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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda July 26th 2013

26th sat two days ago we went to budapest and i loved it, the city had such a good vibe and everyone we meet were really friendly. We went out for tea the first night and the meals were huge, bigger than loan star, the snitzle was the size of a pizza it was ridiculous. After we went out to two different grunge bars which was quite cool. Yesterday we had our free day so we went to the house of terror, which was the old nazi parliament building, where they held and tortured prisoners, it was quite sad. After that we went to the baths and got a massage each which was amazing!, so needed it, then we got a four course meal for 15€ which is such a good deal. Today we are on ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest July 26th 2013

Today's blog starts with a random observation. I am writing during breakfast, and the dude at the next table is the noisiest eater I have ever encountered. Each and every bite is announced with an obnoxious slurping sound (it's like a chimpanzee eating grapes). Ladies ... you know when you marry a guy and fix his wardrobe, but then after he looks presentable, he becomes resistant to the other ways you want to "change him." If he is a food slurper ... you need to nip it in the bud. Get on it ... report back! I'm going to move tables now. Ok ... I am back. I would like to talk a bit about European train travel. The Central Station in Prague is a 5 minute walk from my hotel. I climbed out of the ... read more
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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 26th 2013

Today is our last day, and there are many mixed emotions. “When I get home, I can’t wait to tell my family….” ...Hey, Mom, wasn’t this a totally fun and awesome trip? ~Terri (Our team included 4 mother-daughter pairs!) ...Yeah!!! Jo!!!! ~ Laurie ...WOW! What an awesome trip! Next time, you should come with me! ~Bella K. As Laurie’s Dad says (kind of) – “It looks good from the Danube!” (or road…all depends on your visual perspective). Where did the week go?! The sunshine was back today and temperatures reached about 92. We arrived at the job site at 8 o’clock like all the previous days, but today we leave at 2:30pm to attend a Hungarian festival in Vac. Levi started the day off with some jokes in his usual happy, upbeat attitude. I must say ... read more
Project Street Address
Gerri & Laurie

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 25th 2013

The clouds rolled in today and provided some shade for almost 90% of the day. This worked out perfectly given most of the team was involved in some sort of plastering or installing Styrofoam insulation. At the end of the day, we used up over 17 bags of plaster producing a remarkable transformation of the home's exterior from the day we first arrived. Today's devotion was led by Debi and Laurie, a very good lesson and reality check on what is important to keep together in our lives while we are here on Earth. While the team finished placing the fiberglass mesh and foam insulation, Clint installed about 100' of reinforced corner material. After the corners were completed, the final coat of plaster began on the ground level and should move along quickly tomorrow. The entire ... read more
A Little to Your Left, Dan!
Square Corner

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 24th 2013

The Hungarian language simply has some fun words to try, and we're doing our level best to pronounce them correctly. Our efforts certainly bring out smiles and a willingness to help! Getting back to work.... The temperature continued to climb today reaching lower 90's... Our work day was planned for a half day today, so that we could experience more of the Hungarian culture. Work started very quickly after arrival as the team now has the hang of most jobs. We still wonder if the job we are doing is up to par. Levi continues to share his knowledge with the team and works closely to see we do a great job. The work we have planned for the next two days will ... read more
Danube Bend
Stormin' the Castle
King & Queen


Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest July 23rd 2013

This is so awesome. If you have not read my previous blog entitled "Prague ... A Day With Friends ... And Thinking About Friends," then please go read that blog then come back here. I am jumping ahead in the timeline a bit, but this blog is going to be so much fun I did not want to wait. I believe you, my readers, understand that I am always traveling several days ahead of the blog. Accordingly, I am currently writing as if I am in Prague, when I am, in fact, in Budapest. Everything that happened in the Prague blog really happened, it just happened several days ago (and for the record, there will be two more Prague blogs) ... but for the sake of getting this blog out, I am jumping ahead in the ... read more
New Friends From Norwegia
It Takes Time To Look This Good
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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 23rd 2013

Jó napot! We learned that Hungarians say Jó Reggelt if it is morning and before 8 o'clock. After that time, we say Jó Napot or good day! Last night finished with a wonderful devotion led by Gerri. A few very touching verses about using the gifts (hands) God gave us to go out and do good work. This certainly started to hit home today as our team put in our first full day of work. The teams were mixed up a little from yesterday so everyone was able to try a few new jobs. We had a new member from another Habitat affiliate whose name is Daniel also join our team for the day. The front side of the house was finished with a rough coat and about 70% of a final coat. The gable end ... read more
Levi teaching sisters!
Dan & Clint

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Vác July 22nd 2013

Jó Reggelt! Good morning! Today's our first build day, and everyone's a little bit excited and a little bit apprehensive not knowing just what to expect. We had a delicious breakfast at our hotel; loaded up a small bus and pull-behind trailer with our luggage and headed north out of Budapest to Sződliget at 7:30 am. About an hour later, we pulled into the driveway of our hotel for the next 5 nights, the Liget Panzio. It's nicely tucked off the main road behind beautifully landscaped gardens and very close to the Danube River. This hotel has great character and is set up like a bed and breakfast. After a quick check-in, we drove north another 22 km to our work site in Nagymaros. Here, we met most of the family members, along with our construction ... read more
Liget Panzio
Our Fun Bus!
Karin & Terri

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Pannonhalma July 22nd 2013

Gyonyoru kornyezet, laza hangulat, inspiralt tanarok - iden ismet egy honapos maratoni Integralt Masszazs Mozgas Tabort ultunk, mely hozta az eddigi evek szinvonalat. Rosemary biodinamikus cranio tanfolyamain egyszeruen repdesett mint a madar - finom, kedves, energikus jelenletevel mosolyaval folyamatosan inspiralt, gyonyoru enekhangjatol vizhangzottak kinyalka termei. Egy kicsit mint egy kozepkori fouri varban a grofne, ugy maszkalt a hosszu, boltives folyosokon, gregorian es komolyzenei dalokat eloadva...szuper volt latni, hallani. Jomagam egy gyors telthazas tanfolyamot toltam "Thai masszazs Kezek Nelkul" cimmel Rosemary 2 kurzusa kozott, mely nagy megelegedettsegemre igen sok embert vagott foldhoz:) Ezutan sajnos amokfutni kezdtem...latvan, hogy veszesen fogy az ennivalo, azonnal felmentem Ujhelyi Petivel bevasarolni a nagybanira, egy masodik kornyi friss zoldseg es gyumolcsert, majd... read more
mandala 2
mandala 3

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest July 21st 2013

Ah, lovely day today! I finally made my way over to the Buda side of the Danube - you guessed it, I spent the majority of the day wandering :) I went up to Castle Hill where I spent most of my time. The views over the Danube and of Pest on the other side are just superb - especially of the bridges and of Parliament. I really can't get over how impressive those Parliament Buildings are... they truly are iconic. I also visited the "Hospital in the Rock" museum which was really cool! It is, as the name suggests, a hospital that was built into the rock, in Castle Hill, as part of the cave system and it was in use during WW2 and during the Revolution. How smart to build a hospital into a ... read more
Parliament from across the Danube
Statue by Matthias Church
Best dessert

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