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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen June 8th 2006

Well, yesterday we had the great pleasure of seeing the mighty Socceroos...sorry QANTAS Socceroos play against the might of Liechtenstein. Althought the score was 3:1, Australia scored all 4 goals. There must have been atleast 1,000 Aussies there which was kinda weird because Ulm is such a small town. Of the ones we talked to there seemed to be a fairly even mix of those who live in Germany, those who are backpacking around Europe and those who were there just the World Cup. Kristian and I donned some green and gold face paint, and bought some Aussie flags. Anja became an honourary Australia for the game and even let me paint a small Aussie flag on her cheek. She was a bit confused about the whole Jumbuck in a Tuckerbag thing though. Actually as a ... read more
In Rothenburg
Heidemheim Cave

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Augsburg June 8th 2006

i still cannot escape the 'second stop symthom', although paris is really a fasinating city, i still felt lack of security. 因為慕尼黑旅舍早已爆滿,想起04年到過附近的Augsburg(離慕尼黑約半小時車程),感覺甚佳,因此這一段我選擇住在Augsburg。 today morning, i checked out at 8 a.m. and walked towards the metro station, and the gates just kept closed down! i walked along the street heading Paris Gare du Nord, hoping to get on a taxi, but unsuccessed. finally i asked a woman by the bus stop (she spoke fluent english!), she taught me to take a bus. but the bus suddenly changed it's route (maybe because of the traffic jam), i missed the best chance to get off to run into the north station, instead it took me to the east station, by the time of gettig off, i had already cried out at least thee f__k s. luckily when i stepped ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 8th 2006

It took a while, but I think I´m finally "balls-deep" in the World Cup (no pun intended). Touching down in Cologne this past Wednesday, I was working on my 53rd failed attempt to call my host and friend, nowhere to be found for the always-elusive airport pickup. When you dial a wrong number or get an automated voicemail in Germany, the German message is basically the same, at least to my Deutsche-challenged arce, so I couldn´t tell if I was dialing the area code incorrectly or if they wanted me to deposit 2 more Euros for the first 5 minutes of my phone sex call. But right when I was about to hit the road with a "Will Blog for Bed" sign, the travel gods apparently sent their own, as I caught a glimpse of a ... read more
The World is Mine
Ecuadorian Guns

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg June 7th 2006

today is mittwoch (wednesday) and I am making curry!!!! nothing extraordinary has occured since my last post thing. I watched the socceroos V holland, arjen robben is a cheating bastard, and sterjovski is crap but other than that the game was good. We went to a theme park on monday which was absolutely awesome aside from the fact that i had consumed ridiculous amounts of alcohol and other things the night before which meant i didnt eat all day from fear of sharing it with everybody on the rollercoaster later on... we've done some more bike riding, my bum is getting used to it. if i ever had to go to prison i'd be a-ok Germany is green, really really green, and really cold, my shoes are pretty much ruined from the snow so im wearing ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn June 7th 2006

We find ourselves now in this little sleepy town of Bad Godesberg, situated just south of Bonn, in time for the start of the World Cup. Our grand farewell to England with our British hosts included both a beer festival and a fair in Chalfont. Funny coincidence at the beer fest -- the Brits found us a souvenir plate from none other than Victoria, British Columbia, Canada! The only thing we could think of doing with it was to get them all to autograph it and now we will bring it home and put it on display as a memento of our trip. It was sad to say goodbye, but as we have managed to do all year it was time to look forward to our next destination, back to the European continent. We flew to ... read more
Nigel, Nick, Simon and Chris
Chris and Sarah with Autographed Plate
The Da Vinci Code Tourist


Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin June 7th 2006

Day 63 - June 7 - GERMANY - Berlin Accommodation: Odyssee Globetrotter Hostel My first night train in Europe and it was quite comfy, although I’ve heard those Germans are pretty efficient. I had to share a bunk bed with 5 other people, although I got on the train about 11pm and it was pretty quiet and a smooth trip so I actually slept pretty well. We came into the Berlin outer suburbs about 8am and I got my gear ready to go. I found out from my hostel website that I only had to go one more train station after getting off the night train to get to my hostel stop, and then it was only a 10 minute walk along a main road. It was a pretty nice hostel too. I hadn’t planned a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Sankt Goar June 6th 2006

6:36pm Breakfast this morning was at 7:00 am… I think I woke up a little after 5:30 am this morning. Breakfast was the same, so I had 2 Melba toast and Dramamine. Packed my overnight bag and boarded the bus at 7:30. Adios, Amsterdam! The bus ride to Germany wasn’t so bad. Our first stop was in Cologne. We had a chance to go through the Cathedral, which was gorgeous. I got some really cool shots from the inside. We had about a half hour to kill before we had to meet, so we wandered around the train station. We stopped at a stand and had a delicious wurst croissant (€1.75) which tasted just like a corndog. Mmmm.. I also bought a smoothie later, but it was not so great (€2.75). The train station is right ... read more
St. Goar Cruise
Cologne cathedral
View from top of St. Goar

Europe » Germany » Hamburg » Hamburg June 5th 2006

We have decided to split the Germany blog into two parts. This one will cover our time spent in Glückstadt, ours visits to Hamburg, Travemünde and Lübeck. The second blog, which should be sent out this coming Monday, will cover our night spent in Düsseldorf and our day trip up to Westerland on the Island of Sylt. Glückstadt, Hamburg, Travemünde and Lübeck We were in Germany for a total of 10 sunny days. Our base for the trip was Susanne and Walter’s (Kai’s Dad) place in the picturesque town of Glückstadt. Glückstadt (located in the Schleswig-Holstein region i.e. northern tip of Germany) on the river Elbe was founded by King Christian IV of Denmark in 1617. Its name, translated in English, means "Lucky City". 5 to 6 June 2006 We spent our first day catching up ... read more
Gluckstad Town Hall (Rathaus) and eagle from the candelabra
Kai and his Dad, Walter
Kai and the 10Kg Kasimir. Kasi travels everywhere.

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen June 5th 2006

Hello all, At the moment we are tstaying with Anja's parents in Heidenheim, a village about 2 hours drive from Tübingen. Yesterday we got our first real taste of the World Cup, and in particular Australia's involvement in it, when The Socceroos played Holland. As many of you may have heard the Dutch accused us of being a bit too rough, and actually the commentator mentioned something about "Aussie Rules Football" duting the broadcast, perhaps drawing comparisons to that game. True they did play hard but perhaps it is hard for them to do anything less than try their hardest when they are playing such an established team. It was great that they drew. The commentator also said that Australia was not just at the World Cup to make up the numbers which is encouraging, but ... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Cologne June 5th 2006

June 5th 2006 hey ihr zwei ! Viel Spass... read more

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