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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda September 13th 2013

Ok I'll tell you about my school life. About time, right? I'm in primarily a first grade class. I have 21 students. 2 speak English really well because they've spent a ton of time in the states, 4 speak English pretty well, and 4 speak 0 amounts of English. The rest fall somewhere in the middle. I have one little boy who speaks no English and is just so lost always. Even during the Hungarian lessons he looks lost. However, when he finally learns something, he only says that one thing, which is super cute. He comes up to me every day and says, "Good morning! Happy!" with a big ol' smile on his face. We've been doing "Thank you" "You're welcome" which pretty much everyone in the class understands. But when I say "thank you" ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda September 10th 2013

It's really great having a fully furnished apartment for two reasons. 1. There's a lot of stuff that I need. 2. There's a lot of stuff that I don't need. My flat is known by my friends as "the old lady apartment." I've come to embrace that because it's much easier than describing the exact area in which I live. I love my flat. It's huge. I have two balconies, a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom (kind of), and a dining room. Not bad. Today I went to Ikea to get new towels and a trash can and stuff because the stuff provided wasn't up to my standards. As much as I want to dry myself off with crazy scratchy towels for a Anyway...when I was putting away my new things, I decided to ... read more
Trinkets and Vases
Weird blankets and stuff
Throw pillows and more vases

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda September 9th 2013

Seriously. My weekend. What. First of all, despite countless research on my washing machine and trying different ways to wash the same load of clothes, I'm getting the exact same results. So, this is my life now. Buying liquid detergent tomorrow. Ok. So Friday I get home and grab Chaz from the train station which has, like, 2 benches. We walk across the bridge to my place and then go out with Liz and Darcy. We go to this party hostel called Instant, which has about a million rooms. Can't wait to get lost in there in the future. Then we try another club called Hello Baby (I know). First of all, these random people in line wanted to take pictures with us. I don't know. I get in, look behind me to see if my ... read more
Our bridge.
View from the Citadel.
Liberation Statue.

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda September 2nd 2013

Oh snap. Blogging from the other side of the river. I've decided to do another list because I think more people are willing to read it, and then I can get work done instead of blogging for the next two hours. (Sorry if you're not a fan. Let me know, and I might switch back to the super long entries). 1. Yes. I have a flat. So awesome and great and sweet. 2. It used to be owned by an old lady. Old blankets and weird trinkets EVERYWHERE. Also, wine corks all up in the drawers? 3. My toilet is the farthest thing away from the sink. Not sure who designed this flat. 4. I spent Saturday waltzing around Budapest with my new Australian friend Scott. And by waltzing, I mean walking the entire city. I ... read more
Chain Bridge
Me and Parliament!

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest September 1st 2013

Oli rento aamu: ei kiiretta mihinkaan. Soin aamupalan samassa poydassa hollantilaisen pariskunnan kanssa. Heidan poikansa oli tullut opiskelemaan Budapestiin ja he olivat tuoneet autolla hanen tavaroitaan. Vaihdoin rahaa metroaseman valuutanvaihtopisteessa, ja se olikin paras kurssi, mita tana paivana nain: rautatieasemalla oli esimerkiksi paljon huonompi. Jouduin hetken etsimaan oikeaa paikkaa josta ostin vuorokauden lipun paikallisliikenteeseen. Menin metrolla rautatieasemalle - yksi vaihto. Siella pitikin jonottaa puolisen tuntia (vuoronumerolla), ennen kuin sai ostettua junalipun Bratislavaan. Lisaksi lippu on avoin, eli kay kuukauden aikana mihin tahansa junaan. Ajelin ratikoilla pitkin kaupunkia, ensin poikkesin kahvilla, sitten joen yli. Olisin mennyt jokiristeilylle, mutta vuorokauden lippu ei kaynytkaan siella - paitsi ilmeisesti kavisi arkipaivisin. Menin koysiradalla Bud... read more


Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 31st 2013

Ryanairin lento lahti 3 tuntia myohassa, mika on tosi harvinaista. Pirkkalan kentalla tuli sitten juotua kallista olutta. Budapestissa kerkesin viimeiseen kaupunkibussiin, joka vei hotellin lahelle. Oli oma haasteensa loytaa reitti pysakilta metroaseman lapi hotelliin. On mukavan lamminta. Ruokaa ei saanut enaa mistaan lahettyvilta. Onneksi soin kotona. Kavin katsomassa lahibaaria, jossa olisi ollut aiemmin ruokaa. Matkatavaraa tuli tosiaan mukaan vain 5,7 kg ja siinakin oli runsaasti Suomen ja Viron eurokolikoita. En halunnut ensinnakaan maksaa Ryanairilla 60 euroa ruumatavarasta. Lisaksi perilla on helpompaa liikkua vahalla matkatavaralla.... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 29th 2013

1. I have an apartment! Well, I might. Apparently it's being cleaned today and hopefully I get to move in tomorrow. I'll update when it actually happens. But supposedly it's on the Buda side near a huge square, which makes a pretty easy commute to work. 2. I'm teaching first grade plus second grade music and PE. Again, supposedly. The schedule is STILL not finalized. 3. There are really cool fruits and vegetables in Hungary. I don't remember the names of them, but one is like a small oval plum that's super sweet, and the other is indescribable but tastes like a mix between cauliflower and cabbage in that it's sweet but has a nice little spice at the end. SO GOOD. Shopkeepers are nice and let me, Tiffany, and Daniel try them for free. 4. ... read more
There were like 5 of these.
What even are these?

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 28th 2013

Language is a very very small form of culture shock. When going to a place like Hungary, one might expect the language to be different. Most people speak a bit of English, so communicating in Hunglish in shops and restaurants is easy to do. I'm still trying to pick up on Hungarian, but wow is it a hard language. While those short conversations are easy to communicate, it becomes a bit of a problem when you try to talk about your job, contract, and housing and no one can seem to understand you. Culture shock is expected, but it is still quite shocking. In these past two days, all at once, I have felt shocked, overwhelmed, and stressed. It has made me realize just how foreign this country is to me. That's the preface. Here's the ... read more
The restaurant
Darcy, Kate, and me

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Buda August 24th 2013

Oh boy. Let me start with yesterday I guess. We woke up at 9 am to enjoy a free day of exploring the city. We got a nice simple breakfast of granola and muesli in the hostel kitchen, and then made plans. Some girls had bought tickets for a Hop On Hop Off tour that cost about $20 and shows you all of Budapest. My roommates and I decided to do a day of being tourists, but as of yesterday morning, I still had no forints. My friend Kate and I (there are 2 other Kate's here) walked down to the bank and successfully got forints out of the bank! Armed with 75,000 HUF in my pocket (it's 225 HUF to $1 here, so 1000 HUF is about $4), I walked back to the hostel and ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 22nd 2013

I'm here! I made it! I'm alive, Mom! My flights were super uneventful, so I'll skip over those. We took off, flew a lot, landed, blah blah blah. On the flight to Hungary, I was super nervous about customs, because I have a work permit, but I don't have a visa. I didn't know whether to declare myself here for work or tourism. This was the reality of customs: get in line, give man passport, man stamps passport, get luggage, walk through empty 'nothing to declare' room, you're in Hungary!! I met Hajni with her CETP sign, and went from there. The reality of my trip really only hit me at the end of my second flight as we were flying over all of this beautiful farmland. It was the best. I met up with 3 ... read more
View from the Hostel
Common room
First sunset

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