB's wonderful backcountry and not just the beaches! I lived for years at the top of the pass on Stagecoach Road and also Paradise Canyon and love the spots you visited. Fab photo of you two on Lizard's Mouth!
16th June 2014
Julia pfieffer Burns State Park

Glorious Santa Barbara!
So wise to take the coastal road! I'm a Santa Barbara native who's lived on the coast, but prefer that glorious backcountry with mountains stretching in all directions. Stan was a gentleman to back down for the other car, but California rules say that the uphill car should have backed up for you--once backing downhill, there's that danger that you'll fall downhill. And those big daisies look like delicate Matilija poppies. How great you were there for our spring flowers!
17th June 2014
Julia pfieffer Burns State Park

We were travelling uphill at the time but it still meant as we had to back up ( meaning 'go back') we were heading towards the drop as we'd just come around a bend it was especially tricky. I prefer roads with barriers!! Oh and yeah, I should have known those flowers were some kind of poppy. I published the blog at around 1am as I couldn't sleep - well that's my excuse!!!
9th June 2014
Dinning room, Mahu Lodge

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9th June 2014
Dinning room, Mahu Lodge

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7th June 2014

What a great picture
I am glad you enjoyed the Aquarium; it is a very special place. Nice to see it in the blogs.
5th June 2014
Bridal Falls

Heaven on earth
As a Californian, I'm so glad you've been visiting our treasures, and Yosemite, for me, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. So great to learn of the free bus that transports you magically to all these gorgeous hiking spots. It would be so great if all the world's big parks offered this. Love your waterfall photos too. Happy hiking!
From Blog: Yosemite
5th June 2014

Totally stunning! You both look well and of course you are obviously enjoying your trip.
From Blog: Yosemite
16th March 2014

Thanks for the pictures...
I will share them on Facebook, most of my friends having also gone to school in Tanah Rata. Sorry if you got wet!
16th March 2014

Thanks for sharing!
your pics reminded me of how much I enjoyed walking in the tea plantation around Cameron Highlands a few years ago! Good life! I remember a small bakery that served delicious blueberry pies... overlooking the tea fields! sigh... Enjoy!
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
16th March 2014

thanks for reading our blogs , makes it all worth while.
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
15th March 2014

A bit of tea
You've had a great trip and we enjoyed following along. Great photos
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
15th March 2014
Which way now?

Enjoyed this one
Boy that looks familiar
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
15th March 2014

I remember it rained a lot...and although cold was also humid. We had to send the laundry down to Ipoh to dry.
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
14th March 2014

Thanks for the memories...
I understand that the Eastern Hotel, where I used to go to school, was demolished and replaced by the Century Pines Resort. Could you post a picture of it on your next blog? Thanks for all the other pictures. Parit Falls was on the path from the school to the Smoke House and the Cameron Highlands Hotel and the golf course. I wonder if any of those places still exist.
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
15th March 2014

I'll add a photo of the Century pines to the end of this blog as we've finished here now. It's raining right now but we'll dodge out in between showers and take it so give me a day before checking. The smoke house is still here but we didn't get to it to take a photo and probably won't now, it's a good hour's walk away.Not sure about the Cameron Highlands hotel,there are lots with similar sounding names. The only golf course is the one near Bringchang. Anyway glad we can bring back memories to you
From Blog: Anyone for tea?
12th March 2014

I hate the bus shuffle. It is never as close or takes as little time as what you are told. Actually taxis are really cheap in Malaysia, that lady got a good deal out of you. We had a 2 hour taxi ride once for 80 ringgit, not sure of the distance but it was a long way.
11th March 2014

I went to high school in Tanah Rata...
from 1966 to 1968. It was located at the Eastern Hotel (probably renamed by now) in the valley below the mosque, and across from Government House and the play ground. Hopefully you can post a pictures for me! Anyway, enjoy the Boh Tea Plantation and the hikes in the jungle to the various waterfalls. And watch out for tigers.
28th February 2014

Hi Woolley's! Looks like you're having a fantastic time! I'm really enjoying following you guys on your adventure! It's been 6 years since I was in Thailand, hoping to make it back within the coming year though. I'm just curious, what was the name of the place you stayed in Ko Bulon? The little bungalow you stayed in for 600 baht/night? Looks perfect!
2nd March 2014

Hi the bungalow operation was called Ban Sailida but I don't have any contact details we just showed up. You need to get a longtail from the speed boat to Panka Noi bay and just walk up the small hill. It's right there but they're often full. We just got lucky
12th February 2014

That looks totally awesome. Definitely our kind of island. Where is the jumping off point from the mainland for Koh Sukron? How much were the bungalows?
13th February 2014

you need to see an agent in Trang to get there. Bungalows were 800B with fan and breakfast!
11th February 2014

Ha ha, you should look at phots "Lia Liang" and "6717" - they look like they match up perfectly to make a sand spit!
7th February 2014

Hahaha ... have almost the same fotos here. :) I can't even remember how often we were running around this fountain to get the BEST PICTURE. :D I get such wanderlust when I see that, have to check out air asia immediately. :D

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