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Sadly, we have only two tickets left in our Gerlinde book. First up is the “private transfer” from Rio Dulce to Copan, Hunduras, which includes some sights along the way. Secondly, we have the 2 night stay in Copan. Although tickets sound boring, the stories that come from them are far from it! How we now wish we had documented our “normal” days at home all of these years or other trips abroad. This morning, we packed up and headed to the dock and the awaiting ferryman. Without much fanfare, we boarded the small boat and were on our way. Once across the river from the Tijax (it was then raining), we hoofed our backpacks to the Sun Dog Café where we were to meet our driver at 8 a.m., whom we did not know, and ... read more
On the road from Rio Dulce 2
El Boqueron #2
El Boqueron (the front/back of our boat!)

6 hours bus ride and I finally arrived in the small town of Copan. To get through the boarder overland, we were asked by the shuttle driver to fill-up 2 custom papers. The declaration questions I find quite bizarre; I must declare about anything and everything I am bringing to Honduras with no exception to my personal belongings. Maybe it was just me or the alcohol still floating in my system from the night before in Antigua but I found myself repeating the declaration statements over and over again. In my head: how the heck do I answer this!? ... Anyways, confused and feeling like an idiot, I just declared the gifts I purchased in Guatemala and see how it goes. To exit the Guatemalan boarder, I was asked to pay 10Q about roughly $1.40 US. ... read more
macaw's breakfast
all a hard days work

Central America Caribbean » Honduras » Western » Copán Ruinas September 19th 2012

Went to Copan in Honduras, near the Copan Ruins...spent two nights here in a lovelhostel called via via. Cute town. This is where I eearthquake my first earthquake! About 4am everything starts to shake, John slept through it! 4.5 on the Richter scale, the source of it was about 25km from us..very strange feeling. On to Santa Rosa de copan via 3 interesting bus journeys, crammed in with the locals and the odd chicken. not much to do here and we were staying in a dingy hotel room more like a jail cell! So we decided to high tail it across the nearest border to El Salvador...... read more

We had a lovely week in Lago de Yojoa with lots of relaxing, pints of ale and yummy food. We ended up spending 6 days there and although we didnt want to leave the D&D brewery we thought it was time to hit the road! 6 hours and 3 buses later we found ourselves in La Esperanza where for the first time in 3 months we were searching for our fleeces. La Esperanza, thinking it was going to be a quiet, off the beaten track, mountain village it turned out to be a busy trading community. La Esperanza was quite large in comparision to our last destination and we were by far the only foreigners around and it was obvious that we were the only visitors they had had for a while as they surrounded us ... read more
La Esperanza
View of La Esperanza
On top of the monument..

Congratulations big Sis and Alex on your engagement!!! Nice to hear the good news!!! Were both looking forward to celebrating when we get home!!! Love Brother and Rosie XXX... read more


D&D Ale Brewery is in a quiet little town amongst several others situated high in the mountains and has already become another favorite stop of ours!!! Planning on pitching a tent and enjoying the cooler climate in these dizzy heights we took one look .... Just out of interest! at the private room with a fan and somehow pitching tents went on the back burner, so we dropped our bags with a giggle and quickly ordered our ale at the bar. Spending our first night exploring the brewery's grounds and talking to the staff it was clear that there was plenty to do here, even a top 10 things to do listed on the bar wall. Experimenting the different ales with some good food we discussed which activities we fancied doing. We also noticed that we ... read more
It was massive!!!!
Exploring the Coffee Plantation
Coffee beans

I thought id dedicate a blog to my special day as it was just oh so special :) To start with i woke up on July 4th to find out we were leaving our hostel to stay somewhere else!! With no directions, and the word lighthouse on a key i was given i had to get us to where our new accomadation was! Lighthouse... where could that be?! We walked to the end of the island and this gorgeous hotel was on a dock on the water! it was beautiful, our room was bright and breezy, had a panoramic view of the bay, nicer and cleaner than home!!! it had a bath :) A/C :) a TV with english speaking channels and a hammock on the balcony! could i of asked for anything more!!! Steve informed ... read more
The view from our balcony :)
The Lighthouse Hotel
The Jade Seahorse, Hotel

Lago de Yojoa Part 2: Sorry, have totally forgot to update my blog. Arrrgh! As I've mentioned, lots of great people around the hostel, and for the last two days I ended up doing some stuff with some of them. The third day's morning was spent in an almost futile effort to get cash... Neither of the town's two main banks had ATMs that were working, and the next closest town didn't even have a bank! Had to resort to using my emergency traveller's cheques at the main bank. Spent a good forty minutes watching the bank staff run back and forth, conferring with each other, trying to find the right paperwork, etc... I doubt most of them has even seen a traveller's cheque before, let alone cashed one in. Between running around between banks and ... read more

Dear Blog Readers, The alarm was set and we groggily made it to the Tica Bus terminal at 4am in Managua which was two minutes from the sketchy hostel that we stayed at in the even sketchier area that it resided. Tica Bus is probably the most famous long distance bus journey carrier in Central America and it gets you between large cities from different countries and the higher price is paid in comfort and convenience. Our 13 hour journey took us north through the highlands of Nicaragua and a stop at the border. The Lonely Planet tells you that the C4 agreement between Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador means that passing between these countries is free. Be warned, this is not always the case! The Nicaragua-Honduras border costs $6 to get through but the ... read more
Nature Trail
King of the Mayans

Perched on the edge of the precipice staring at a black hole barely illuminated by a pair of solar lamps, it was going to be a leap of faith in our guide's promise that the natural pool below was 50 metres deep. We found ourselves here due to the type of about face that can present itself when your itinerary isn't exactly set in stone. The initial idea was to spend a week or so in the Honduran Bay Islands wallowing on a beach but instead wound up deep underground in this cave. The Bay Islands sounded exotic but the more people we spoke to, the more we came to the conclusion that the islands were a bit of a one trick pony, even if lounging around a Carribean island isn't a bad trick to have ... read more

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