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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 28th 2006

I Flew into Munich from Melbourne after 2, 2 hour stopovers in Malaysia and Amsterdam. Stayed at Euro Youth Hostel which is about a 2 minute walk from the main trainstation. Munich was covered in snow, wasnt as cold as i thought it would be but....still cold. Every night in munich was spent drinkin with 2 irish lads, 2 canadian lads, and another aussie and some other randoms that would come join in.. would begin our drinkin at the beer halls, where we would have quite a few steins (1L glasses of beer) and some german food. then eventually make our way back to the hostel where the beers were cheaper and have few more there... then we'd wonder out to some bars or somewhere to drink, one place we went to had 30 clubs in ... read more
Nazi Building

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne February 25th 2006

Woke up the next morning feeling a little worse for wear but made myself get out of bed and made my way to the train station. I got on a train to Cologne which is a two hour journey north. The trains in Germany are brilliant, they are really efficient and always run on time. For the most part of the trip the train travelled alongside the Rhine river which is really beautiful and well worth it. We passed several small towns each with their own church and nestled into the valley. They all looked exactly the same and as we rounded each bend sure enough another town, another church! We passed maybe fifteen of these small towns and occasionally seeing the remains of castles perched atop the hill. The river is pretty busy with many ... read more
Dom Cathedral
Dom Cathedral
Bridge over the rhine

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin February 24th 2006

Hello Tigers and fellow humans, so I am still at home and pack my little bag for the travel to india. they say, that its a tiger country and maybe i will meet other tigers there. we will see. but mostly i come to india to be a travelmate for rene. he is my human friend. and of course we bring ojo along. he is a small bear. we don´t know what he will be, when he grows up. he claims to be a grizzly bear, like the ones he met on renes yourney through california. but i don´t really believe it. he has the color of a good indian fishcurry, so maybe he is a currybear. ojo always has to puke in the airplain. he doesn´t like hight so much. but he always insists on ... read more
Ojo watching

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt February 24th 2006

Arrived into Frankfurt early evening and made our way to our hotel which is in Meinz, about 45 minutes away from central Frankfurt. Some of my colleagues and I decided on going out for something to eat and drink. We walked down little cobblestoned streets to the main centre only five minutes away. As soon as we got there we noticed a couple of people wearing fancy dress which was a bit of a laugh! But strangely we started seeing more and more people and full on fancy dress complete with face paint. We couldn't figure out what was going on, we thought maybe there was a party at one of the bars. The further we walked the crazier it became, we were starting to feel like we were the only ones who weren't dressed up. ... read more
Pimpin it
Little Bo Peep
It is a smurf!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 23rd 2006

So, really my train started out from Salzburg for me, but i was in Munich for awhile, so that i why I put down that I was there...because that counts for me!!! Hahaha...So, after basically a day of waiting. I got on the train and it was probably the nicest train I have been on thus far. I sat in the same area with another person. It was a young man. He lives in Munich and was taking the train home because he works in Linz, Austria. Pretty cool. The nice thing about our seats, was the outlets, so i was able to charge my iPod and camera batteries. We were only on the train for about two hours. Then i arrived in Munich. However, I had about 3 hours before my train left at midnight ... read more


Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg February 22nd 2006

I just got back from 5 days in the SW corner of Germany. Basically I had my "spring break"...the temperature there was 10 or 11 degrees celsius, instead of zero, and a couple days we had some lovely sun. My friend Laura studies at the University there, which is super-old. It's in a mostly-catholic, wine-drinking part of Germany, with low unemployment...very different from Berlin. Anyway, Laura had been at UNC for a year, studying English. She's very fluent! I met her and a bunch of her friends. (I also went on a side-trip into France, to the city of Colmar, but that will get a separate entry.) The quirkiest thing I experienced was the Basel airport, into which I flew. The airport straddles the national boundary between France and Switzerland (and Germany is just a few ... read more
City Gate
Franzi, Angie, und Laura

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 20th 2006

We went to Munich last weekend after Hadrian's Villa. The ground was covered in snow as they'd just had a big snow storm. It made everything gorgeous. We took the train through the Austrian Alps and that was quite beautiful as well. Upon arrival we made our way to Wombat's City Hostel, which is apparently famous as hostels go. After arriving we took the front desk guys advice and walked to a nearby Bavarian restaurant where the food was awesome as was the beer. They served Augustiner which is a Munich brewed beer and an apparent symbol of the city. We then made our way to the bar district to drink a few more and catch a little jazz show before bedtime. You wouldn't think sitting on a train for ten hours would tire you out ... read more
Into the town hall court
First museum

Europe » Germany February 18th 2006

Went to Ludenscheid, about an hours drive from Dortmund in Germany, with Helen and Mark to stay at Helens mums place.... read more
Me playing on the ski field
Path and buried benches

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg February 17th 2006

ok so onto switzerland i go! We stayed in a hotel on top of Mount Pilatus - 7000 feet above sea level....bloody high if ya ask me!! The weather was pretty cold but im kind of getting used to it now and its not AS cold when its snowing which is cool! To get to our hotel we had to get 2 gondolas(not like the ones in Venice) to the top. The first one took about 30mins then we got off and then onto another one that took about 5mins. The hotel itself was pretty basic but the views were AMAZING!!!!!!!! it was just so unreal to be up there!! We had the Swiss Alps as our view from our bedroom window!! You wont get that back home thats for sure! There is absolutely nothing...and i ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 14th 2006

We took a train to Munich from Rome. It took about 10 hours but it was well worth it. Our train was sold out and jammed packed full of people trying to get to small ski towns that are in the Italian Alps. Once we got past the main ones it was smooth sailing from there. Trey and I had a whole cabin to ourselves the rest of the way to Munich, which was trough the Austrian Alps which are some of the most beautiful and fantastic scenery I have ever seen. We talked with a German lady for a while about different things and she told us that there had been 5 feet of snow that had dropped that week in Munich and the mountains and that was the reason there were so many people ... read more
into a tunnel
ski lift from the train
munich and the snow

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