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Theresa Crann

We are world travellers who are living in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. We are both diagonally parked in a parallel universe and have a passion for the world and its amazing places and faces. We hope these blogs can be enjoyed by many like-minded people.

You only spin around the sun so many times - get out there and see stuff before you miss your ride..

South America » Paraguay » Concepcion April 13th 2014

Hola nuestra amiguitos! We will open this blog with the first page of a book about Paraguay... A remarkable book about a remarkable country! ‘An island surrounded by land’ said Boa Bastos of his country, Paraguay. ‘It’s a remarkable observation, not so much because it is true, but because it comes from a Paraguayan. I have met few Paraguayans who saw their country in relative terms, quite simply, for most, there was, quite simply, no other world than their own. As I travelled around Paraguay, I began to appreciate the scale of its insularity. It sits at the heart of a continent but not on the way to anywhere else. Bounded by three other nations, it is a country nearly twice the size of the United Kingdom but with only a tenth of the ... read more
Our cabin at El Roble
Gardens at El Roble

South America » Paraguay » Encarnacion April 12th 2014

D and T checking in once again to amuse you... The country of Paraguay... We took a bus across the international bridge between the Argentinian city of Posadas and the Paraguayan city of Encarnación, changed a few dollars with the sketchy money-changers on the street and became instant millionaires (in Paraguayan Guaranís at least). Encarnación is very clean and quite sleepy for a city. There’s a nice beach area by the river and plenty of cheap markets to get supplies! And there was good fruit in town, finally! Fruit had been quite rare in these here parts during our travels so we feasted on mango, papaya, guava, and the heavenly maracuya or mburucuya as it’s called here (not sure of the English translation – but it’s similar to a passion fruit). And the ice-cream wasn't bad ... read more
Trinidad Ruins
Jesuit Missions in Trinidad
Amazing Stonework

Hola Amigos! In the far northeast corner of an odd finger-like part of Argentina is a series of pretty cascades! We based ourselves in a nice hotel in the hot and humid border town of Puerto Iguazu as we explored the amazing sites in the area... The rainforest setting was beautiful and the wildlife was great, but the spectacular Iguazu Falls stole the show! Iguazu Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world. Wow! The mighty Rio Iguazu abruptly plummets over 80 metres in a series of colossal cascades that stretch about 3 kilometres across! The sight of these falls is mind-blowing! The sound of billions of gallons of water smashing to the river below in a lush green jungle setting with chirping birds and frolicking mammals... We spent two full days in ... read more
Trail through the forest
Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Hola amigos! We have found ourselves in the little country of Uruguay! Just Northeast of its big neighbour, Argentina. As Dave's epic journey to Antarctica came to an end, the Sea Spirit continued its trip northbound for the Arctic pole and dropped Dave off in the lovely city of Montevideo, Uruguay. And as Theresa's epic journey of studying in a Spanish school, eating chocolate, tasting wine and speaking with a trilingual cat had also come to an epic end, she jumped on a plane from Mendoza to Buenos Aires, then another plane to Montevideo to meet up with the frozen traveler. Here on in, we will be writing about one direction of travel! Although some of the photos are a few stragglers from Theresa's journey in Mendoza. A special mention of an event that Theresa was ... read more
Statues at the Plaza Independencia
Plaza Independencia in Mendoza
Fountain and Statues

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic March 27th 2014

I guess I’ll head north now… I stood on the back deck and watched as Ushuaia vanished into the drizzle. The mountains were gleaming with fresh snow and the greenery was shining in the early evening light. The Beagle Channel was lumpy and strong winds howled across the decks. Gulls followed in the wake of the ship as we headed towards the open ocean of the ever–grumpy South Atlantic... It was eerie being on a ship with no guests! Empty rooms, quiet hallways and decks, no restaurant, no bar, no lectures – nothing! It’s ideal for getting stuff done though! I’m on the ship with Niki, my work colleague, for stage one of the repositioning phase of the ship - a four day stint up the coast from Ushuaia, Argentina to Montevideo, Uruguay. ... read more
Black-browed Albatross
Black-browed Albatrosses
Muck Boot Army

Antarctica » Antarctica March 21st 2014

Farewell to Antarctica You have to allow time for Antarctica to speak to you! It really is a special place. This trip to the Antarctic was the last of the season, winter is setting in fast, the sea is beginning to refreeze again, the days are shortening and the cold is gripping the continent. I will continue to reflect on these Antarctic voyages for quite some time, they have been more mind-blowing than I could have imagined. The sheer scale of things, the awe-inspiring beauty and the immensity of it all is staggering. I am blessed to have spent more time down here than I ever would have thought, and just to top things off, this last trip had some spectacular highlights! The Iceberg Graveyard Looking down onto the grounded icebergs in Pleneau Bay from a ... read more
Penguins at Port Charcot
Booth Island
Booth Island

South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza March 21st 2014

Hiya folks! As Dave gets close to finishing his Antarctic duties in the south, I´ve ventured more north into the warmer temps of the lovely city of Mendoza. That is correct. As the title indicates above, I´ve settled in for about 2 weeks. That´s enough to become a quazi local in my books. Wandering the city has been easy due to it´s lovely 5 plazas in the centre of the city. I was able to check off a couple things on my list, and yes, it is about food. Again. First thing´s first. The best restaurant for the amazing beef here (I knew you were thinking hot chocolate, I just know it!) Then the best ice cream shop. Both of these check marks were assisted by my fellow buddy traveler, Jeri, who has been in Mendoza ... read more
Lake District Bariloche
Gorgeous views
View from Hotel Llao Llao

Antarctica » Antarctica March 19th 2014

Hiya folks! Theresa, here. I wanted to share with you, this video that our lovely friends, Doug and Robin had put together for the Antarctica Expedition that I was on. I think they have done an amazing job in capturing our expedition. I had tears in my eyes watching it as it brought back that feeling in my heart again. Thanks, Doug and Robin! Enjoy this wonderful visual journal and if you ever get the chance to see Antarctica first hand, do it. Hasta luego Theresa p.s. you will have to copy and paste it to your browser-- read more

Antarctica » Antarctica March 11th 2014

SQUAWK! I have become rather fond of penguins! Visiting much of the same colonies over the past few months, I have seen the penguins build their nests out of pebbles and watched as they laid their first egg. I have sat on the shores of distant beaches and perched myself high upon rocks and watched the penguins cherish and care for their eggs… I’ve witnessed new life as the chicks emerge from their shells as they hatch. I’ve seen the devotion and determination of penguin parents as they battle against the elements to feed and raise these chicks to adults, feeding them with regurgitated krill and fish. I’ve seen them swimming and hunting in the icy water. They swam under my boat and right up to the beach where I sat… I’ve witnessed that grand transformation ... read more
About to Feed her Chick
Feeding her Chick Regurgitated Krill

Hola, mis amigos! I have much enjoyed bouncing around in the Patagonia region of Argentina. Here are some photos for enjoying a wee bit of what I have been seeing. Although, I have been around a few more places than I can show you, it is because I had unfortunately deleted a bunch of photos from my camera, by mistake. So all of the wonderful birds I photographed in El Calafate at La Laguna are all gone. One of the hazards of travel, when one does not know one´s camera´s operations very well. Or, it was a matter of pressing buttons with my sunglasses on? I´ll never figure that one out. Just trust me when I say, I did a lot of bird watching. Here is the list of what I saw for those of you ... read more
Photo from the bus
Waterfall walk, El Chalten
Hiking in the hills

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