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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich March 25th 2006

it is amazing how much you can appreciate a nice hot shower. we set out from paris thursday night on a train around 10:45p.m. bound for munich (munchen as is properly spelt) to meet up with andrew. there were about 20 minutes of pure anxiety as we awaited to see if the little cabin with two rows of three chairs (because we are too cheap to buy sleeper cabins) would be all our own for the sprawling out and hopefully a few hours sleep. just about to fall asleep, they come by to check our tickets and although at first annoyed with their timing, we were soon very grateful as we were notified we were on the wrong half of the train. evidently the train would be disconnecting and going two different places and the nice ... read more

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin March 24th 2006

Hello!!! We are writing this blog from a block away from Checkpoint Charlie, in the official no-crossing zone!!!!! We're on a tour of this area of Berlin, and have learnt a lot of history and gotten to see all the amazing spots including the Brandenberg Tor, Reichstag, Topography of Terror, the spot below which Hitler's bunker was, and of course, the Wall. Amazing. All right .. gotta go meet up with the rest of the group, but will write later. We left Amsterdam last night, transferred at Bruxelles and got here (more on that later) this morning. Have been staying with family and it has been great. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg March 21st 2006

A promise is a promise and since I told you I would update this site a little bit more often... Here it goes... First, this damn computer won’t accept my camera so no photo’s yet! Damn German computers, they must somehow have an anti Dutch device in them... Bastards!! Well first stop was Düsseldorf, where my parents brought me, and after walking around a bit there and having a lunch it was time for the tearful goodbyes... Than it was off to Köln where Raphael picked me up and took good care of me, both on the food front as well as on the beer front. And he showed me around town too... I can tell you that climbing up the Kölner Dom is quite hard and the beer afterwards was more then welcome... After the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg March 16th 2006

We took a trip to Frankfurt with AJY on Thursday last week. It was pretty cool, but again super super cold which made it a little less fun. We went to Goethe's House, a big german writer (sometimes compared to shakespeare). It was a pretty cool place, but the tour took a really long time and it went into our lunch break so we were all pretty hungry. After lunch we went to the Kaiser Museum where Herr Dörr (one of the teachers at ajy) talked about the kaisers and history stuff. Then we went to Paulskirche. It was a beautiful catholic church. Some people took pictures, but I felt wierd taking pictures in a catholic church so i didnt. After the church we had like 35 minutes free time. We (Phill, Kelly, Katy, Katie, and ... read more
Goethes House
Goethe Museum Sign
Goethe Statue

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Winterberg March 14th 2006

I made one rule for myself for my ski trip to Germany: don't try anything stupid. But much like bones, rules are meant to be broken. Fortunately, my one foray into snoboard hotdogging ended without any serious injury and much like Lindsey Jacobellis' silver medal boardcross run: humiliating, but surmountable with enough BS and the whole "yeah, well I don't see you trying it" factor. There was a split second of a "My knee hurts and I want my mommy" moment when I thought I tore something, but after a few minutes of Peter Griffin pain management, I was able to finish the run and make it down to the bottom of the mountain. It's now late on Tuesday and the limp's almost gone. Whew. Otherwise, the trip was awesome. I got to see some amazing ... read more
More Snow
Gearing up


Europe » Germany March 12th 2006

... as long as you adapt. After the Russians cut gas supplies the ambiente of the bed room changed significantly ...... read more

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Düsseldorf March 11th 2006

Arrived into Dusseldorf two hours late, temperature a warm 0degC! Caught a taxi to the main train station and was tossing up whether to go to Holland, Belgium or Luxembourg. I decided on Belgium. I had wanted to go to Brussels but was too far away so bought a ticket to Liege. I waited at the platform double checking i had the right time and platform number. The train arrived right on time and so i jumped on. Then the unexpected happened! One hour and 45 mins into the journey i realised im on the wrong train and going in the complete opposite direction!! The passenger sitting beside me told me that this train had arrived late into Dusseldorf so the train i was supposed to catch would have departed after this one. Obviously an announcement ... read more
houses along the rhine
portugese church

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin March 11th 2006

I went to Berlin in March with Anna Laura and Milka. We could not believe it when we got off the plane to see that everywhere was completely covered in snow. Although it was freezing, the snow made Berlin look special in an almost austere way. This is me and Milka in front of the famous Brandenburg Gate.... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg March 10th 2006

On Friday the tenth europahaus iii, where kelly lives, had a kneipe tour for the house. kelly invited me so i went with her. at first it was a little intimdating because everyone was in groups and there was very fast german being spoken, but after the first bar everything was good. kelly and i started talking with the german students and stuff. we had a ton of fun. we went to three bars in heidelberg and kelly and i could definitely not keep up with their drinking. after the bars we went to döner, which has basically gyros. its the only thing open at 2 am (like mighty taco in wny). we ate some döner and then headed home. so much fun. were going to do stuff with max, ole, and nina (no picture) again. ... read more
Ole and Me
Ole, Me, Kelly, and Max

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Heidelberg March 9th 2006

katy, phill, and kelly came to my room for dinner. katy and phill go to carthage college in wisconsin and kelly goes to the university of pittsburgh. katy lives on Ringstrasse which is a 15 minute bus ride or so, maybe a little less. phill lives in jagerhaus which is in the altstadt (old city) where i live. kelly lives in europahaus III which is down the road from me on plöck (thats my street). we decided to have a rotation of dinners at each others house to save money, speak german, and hang out. we also are planning on traveling together. in the neckar region where we live and who knows where else.... read more

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