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Central America Caribbean » Guatemala » Petén Region » Tikal December 11th 2009

Waking up at 4am was a little rough but it seemed like almost everyone in the hostel was trying to as well. As I rolled out of bed in our 8 bed dorm I saw a few people sit up trying to shake off the little sleep. We were out at the bus stop at 5am, ready to go but the bus was late so we waited for a bit. We got up to Tikal at 7ish and decided to go our own way without a guide. Imediately we passed a crocodile on the shore  and a huge family of sloths. Jeff and I got pictures beside the croc before we all headed out into the ruins. They were absolutely amazing and we climbed everyone we could. On the trails we saw many small monkeys and ... read more

Hace unos años , en un programa de radio, tuve la fortuna de ganar un viaje estupendo para dos personas a la Riviera Maya . Sólo tenía que responder una pregunta ¨El nombre de una ciudad muy antigua con enormes edificios, que aun existen en la actualidad, pero que fue abandonada por sus habitantes de forma misteriosa´. Quizás a primera vista no pareciera fácil la respuesta , pero dió la casualidad, o no , las casualidades no existen, que unos dias antes habia leido un artículo en la revista Ronda Iberia, hablando precisamente sobre esta ciudad. Hoy me encuentro en esa ciudad que me permitió ganar ese premio, estoy en Tikal, una de las capitales del imperio Maya. Me cuentan en el hostal que lo mejor es visitarla temprano ,antes de que se llene de turistas, ... read more
templo II
Templo V
La Ceiba

wow ! imaginez : 40°C, humidité 100%, la jungle à perte de vue et des temples mayas qui surgissent partout, par delà les arbres où s'ébatent perroquets, toucans, singes... magnifique, énorme ! a voir absolument dans sa vie ! guatemala 2002... read more
me :p
pyramide en restauration
vue sur le temple IV depuis le temple II

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala » Petén Region » Tikal February 16th 2009

We took a shuttle from Antigua to Guatemala City, then a ten hour bus to Flores, in the El Peten region of Guatemala. Flores is often used as a base to visit the Tikal ruins. It is a sleepy little lake island with a bridge to the mainland; we can walk all the way around the island in about 15 minutes. We booked a tour to Tikal leaving at 4am, since we have a better chance of seeing animals in the early morning, and less of a chance of too many other tourists. Our tour guide at Tikal was amazing. He grew up in the park, and learned about animals and medicinal plants from local elders. He taught us all about the functions of the buildings we saw - most interesting were the plazas of four ... read more
Coati tails
Blair in front of main plaza


Tikal is a national park and pre-Hispanic Mayan ruin site in the northern Guatemalan department of El Peten. The park and ruin site is easily accessible by private vehicle, bus or tour group from cities throughout Guatemala, Belize and Mexico. Upon entering the park, vehicles must register at the entrance gate. Within the park there are three hotels and a camping area with bathrooms, wash area and cold showers. Camping was about $4 USD per person per night. Electricity (limited to the hotels, restaurants and shops) is only on within the park from about 5:30 until 9pm. At night at Tikal it is completely dark (can barely see the ground you walk on), so the stars are magnificent. In the evenings you can hear many birds and howler monkeys off in the distance; in the ... read more
Palace VI
Palace VI
Chuck at Tikal

Behold the mighty Tikal We decided to take the back route to Tikal from Coban via a town named Chisec, where there were supposed less visited touristic attractions. Well we can tell you why they are less visited - the attractions are overpriced and quite frankly boring, the town of Chisec itself I guess is ok but has no tourist infrastructure apart from an overpriced hotel that we now wish we had stayed at. Instead we went for the local trucker motel, which instantly gave Karen a migraine due to the room looking like it had recently been a site for a murder - in fact we chose a room without an ensuite as the solitary room with a toilet in it had it conveniently placed next to your head when you slept in your ... read more
Big tree
Some ruins
Karen messing about in the dark

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala » Petén Region » Tikal December 12th 2008

We've not updated for a while due to being sooooo busy so we'll make this one a short update so not to bore anyone too much! So First stop in Guatemala was Lake Atitlain and the hippy town of Panajachel, we liked it here, and we understood why so many people just stayed, the lake is amazing!! So Gorgeous! We spant the fisrt day checking out the town and the surrounding lake and then the 2nd day we decided to make up a tour! We thought we were getting a good deal with this guy and his boat, he was going to take us to the thermal waters to swim and then to the little town of Santa Elia. So off we set. And 20 minutes later our boat guy said "hot, get out and swim!" ... read more
The Cathedral in Antigua
Lake Atitlain, Panajachel

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala » Petén Region » Tikal September 25th 2008

So we wake up in our Belie hotie with no AC and passing out half drunk but not really drunk at all... we end up getting not the best sleep in the world. When our alarm goes off for 730 am, we are both pretty trhilled. We grab some coffee from down stairs and sit out on our blacony, watching the sun rise and shooting the shit. Eventually we pack up and head to the bus terminal, only to find that we had gained an hour somewhere and we are extremely early for our bus. After grabbing some fresh fruit we sit in the bus lobby atching CNN report about how the financial world is melting down. We both feel a touch of happiness considering we are in Belize heading to an ancient Mayan ruin site ... read more

NB. I should point out straight away that over my time in Tikal, I took over 200 photos and a fair few videos too. The ones I've put up are ones that I think provide a fairly good flavour of the place, but it you want to see more, send me a message and I'll try to e-mail you some. Gareth x Some history on Tikal Bear in mind that this is an overview so i'll try not to ramble on for too long! The earliest buildings at Tikal appear to lie within a time period called the pre-classic period (1000bc - 200bc) and were probebly built around 700bc. At this time, the people here (early mayans) were developing a form of sustainable agriculture, but that's quite boring and tedious so I'll skip most of that! ... read more
Campsite at Tikal
Tikal National Park
My room-mates in Tikal

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