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The Mayan ruins are quite impressive and span around 27 sq km. People have lived in this area since at least 1200 BC. Macayla really enjoyed the ruins and it sparked her fantasy of becoming an archaeologist again. We spent the entire morning there before hopping on a bus to Guatemala. The plan was to head toward Esquipulas where there is a grande basilica that holds the Black Christ. Supposedly the Black Christ has healing powers and because of this people travel to this destination in large numbers sometimes entering on their knees. There was no direct way to get there and by the time we made it to Chiqimula, it was dark and the buses stopped running to that location. Maybe after Spanish school we can head back there. ... read more
Copan Ruinas
Copan Ruinas
Copan Ruinas

One day in San Pedro Sula was enough. No backpackers around and not all that safe in most parts. We took a bus to Copan Ruinas to see the ruins of a once lost Mayan city. We arrived in Copan in the late afternoon and our hostel, Iguana Azul, was overbooked and we were unable to stay there. We went to the next hostel that had WIFI since Macayla requires that at every stay and found the Via Via Cafe and hostel. This place has a great vibe and Abel is fantastic with lots of information and helpful tips. Abel suggested purchasing tickets to Macaw Mountain, a bird sanctuary, which we decided to do first. This sanctuary has several different types of Macaws, Toucans, owls, and various other birds. Macayla was quite pleased with the interactive ... read more
Birds Everywhere!
Love Birds
Scarlet Macaw

The plan was to go by ‘Tica Bus’ from Leon to San Pedro de Sula in Honduras arriving on time for the last bus to Copan Ruins. Unfortunately a small group of Indian travelers severely held up the border crossing and then later again at a random police check point. The poor guys were made to line up like in a firing squad and have their pictures taken one by one holding a placard with their personal details written. This put us well behind schedule forcing me to spend the night of 3rdMay in San Pedro de Sula at the well over-priced Hostel Tamarindo. Given the length of time I spent in Nicaragua I had to abandon the plans I had of heading up to the Bay Islands off the north coast of Honduras. I was ... read more
The Great Plaza
Hieroglyphic Stairway
Original Stela A

Having been away for three months Rachel decided it was high time she came to check up on me & for the past two weeks we have been travelling through Honduras together. After a quick exit from San Pedro Sula (the lonely planet lists leaving SPS as one of the highlights of the country) we headed inland to the vast Lago de Yojoa. The lake is famed for it's bird life and is reputed to have around 440 different species, binoculars at the ready Rach and I set off early on our first morning for a rowing boat tour of the lake, the quantity and variety of birds was impressive, especially the raptors which are such a rarity in the UK. The water was shrouded in mist and lining the rocky lake shore were some truly ... read more
Pulhapanzak Waterfall
Pulhapanzak Waterfall
Alfombras in Copán Ruinas

I made my way back to D&D because it was on the way and because its a good place to camp. Its relatively cool here because its up in elevation so thats a big plus and I wanted to have a better look around the area than I did the last time. I ended up spending two days here due to indecision and indistinct warnings that travel might be difficult due to the Easter (Semana Santa) holday. I picked up a Norwegian backpacker with a heavy British accent who was on his way back to the D&D where he was rooming with another American. They were working out the logistics of how to get to Pulhapanzak Falls when I happened along with a car so that problem was solved. It was a impressive waterfall and a ... read more


After the expedition to Aguas Calientes, Marco and I had agreed to meet for a couple of drinks and to discuss the possibility of traveling together to La Ceiba where he wanted to do some kayaking. He brought with him an English girl who had checked into his accomodation who was eager to join him on an expedition into La Moskita which is a vast roadless area along the Carribean cost in Eastern Honduras and Northwestern Nicaragua. I agreed that this could be possible if she didn't mind be crammed into the back of the Scion so now there were three. I amended the plan by suggesting that we should detour to Lake Yajoa and stay one night there before pressing on to La Ceiba. Thus agreed we drove about 4 hours to an interesting expat ... read more

I got up early in the morning to walk the kilometer to the ruins. I did not think that these ruins were as impressive as Tikal but the ornate detail is much better preserved here than at the other Mayan ruin sites I have seen. I found Marco in the ruins and confirmed a tentative plan to drive my car to a place called Aguas Calientes with a guide that we had met in town while we were in the process of settling in to our accomodations. This so-called guide turned out to be pretty useless and insisted on being paid a fee from each of us instead of both as we expected. It's not like he provided any additional service! The road was rough at the beginning but it got better. We had to dodge ... read more

Everybody sing! Now I'm hiding in Honduras. I'm a desperate man. Send lawyers, guns, and money. The shit has hit the fan. It took me about 4 or 5 hours to make the drive to the Honduran border. I didn't find a transito to take me under his wing at this relatively remote border post so I was on my own to navigate the red tape circus. I elisted the help of an Italian man named Marco who just happens to hail from the same city where my (imaginary) friend Teresa lives. He helped translate which was a very big help because my command of the Spanish language has proven to be totally inadequate in these situations. Even with his help it took at least an hour that seemed like three. I hate borders! I gave ... read more

The bus I ended up in was one of those old yellow school buses, imported from the USA. It was pretty comfortable though, although the bus was full. The ride was mostly through valleys with some mountains nearby, but nearly all flat out. It gets real dry and dusty everywhere here during winter that's for sure! Four hours after departing the SPS bus station the bus arrived safe and sound. It was only a few minutes along the steep and cobblestoned streets before I had found a place to stay. At HNL 200 ($10) a bargain, three floors with an inner courtyard so it stays nice and cool. I had a room on the ground floor. The rest of the day I didn't do much, apart from walking around the small town and meeting some fellow ... read more
Copan Ruinas
Macaws, at the ruins
The town of Copan ruinas

De trip begint om 4u30, midden in de nacht dus. De route naar Copan is hobbelig, vol putten en met een chauffeur van mijn botten. Toch slaap ik. Om 9u stoppen we voor ontbijt. Mijn tomatensoep is bruin, vreemd maar best lekker. Blijkbaar werd ze gemaakt van heel donkere tomaten. De nieuw bijgekomen groepsleden zijn me vreemd. Het is ook nog zo vroeg. De grensovergang verloopt even hectisch als anders. De mevrouw die mijn beroep vraagt, vormt het om naar student. Da's goed voor mij. Misschien is het zelfs een compliment. Als zij het graag zo heeft... Tegen de middag bereiken we Copan. Ons hotel heet Hotel Calle Real. Het is een zeer fijn hotel. Spijtig genoeg ligt het helemaal boven op de berg. Deze keer vinden we een postkantoor, maar hebben we geen geld op ... read more
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