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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 28th 2014

Vormittags Fahrt zu den roemischen Ruinen von Aquincum. Sehr beeindruckend. Vor zwei Jahren war ich in Volubilis in Marokko und vor einem am Hadrianswall in England. Die Groesse des Roemischen Reiches ist faszinierend. Ich bin auch ein begeisterter Spieler von Total War: Rome II. Danach wieder in die Innenstadt. Entlang des Boulevards Andrassy ut. Beginnend mit der Oper, dann zu dem bekannten Cafe Muvesz. Danach zum Haus des Terrors. Anschliessend weiter zum Heldenplatz und in den Stadtpark. Eigentlich wollte ich noch ins Szechenyi-Bad aber das habe ich gecancelt. Ich habe nur aus der Lobby heraus Foto gemacht. Jetzt wieder schoen ungarisch essen und morgen geht es mit dem IC nach Eger. Noch eine Bemerkung zum oeffentlichen Nahverkehr: Der Zug nach Aquincum und die U-Bahn der Linie 1 sind noch nicht auf dem aktuellen Stand. Anders als ... read more
Nochmals Aquincum
Die Staatsoper, nur von aussen
Das Muvesz-Cafe

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 27th 2014

Gestern Abend noch zur Fischerbastei und der Matthiaskirche. Heute Power-Sightseeing in Budapest: Koeniglicher Palast (nur von aussen), Kettenbruecke, Parlament, Stephansdom, Grosse Synagoge und danach ins Gellert-Bad zum erholen. Zwischendurch noch in eine Filiale meiner Lieblingscafe-Kette: Starbucks. Meine Fuesse tun etwas weh aber es geht noch. Die U-Bahn ist hier definititv besser als in Muenchen. Bisher nur relativ neue Zuege und Stationen. Bildschirme mit Informationen zu naechster Station in den Zuegen und Ansagen auf Englisch. Und zu den Zeiten in denen ich unterwegs war, nicht ueberfuellt. Temperaturen wie gewuenscht. So zwischen 20 und 25 Grad. Morgen geht es weiter in Budapest.... read more
Heute morgen die gleiche Aussicht bei Tag.
Der Koenigliche Palast. Nur ueber Museen zu besuchen. Habe ich mit gespart.
Die Kettenbruecke.

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 26th 2014

Etwa um 09:00 Abfahrt von unserem schoenen Bahnhof in Postbauer-Heng. Ueber Nuernberg und St. Poelten, auf der letzten Etappe mit dem oesterreichischen Railjet nach Budapest. Dort Ankunft um etwa 19:00. Danach zum Hotel und dem Burgberg. Frisch machen. Champagner-Welcome Drink. Essen im Restaurant. Und jetzt noch abends zur Fischerbastei. Zuletzt war ich vor 20 Jahren in Budapest. Damals zwischen Abitur und Wehrdienst. Und in der Jugendherberge. Morgen mehr.... read more
Ankunft mit dem Railjet in Budapest.
Das schoene Hotel auf dem Budapester Burgberg.

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 16th 2014

Phase 5 – Cruise begins Tuesday, May 13 Up nice and early everyone on time and we had 50 seats for the 16 of us to get comfortably to Prague. We were on the ship and in our cabins at 3 pm. The rest of our North Van group had already checked in earlier in the day and were on a walkabout. We just unpacked then explored the ship, and met the rest our group as they came back to the ship. Dinner was a great start to the cuisine on board. After dinner Ross and I went out and walked over the bridge to the tunnel and I got some good night shots since Budapest likes to light up all the buildings. 5935 steps Wednesday, May 14 Wonderful breakfast buffet – everything you could possibly ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 12th 2014

Dear Blog Readers, After a magical and unforgettable wedding we spent our first two nights of married life in a hotel overlooking the debauchery of Botchergate, Carlisle on a Saturday night followed by an evening in the romantic capital of England - the service station Days Inn at Newport Pagnell. We were almost too giddy with excitement (even with a 4am wake up) to get on a plane heading to Budapest, Hungary...and so, by popular demand (my Gran said she'd been missing my blogs), here's what we've been up to in this magnificent city. We managed to sleep almost the entire flight which was a real achievement given that Wizz Air's leg room allowance meant my knee kept smacking me in the five-head. When I did manage to eek it into the alleyway, the air stewardess ... read more


Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 11th 2014

We flew into Hungary last night from Malta via Frankfurt and by time we settled into our suite we decided that it was too late for a big meal. However after wandering the streets a little we ended up back at a little restaurant right next door to our hotel and we settled on a cup of Goulash soup. We were thinking more of our version of a cup of soup and what we got was like a little stainless steel bucket. The soup was extremely tasty and along with the lovely fresh bread we were quite satisfied. This morning, once we managed to get our act together we set off to find the hop-on-hop-off bus. It was another beautiful sunny day, slightly cooler then we had been experiencing in Malta and it wasn't too long ... read more
Setting off on today's Adventures.
The Palace.
Spring in Budapest

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest March 3rd 2014

Three days were spent in Budapest - one rainy, one bluebird and one cloudy. We certainly got an all access pass view of Budapest with weather like that! We arrived late on Thursday from Vienna and our first glimpses of the city were not fantastic - outside the Keleti train station with roadworks and dodgy people everywhere... I managed to convince Matt to get us a taxi which, although registered (you have to be super careful in Budapest) seemed to take us all over the place before finally arriving at our hotel - the Fraser Residence. Once we checked in we were told to go around the corner to Corvin Plaza to get some dinner and came across a beautiful shopping centre similar to what you'd see in Sydney. We later found out that this area ... read more
Inside Matthias Church
Castle Ruins at Castle Hill
Matt's friend

Europe » Hungary » Southern Transdanubia » Mohacs March 3rd 2014

Búsojárás is sort of the Hungarian Carnival. It happens on the first weekend of March every year down in Mohacs, which is on the Danube close to the southern border of Hungary. Men dress up in sheep skin everything and scary wooden masks to chase away the winter demons. Let's go! OH BOY. When I was little I had a sheepskin that I LOVED. I called it a "mysaw" for reasons that still perplex my family. My brothers followed suit and we all had "mysaws" that we ripped apart as we grew older (except for Duncan). I assumed this festival would be a slightly traumatic experience for me with terrifying men dressed in mysaws walking around everywhere. It was traumatic, but in other ways. I met Darcy, Alicia, and Kenzie at the bus station at 8:30 ... read more
Us with a Búso!
Nom nom

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest February 10th 2014

This morning we went to Cyrano’s, a restaurant one block from the hotel that we had noticed yesterday. The service was very good and friendly. They brought us a large basket of rye bread and buttered white toast for the table. I have finally exhausted my appetite for smoked salmon, so I had a fried egg with two long, thin Vienna sausages served with a Vienna roll which they called a bagel. We returned to the hotel briefly, in part to get warmer clothes! It was really cold, probably low singe-digits. Then Deirdre and I walked about a block to the underground station. The manned ticket booth was right at the entrance, and we bought two tickets each for 620 HUF (Hungarian forint, about €3). A train came immediately and the ticket inspector nodded when I ... read more
Szechenyi spa
Mainstreet art
St Stephen's Basillica

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Szentendre February 9th 2014

This past weekend, I decided to plan a day trip to Visegrad and Szentendre. Normally Darcy plans things and I navigate, so I'm not the best at planning. After a fun night on Friday, I met Joe, Sam, Chaz, and Niamh at the Nyugati train station at 9 am. We bought tickets for a train to Visegrad and set off. Joe ate his first McDonald's breakfast ever and was so American about it (he's from London). The train was where the insults between Sam and Chaz started. The next 20 hours ended up being about who could insult the other the most. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. We got off the train at Nagymáros where we could see the Visegrad Castle up on a hill. We walked towards it and found the ... read more
The castle in the fog
Foggy hills
Niamh waiting for the ferry

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