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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 14th 2013

Two weeks ago, right after my weekend in Oslo, I flew to Munich to spend the weekend with my friend Hetty and her husband Stefan. After a very cold March and a cold Easter even in Stuttgart in the south of Germany (where I had flown for the Easter holidays), spring was just about to arrive. So on Saturday, we hiked around one of the lakes not far from Munich, the Schliersee. It was a beautiful, nice and easy walk. Towards the end of the walk, we even hiked up a little mountain, up to the ruin of an old castle, from where we had a beautiful view of the lake, its shores and the surrounding mountains. We rewarded ourselves for climbing all the way up with some tasty Kaiserschmarrn. The next morning, we opened the ... read more
Schliersee II
Schliersee III
Schliersee IV

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich March 23rd 2013

Red flags rule Marienplatz, Munich’s main square with a seventeenth-century Marian column. The Social Democrats and allies are protesting incidents of Islamophobia. Placards in German reads something like “If churches and synagogues, why not mosques?” A music troupe gathers the crowd and gives way to serious speakers. The lyrical speaker humours the audience but a sudden snowfall disperses the crowd. A statuesque silver man refuses to move, unless someone offers him a coin. Munich is a far cry from Stuttgart. The Bavarian capital is in a fast-forward spin while its Swabian counterpart likes to promenade (hastily, being in Germany). If Stuttgart is obsessed with a do-not-interfere personal distance, the crowded cosmopolitan Munich has all kinds of petty merchants accosting tourists. Even the chill is pronounced in Munich, with alpine winds piercing the woollens. Bavarians and Swab ... read more
Travelling saleswomen
Long Live the bock

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich February 23rd 2013

Day 487 Saturday 9th February Had a fairly restless night’s sleep and for some reason our hotel was rather noisy till late. Having to actually crawl out of bed at 4.00am is never pleasant but when you have a flight to catch you just have to do it. At 4.30 our taxi turned up and we said our goodbyes before being driven the 35km out to the airport. To our complete surprise our taxi driver was Victor, the guy who worked at the travel agency we had booked the boat tour through the Panama Canal, he is such a lovely guy and it was a nice way to finish our time in Panama. We are off to Frankfurt Germany today, but to get there we have to first go through Puerto Rico ... read more
Munich - Deutsches Museum

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich January 20th 2013

Day 17 This morning we were woken up obnoxiously early because of the endless firetrucks going by outside, it was just ridiculous, I never even found out what happened either. This place had a pretty good breakfast, more croissants and nutella! YAY! And they had the multi fruit juice, god I wish I had that at home. They may have been good at breakfast, but they weren't too good at other things. We requested rooms all together and the rooms spanned 7 floors. Good planning guys, you had our reservation 4 months ago. They also had not great internet, and only in common areas again so it was one big giant party every night. They also screwed up the vending machine and one type of chocolate was only 10 cents instead of 1 Euro 50. Oops! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich January 5th 2013

Day 7 - Venice to Munich, Germany via Austria. Saturday 5th January 2013 A change of pace as we arrive in the capital of the Bavarian region of Germany. Munich has long been known for the annual Oktoberfest Beer Festival so tonight grab a stein and a traditional pork knuckle or German sausage at one of Munich’s famous beer halls! A very long drive up across Austria with several games, films and comedies to watch on the coach and we arrive in Munich late evening due to the traffic. As we only had one night here, 6 of us all stayed in one room (my usual crowd plus Courtney) – it was very big and down in the corner! We all met up in recepti... read more


Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 26th 2012

Boxing Day in Munich and everything is pretty much closed =( Even the souvenior shops! So with no much else open, we headed for the Hofbrauhaus and ordered a litre of beer! After downing that, what else was there to do but head to another beer hall, the Augustiner Keller, no 1 litre beers there though. I had been to Dachau concentration camp today but this time we decided to our on a tour and Im so glad we did. Our guide was fantastic, his knowledge and style of delivery where superb, he opened the tour by saying "You will not enjoy today, it will not be a good day but it is an important one" and this was so true. The gruesome stories he told, while we stood in the very rooms that people where ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 5th 2012

Salut! La fin de semaine dernière, je suis allé Catherine et moi sommes allé à Munich pour l'Oktoberfest! C'était tout simplement merveilleux! D'abord, nous sommes arrivés à Munich le vendredi après-midi. Pour moi, ça signifiait la fin d'un trajet de train de 7h30 à travers la Suisse, le Liechtenstein, l'Autriche et l'Allemagne! Nous avons donc visité la ville de Munich durant l'après-midi et la soirée. Le soir, nous avons été dormir dans un camping tout inclus en banlieu de Munich où la fête était à l'honneur! Le lendemain matin, nous nous sommes dépèché à aller à Munich pour l'Oktoberfest et s'assurer d'avoir un place assise dans une des grandes tentes! 3 litres de bières à 7% plus tard, nous étions amis avec un groupe d'italiennes et un groupe d'allemandes à notre table! Par la suite, nous ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich October 1st 2012

I lie on my bed with the feeling of the acid heartburn, a hazy head and a little extra timber. This is usually not good but a pain I masocistocally love. To me its like a trophy one I've earned for hitting it as hard as I could. Four days with my usually partner is smash spackerakis and my brother making a guest appearance at the worlds largest beer festival Oktoberfest. This was our mecca a sabaitcal we needed to pay our respects with our fellow followers of the good times. Oktoberfest containes the main elements of a good party; 1. Good Quality oversized beer 2. Alot of people up for a good time 3. Alot of people dressed up with women displaying fine clevage 4. A good game of football 5. Good friends 6. Banging, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 28th 2012

I can now cross off another 2 things from my to do list whilst in Europe...Oktoberfest and the sights of the Sound of Music in Salzburg! After 6 days of camping, flight troubles and hours worth of airport waiting I am now safe and sound back home but very exhausted. Jackie, my cousin on dad's side, left London at 10am on Friday 21st and didn't arrive in Munich until 8pm that night. Our connecting flight through Milan was delayed for 2.5hrs after they realised there was a problem with the breaks after we'd already boarded! So then we had to swap planes etc. Anyway, we arrived at the camp ground in the wet and rain and pretty much went straight to sleep! Saturday was opening day of oktoberfest and we couldn't get into any of the ... read more
Beer + Pretzel
Oktoberfest - Day 1!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 26th 2012

For those of you who find beer to be their primary choice of adult beverage, this blog’s for you. This entry is not for the person who “occasionally” has a cold beer on a hot summer afternoon, and certainly not for those who indulge in low calorie beers. You may simply move on friend, for this is a blog that centers on the gathering of thousands of Germans and others making the pilgrimage to the center of the beer universe…..Oktoberfest!! A time each fall when men slap on their best lederhosen, don a hat that sometimes resembles the one that Marvin the Martian wears on those Warner Bros. cartoons, and women wear dresses that accentuate a certain part of their anatomy. And then the drinking begins…. Attended by well over 6 million festival goers each year, ... read more
Cheers my friend
Brutus can party!
Just one more

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