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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 10th 2006

Day 4 & 5 Arrived: Hauptbahnhof Station - Munich, Germany (early morning) + Day Tour in Fussen Accommodation: Euro Youth Hostel-- first impression = welcoming/ across the street from train station room = 6 person room shower = shared in hallway tip = get in early for the free walking tour Gone.. Go Trippin'- Munich We arrived early from our overnight train from Amsterdam. Note-- couchette or sleeper trains must be booked or reserved so plan ahead. We checked into Euro Youth, located literally steps from the train station. This was the one time we were glad we arrived early morning since the hostel offers walking tours for a small fee (tip for the guides). What a no nonsense, hassle- free and affordable way to see the city. The meeting area was located in Marienplatz ... read more
Neuschwanstein Castle
Entrance to Marienplatz

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Düsseldorf June 10th 2006

Düsseldorf and Sylt 10 to 11 June 2006 On the Saturday we caught the Inner City Express train from Hamburg to Düsseldorf (for a bargain €96.00), and got there by mid-afternoon. We were on our way to visit the Daniels family. Mia and Peter are long time friends of Kai’s parents. We stayed with Jens, their son, who lives in the heart of the modern and lively Düsseldorf. That evening we had dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant by the Rhine, enjoying the food, drink, company and sun till 11pm. This area of recently reclaimed docks is becoming a central location for media and production companies. So it is a rather trendy and stylish place. Towards the end of the meal, Silke, Mia and Peter’s daughter joined us as well. She had just returned from ... read more
Kai and the Daniels.
Kerry and Mia
The beach on Sylt

10th June Saturday. I wake up on the plane in Munich to see an absolutely beautiful sunrise. I was a little confused as to how to get to Kaiserslautern (will now be known as K-Town) and as it was so early in the morning and everything was closed I slept on a bench with my pack to cuddle. My ticket ended up costing me 79 Euros (bloody expensive) but the train was very comfortable and the scenery was very beautiful and green. The houses are very different to what I have seen on my travels so far, cute little white things with brown high pitched roofs, very village looking. When I arrived in K-Town I had a 20min walk with my pack and I guess 3 weeks of not using it really made a difference. I ... read more
The local school
cute K-Town
mmm Robbie

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 10th 2006

Guten tag my friends! Actually after just writing that I've experienced a blank on whether or not that really is the word for hello in German....oh well, lets just say it is! Okay, before I tell you about Berlin, I have to send out a huge sincere apology to the country of Belarus, as we completely missed it out of our blog, even though we stopped there for a night. So anyway, better tell you a bit about it, since nobody has ever heard of it, including us til we got there. Belarus used to be part of Russia, I think it was only in the 90's that it became recognised as a seperate country. Its currently run by a president who is said to be 'europes last dictator' not on the scale of hitler of ... read more
another sad memorial in Belarus
and another
Me and the Berlin Wall

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 10th 2006

We are in southwest Germany visiting our niece Megan who is stationed in the army at Ramstead Army Base. We are enjoying the chance to visit with her since we haven't seen in in a year. She has wireless in her apartment - horray!! So we can do a travel update. We last talked to you from Prague. Since then we have seen much better weather - warm and sunny days. Because we are pretty far north it stays late past 10 PM in the evening so lots of time to do things. After leaving Prague we drove across Germany to Cologne and Essen. Cologne - Beautiful city which I fell in love with immediately. Had some difficulty finding our camp ground due to a road blocked for construction, but well worth it once found. The ... read more


Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt June 9th 2006

Guten tag. I am here! The games start in less than 12 hours! I am a very overpriced hostel and about to go to the airport to collect my brother and friends Jeff and Cory. As a result, this entry is going to be quite short, and I just know I'm going to forget something. Still, you'll get the picture. Travel update: The past days I've been in Bologna, Italy except yesterday I trained to Venice then bussed to the airport then flew to near Frankfurt then bussed to Frankfurt proper. I will be running around with my brother and friends in a matter of hours! Tales: After Venice, I to a train with Laura to Bologna. The town houses the oldest university in Europe dating back to the 11th century. It is well known for ... read more
italian wine bar
the writing of the Pimpanesimo manifesto
ballin in Bologna

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 9th 2006

等待多天,終於到了世界盃揭幕戰的一天。 慕尼黑的Fan Fest設於Olympiapark內、拜仁舊主場Olympiastadion隔鄰的一幅傾斜的大草地。因為這裡是慕尼黑,又因為我其實是Mehmet Scholl的球迷,因此今天我決定穿上拜仁7號球衣到場觀戰。 1006 RE@Augsburg Hbf 陽光充沛   剛上車,已有好幾位盛裝準備的乘客。 VIDEO-"It’s My Life" waiting for the match VIDEO-"Das Deutschland Lied" VIDEO-Lahm Tor! (replay) 2044 ICE   德國勝哥斯達黎加4:2,Lahm的世界盃首個入球入得妙到毫顛,本來Frings可以飲頭啖湯的,幸好最後射入一球同樣絕妙的遠射。   其實4:2掩飾不了後防的嚴重... read more
please smile!
the dancing Costa Rican
helicopter from above

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 9th 2006

A couple of weeks ago as I read through an ESPN article handicapping the World Cup, it occured to me that a tournament of this magnitude (a true GLOBAL tournament) can only be analyzed in one way: THE WOMEN. That´s right, I SAID it. Having "gotten around" a bit this past year, I feel I am quite up to speed on recent "developments" in most World Cup countries, so allow me to make you some money (well, that is if you decide to join through my site) and predict the WHOLE Cup, from beginning to end, based on each COUNTRY´S "cups". ALL puns are intended, see if you can catch them all. Group A: GERMANY, COSTA RICA, ECUADOR, POLAND Commentary: Tough to deny the host nation (as I learned shortly after arriving at Inky´s flat), ... read more
Team England
Team Canada
Team USA

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich June 9th 2006

Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don't like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that. Bill Shankly, In Sunday Times (UK) Oct. 4 1981 Kaan refused to sleep today. He finally took a one-hour nap when he was so exhausted that he just fell asleep instantly when he blinked. He just couldn't open his eyes again for an hour. But when he did, he was ready to go again. Why, you ask? The World Cup!! Soccer chocolates Everything here is soccer right now. Soccer shirts, soccer balls stuck on bank windows, soccer truffles. Unless you live in a cave (or in the US, which has other priorities), you know that the World Cup began today and is being hosted by Germany. The first game ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Black Forest June 9th 2006

Football at Berlin and beyond the Black Forrest Lots of fans getting around football matches at the world cup....some new adventures then... Meeting with Lisa Stepahns and Annette Tatzel (german volunteers girls at Hunstanton) in a flat in Berlin and then meeting Oliver home around the black forrest...amazing trip around semifinals... For those who football´s gets mad ( ich bin verruckt!!) Special mention to Heidelberg meeting with spanish people! Like always me, blessings comes in unpredictable ways! I have a missing day before to jumped to Berlin again, so I decided to spend a night somewhere in I chosed Heidelberg. At the hostal, I met an spanish fan moving with walking sticks , so I asked why...and he said: "well, it´s just football passion, I bought the tickets a long ago, and I had an ... read more
Lisa, Me and Annette in an unusual view of monument in Berlin
Lukas a beer garten near the pergammon musseum, Berliner afternoon
Oliver and Mat

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